In order to get good at something (anything, really), you need to constantly challenge yourself. There’s no way around it. But these challenges also have to be reasonable. You don’t want to throw yourself into something too big too soon. Especially at crafts. Otherwise, you might end up featured on the subreddit r/DiWHY.

“Ever try fixing things on your own? Didn’t come out the way they were supposed to? Do you stand there questioning your whole life?” the online community asks in its ‘About’ page. If so, they are inviting you to post the results for everyone to see. But if you come across someone else’s do-it-yourself endeavor that shouldn’t have seen the light of day, you’re welcome to share it on r/DiWHY too.

It’s the place for sh***y projects. The ultimate proof that “just because you can doesn’t mean you should.”

We at Bored Panda already covered the subreddit here and here, but its 1.7 million members keep delivering, so we have to keep up!

#1 The Cry Of A Desperate Man

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#2 Cardening, I Can’t Possible See What Could Go Wrong With This, Strange Hobby

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For our earlier article on r/DiWHY, moderator IAMmojo told Bored Panda that they look after the sub every day and, sometimes, things can be a bit overwhelming when there are many reposts to sift through. “It’s not too difficult in general, but certain days there are influxes of [crap]posts and reposts which can get crazy. Even with rules, these will continue to happen. It’s why i use Automoderator to handle rejections of any new accounts or low karma accounts as a baseline,” they said.

My colleague Jonas was curious to get their opinion about what most DIY fails have in common. IAMmojo said: “If you ask the sub, they will surely mention the hot glue gun as the main ingredient. I think most posts in generally have a humor element to it in common.”

But the moderator thinks the possibility of failure should not deter any DIY crafters. “Keep working on your craft! What you make today maybe be the next big thing tomorrow! Not everyone is a skilled artisan, we can only try our best.”

#3 Trying To Fashion A Face Mask Out Of A Brassiere

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#4 Glove Angel

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#5 Guess Someone Actually Watches 5 Minute Crafts

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During the pandemic, many people have put their hands to DIY, looking to address the parts of their home they have been meaning to fix and improve for some time. One 2020 study, for example, found that an astonishing 81% of Brits believe this was the best chance they have had to carry out some much-needed TLC.

The study also asked participants what were their biggest DIY fails during the lockdown, and the list comes as follows:

  • Laying laminate flooring – 58%
  • Tiling walls/floors – 52%
  • Fitting small bathroom fixtures (e.g. tap, showerhead, sink, etc.) – 47%
  • Plastering walls – 45%
  • Laying decking – 43%
  • Putting up wallpaper – 41%
  • Repairing/fitting doors/windows – 36%
  • Painting walls – 30%
  • Assembling/fitting small furniture (e.g. table, chairs, shelves, etc.) – 24%
  • Fitting new door/window/cupboard/cabinet handles – 19%

#6 Excuse Me What

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#7 I Made A Sweater Out Of Dryer Fluff

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#8 This Is So Stupid I’m Actually Mad Rn

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MyJobQuote, the platform that organized the study, suggests these tips for people who want to make the best out of their home projects:

With the internet providing a wide range of information on just about any topic from various reputable sources, a simple search into Google will be your savior. DIY guides will help you to find the perfect solution to your DIY problems in no time.

If you are a visual learner, you may want to use a video to help you with the DIY task you are having issues with. There are multiple ‘How To’ videos available online from industry professionals, especially on video-streaming platforms like YouTube.

#9 Ewwwwwwww

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#10 With Just Basic Tools And A Little Paint You Too Can Turn An Old, Unusable Door Into An Ugly, Unusable Table

Image credits: gedaliyah

#11 With Some Hot Glue, Tiny Babies, And A Lot Of Time, You Get Baby Tree

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Turning to a tradesperson such as a flooring specialist, bathroom specialist, plasterers, or tilers for help could be a quick and easy solution to your problems. Even though they won’t be able to come around to help, they should be able to provide some helpful advice via a phone call or a chat over Zoom/Skype.

Watching a few videos or reading a few articles might give you the false confidence to think you can handle any DIY task. Take caution and apply a safety-first attitude – especially when it comes to dealing with complex aspects such as plumbing and heating as well as electricity and lighting. Leave those to the qualified electricians, heating engineers, and plumbers.

#12 Why

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#13 “Upcycled” Knife Block…

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#14 As A Landlord, I Am Constantly Amazed At Some Things My Tenants Do. I Installed New Curtain Rods Before The New Tenant Moved In, But She Still Felt It Necessary To Nail The Curtains To The Wall

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Trying but failing is never a bad thing and don’t put yourself down. If you think you don’t have the confidence or sufficiently understand how to rectify the DIY problem in hand, it may be best to wait until the lockdown is over and then get a reputable professional to sort it out.

Happy crafting!

#15 Spaghetti Balls??

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#16 What

Image credits: ThePurgingPlague

#17 Forbidden Jello Lamp

Image credits: lexopuff

#18 This Dread Bed

My friend got his dreads cut off, his mom turned them into a cat bed.

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#19 I Have No Words For How Strange And Mildly Disturbing This Is

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#20 Cow Tag Earring

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#21 My Heart Aches For The Waste Of A Beautiful Antique

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#22 Faux Library

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#23 Time To Ruin Some Artwork For The *~aesthetic~*

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#24 Why

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#25 The Paint Job In My Apartment Hallway (Its The Whole Building)

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#26 Someone Decided This Is How You Should Show Off Your Plants…. And Dolls

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#27 Who Needs A Frame Anyway

Image credits: Mba_Pierre

#28 This Is How My Father Has Decided To Rig Up The Router

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#29 Big Brains

Image credits: Womanofcraft

#30 It’s Probably Very Dependable

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#31 Run Out Of Clips? Use An Old Glasses Case

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#32 Hmm

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#33 Harry Potter, But With Human Teeth Instead Of Glasses

Image credits: krakenkun

#34 Making A Tie-Dye Carpet

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#35 Bring The Great Outdoors In!

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#36 For Sale In The Neighborhood

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#37 I Heard You Guys Like Hot Dogs In Epoxy. Here’s My Dad’s Trophy Dog That He’s Had For Nearly 20 Years

Image credits: Ilantzvi

#38 So Do You Have To Take Your Pants Off To Rob The Bank?

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#39 Replica

Image credits: WerkusBY

#40 This Looks Exactly Like A Mirror Covered In Insulation Foam

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