#1 Wallpaper Bundle – Limited Time Offer!

It is tradition here that we bring you a free monthly wallpaper every month. Designs are usually inspired by seasons, special occasions, or popular trends. Each wallpaper package is free to download for a whole month, and after that, it can be purchased for $5. If you missed a few months in 2022, now is your chance to get all the wallpapers for a fraction of their price with our Huge Wallpaper Bundle.

Instead of paying $60 by purchasing them separately, use the button below to get all the 2022 files for as low as $19. Hurry up, as it is a limited-time offer that ends on the last day of February!

There is also an option to purchase only the social media quotes (included in the bundle!) if it is what you are looking for.

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You can still browse all past (and current!) wallpapers and purchase them separately in the wallpaper library. You will find more details about each 2022 wallpaper and browse older designs.

What’s included in the Huge Wallpaper Bundle?

This bundle includes all 12 wallpaper packages from 2022. Starting from January 2022 and ending on December 2022.

Each design comes in seven different formats – three computer wallpapers, two phone wallpapers, one tablet wallpaper, and a social media-ready square with a monthly quote.

I wasn’t sure if wallpapers with calendars should be included, as those were made for 2022. However, all calendars became actual every few years. Those from 2022 can be used again in 2033 and later in 2039.

It gives a total of 84 files! If purchased separately, they cost $60, but in this bundle, you can get them for as low as $19!

It also includes 12 social media ready (perfect for Instagram!) square images with inspirational quotes. Feel free to purchase them separately if it is the only item you want.

This offer is available only until the end of February. After that, you will still be able to get the bundle but for a standard $60 price.

Hurry up and grab it now!

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