2023 ScreenCraft TV Pilot Script Competition Semifinalists

Listed below are the Semifinalists of the 2023 ScreenCraft TV Pilot Script Competition. These exceptional pilots were selected from almost 3,500 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far!

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Here are the Semifinalists:

10 Kate Harpootlian
2222 Shiloh Feldman
Always A Bridesmaid Cynthia Mersten
Amapola Christopher Figueroa
AMARU Jenesis Scott, Brandon Hammond
America, Inc. Robin Shushan, Gregory Shushan
ANIRIUM Alexandre Bagot
Apogee Amisha Datta
As Good As Dead Stacy Talus
Ascension Darren Moran
Back Fires Alex Blumberg
Bearcats Monica Foley
Beast by Beast Shakthi Jothianandan
BEN’S ALCHEMY Gabriel Quintero
Best New Artist Ryan Luong
Between a Fork & Chopsticks Kim Putman
BILK Molly Lindsey
Black Men Wanted John Lowe
Blackfriar Chris Bolton
Blue-Collar Billionaire Robert Schultz
Bonspiel! Mike Revenaugh
Border-Line Kam Perez, Laith Nakli
Bunker Radio Anthony Short
Burning Blue Federico Sanna
BUTCH Rae Binstock
Canebrake Tony Perri, Sheldon Strickland
Children of The South Michael Wells
CHOICES Anne Florenzano
Clown Xaniel Steele
Conventions Jean Ann Douglass
Crips Brian Koukol
CSI: Amish David Veta
Currency Scott Gabriel
Death Doula Diaries Kari Barlas
Deliveranceville Ben Berkman
DICK DOCS Marc Blitstein, Brian Rousso
Disgrace Laura Fidler
Don’t Call Me Mrs. Hemingway Florence Buchanan
DON’T SAY GAY! Kyle T. Cowan
Downtown Brian Stone
Dry Justin Gold, Shirley Miller
DRY LIGHTNING Christopher Barranti
Duke City Jeanette Scherrer, Mary Kay Holmes
Earning Danielle Thorpe
Expired Wendy Braff
Felt Mitch Kampf
Folk Law Samantha Moody
Game Of Toys Duane Piedmont
Geary St. Michael Shubat
Girl Gone Wild Courtney Kocak
Gloomtown Lyndal Simpson
Head-On Bobby Rafferty Larry Portzline
Helmgard Nick Berry
Hollywood Barrio Alvaro Gonzalez
Holy Spirits Lewis H. Mackie
HOMININE: PILOT Heather Farlinger
HONJO Angelo Rocha, John Lubarsky
How To Say Goodbye Colton Childs
HYSTERICALLY ACCURATE: “Fleur’s Final Act” Melinda Layden
I’d Rather Die Kyle Martirez-McIntosh
INSIDE Shannon Looney
Insurgents Feyza Safoglu
It’s All Been Done Laura Becker
Ivy Weird Gesley Alexis
Jane Starts Over Sarah Walker
Jim’s Town AJ Ramson
Joint Venture: Gummy Bears Alexandra Engelson, Elyssa Rosen, Charleen Gerardo, Sandy Kelleher, Nicole Podesta, Sean Teague
Josh, Bro Stephen Krespel
Just Look at Yourself Rachel Ingrisano
Kandlestick Men Frank Monteleone
Kansas, Anymore Heather Farlinger
Karate is Fucking Useless Adrian McNair
King’s Point Cole Fremed, Casey O’Farrell
Kita Manitou Pilot Jodie Anders
Lone Wolf Joe Swafford
LOONS Jackie Katzman
Lost Years Eloise McKenzie
Mademoiselle Maupin Brandon Gale
Maintenance Jarryd Clark
Manifesto Maren Curtis
Mashallah Anna Khan
Merry Patrick Guilherme, Chris Alderete
MIRRORLAND Laurie K. Miller
Miss Ability Lesley Hennen
Morlock Anthony Povah
Mourning Glory Monica Spill
Moving On Connor Smith
MURDER GIRLS Sophie de Bruijn
MUSH Dan Curtis
Nanf*ckit Jen Bashian
New Chapter Ryan Manns, Jocelyn Manns
Northern Voice Candace Egan
Nothing Means Nothing Andrew Zeoli, Christian Wagner
NUCLEAR Nina Concepción
O, Father Briana Haynie
Obitch Shalane Miller
Odd Women Caroline Ryder
On Rumspringa Ellis Stump, Sam Kressner
Once We Were Kings Chloe Borenstein-Lawee
Pablo Escobear: Neverland’s Most Wanted Christopher Robin Hood
Personal Jesus Marisa Bramwell
PiNKHEARTS Levi Buchanan, Jess Crayons
Play Date Jessica Wei
PRIDE© Greg Goodness
Prospero’s Island, Pilot: “The Duke of Milan” Mahonri Stewart
Queens Village Samantha Lavin
QueerWeb Ken Gildin
Raising Henry Luz Pazos
Released Julie Fulton
Republic of California Becca Blackmore
Roadkill Harrison Hamm
Rottenburgerfield Myles Hewette
Runner Adrian McNair
RUTH Josh Barkey
Seabrook Alex Hanno
Second Chances Michail Eggelhoefer
Second Coming Mike Johnston
SHADE LAND Sidney Rushing
She’s Great Just Asleep Darren and Kylie Nuzzo Mell
Silver Springs Níko Sotolongo
Sister Alex Blumberg
Smudge Guy Pridy
Spaceman Spiff Dylan Campbell
St. Judy Shelly Lipkin, Suzanne Fagan
St. Lucia of the Lower Ninth, Pilot: Gone Missing Vanessa Carmichael
Stuck In Eli Elbogen, Eric Mallory Morgan
Stuntwoman Merridith Allen
Supported Rick Cisario
TALLY Naomie Lipo
TEMPERANCE (and other Virtues) Alexandra Hayes
The Balls (Former Title: One of the Guys) BRADLEY JACOBS
The Boys Who Bend Until They Break Andreas Vatiliotou
The Buggyman Brian Salay
The Crick Dan Howlett
The Factory Jon Davis
The Gallery Will Downs
The Green Leigh Himel, Charlene Fisk
The Means Nic Cohen
The Pod Diogo Beltran
The Protégée Sean Fitz-Gerald
The Red Light Lady of 42nd Street Samantha D’Amico
The Repatriots Andrea Lawson
The Scoop R. S. Morgan
The Server Kim Putman
The Witnesses Heather Turman
Thriving Matthew Spina
Thriving Bobbi Whitney
Toxic Jackie Mahoney
Trashy Chelsea Marshall
TRUE Jonathan Burley
Two Birds Isabel Weiner
Unwell honora talbott
Us Against The World(s) Ross Buran
Useless Bay Nathaniel Moher
Utopia Danielle Carr
Venture Rent-A-Car Josh Brekhus
Viva! Ian Dalesky
Waterloo Village Michael Rodriguez
What Doesn’t Kill Me Anna Khaja
Whistleblower Emily Daly
Wisenheimer James Beaman
You’re A Monster Jeff Rosenplot
Your Friend Might Be An Alien Scott Clements
Zenith Uncharted Martha Duzett

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