The next iteration of Saint’s Row is finally ready to arrive on Aug. 23, and fans have been waiting for it for nearly a decade. The series has always been underrated, thanks to frequent comparisons with the Grand Theft Auto games, but it’s secured a loyal base of fans who adore the series and consider it extraordinary.

But Saint’s Row isn’t the only game that’s been waiting a long time for a sequel. There are many games that have been almost entirely forgotten over the years or at least just never managed to earn that expected follow-up. Still, though they’re not nearly as popular as they were, these underrated games deserve another shot.

After a group of immortals arrived in another world with missing memories and a world freshly teeming with magic all around them, the player must help the main immortals discover the secrets of their lost memories. Lost Odyssey was centered around a brilliant and inventive concept that kept gamers continually enthralled.

“One of the greatest JRPG’s of all time straight up,” says Firvulag on Reddit. Yet, despite being an incredible game, rumors of a sequel never materialized. Though the game left room for further exploration of magic in the new world, fans were unable to return to their immortal shoes, which was a major disappointment.

Considered one of the best open-world PlayStation 3 games, The Saboteur took place in World War II in Paris, and followed one race car driver desperately trying to help liberate France from Nazi forces. The game combined elements of various genres, from car games to action-adventures to the open world that made exploration incredible.

“Great sense of mischief. Nice soundtrack. Killing Nazis and racing cars. Interesting challenges with meaningful rewards,” says Reddit user whooo_me. But what the game couldn’t boast was the presence of a sequel. While it certainly would have been hard to match the setting, there are other locations it could have used from World War II, and a sequel could have even seen a Berlin uprising.

In one of BioWare’s best games, Jade Empire saw players choose different martial arts abilities, before going off to defend an empire from monsters across the Empire. “This game was absolutely beautiful and had one of the best soundtracks I had ever heard at that point,” Redditor Hot_Marrionberry_4685 says. “Coupled with the fighting system and the incredible story with its plot twists it was a masterpiece.”

Yet, though the game has brought forward much discussion over the years, Jade Empire never saw a sequel. The game continually reinforced that the Empire would soon fall, but players never actually got to see it happen. Should one ever come, gamers can finally see what the gods promised them about the Empire’s collapse.

Though fans forgot about this Xbox 360 game, Enslaved: Odyssey To The West allowed players to explore a world where machines control all and humans are struggling for survival. “It plays pretty well since the game had elements and mechanics that were ahead of its time,” says Redditor Witcherbob671. “Oh and having Andy Serkis was a nice surprise.”

The game never received a sequel, thanks to poor sales collapsing the planned follow-up. While its graphics were incredible and its world inventive, the gameplay tended to be mediocre, leading to a somewhat tiring experience. The game’s essence, at least, managed to be carried on by the remarkably similar Horizon Zero Dawn.

With a protagonist that can easily remind players of the X-Man Cable, Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy has been largely forgotten over the years. The game was a standard shooter, but elements of telekinesis and other powers helped set it apart — though, unfortunately, not enough to earn the underrated game a follow-up.

“Great game, set itself up for a sequel… then nobody ever heard from it again. It literally ends with “to be continued”. Come on,” Redditor Solomaxwell6. While it was certainly primed for a sequel, legal troubles with copyright and the eventual collapse of Midway Games meant the end of the Psi-Ops series, a huge disappointment for fans looking forward to the next iteration.

A game that does its best to mimic standard Black-Ops films, Black was a pretty underrated PlayStation 2 game that fans yearned to see more of. “It was one of the most engaging and challenging FPS of its time, and still is to me,” says this user on Reddit.

Though the game was expected to have a sequel, and did have a spiritual successor in Bodycount, EA pulled support from the studio, Criterion, putting an end to their hopes. So, while it’s been forgotten over the years, there was real chance at a complete franchise that never materialized.

A hack-and-slash game a bit too similar to God of WarDante’s Inferno never managed the long-term franchise success that its inspiration managed. Though the concept of journeying through the nine layers of hell was compelling, the sequel never materialized.

“With God of War going the 3rd person action-narrative route there’s definitely room for Dante’s Inferno to make a return,” says TheDaileyGamer on Reddit. Unfortunately, though the game certainly leaves space for an adaptation of Alighieri’s Purgatorio with its ending, the studio shut down a few years later, and it’s unlikely the IP will ever be picked up.

Though it didn’t have the universal acclaim some other underrated titles did, Alpha Protocol still had its fans. After all, the immersiveness of the interactive story really took advantage of the interactive elements of video games, which proved its capability to thrive in the medium.

“The game was clunky for sure but no other similar RPG/shooter has let me freeze time for 10 seconds to line up 2 (non-lethal) headshots on everyone in a 10-mile radius without leaving cover,” Redditor Foltogulus says. “Ultimate James Bond simulator.” Unfortunately, the game failed to sell well at all, and any plans for a sequel were subsequently shelved.

A game that encouraged creativity above all, Bulletstorm excited fans with its creative combat system and its rewards for more creative kills. Yet, despite near-universal acclaim, the game never evolved into a franchise, and its potential for a sequel continues to remain unmined.

Bulletstorm ended on such a big cliffhanger, I wish to god we would get a sequel,” says Reddit user Leading_Middle. Unfortunately, the studio considered the game a failure, due to unexpectedly poor sales, making it incredibly unlikely that the game will see the light of another day.

With its lighthearted tone and emphasis on maneuverability and traversal, Sunset Overdrive was a unique experience that left fans wanting more before the game was even over. “It’s one of the single most fun games I’ve ever played,” says Reddit user dcwinger12.

Unfortunately, despite its significant success, the game hasn’t seen a sequel find development. Fans of the colorful environments and fast-paced action have been urging Insomniac to develop it, but the success of games like Marvel’s Spider-Man have likely delayed the studio as resources shifted away.

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Author: Lukas Shayo