The average working person has to put more effort into their job compared to what they are being paid for. That is why when you buy something, you want to get the most from your money, as it doesn’t come easy, but on the other side, there are companies and businesses that want to earn more from consumers and will charge more than their products are worth.

People get disappointed in their purchases all the time and what is a better place to let out the frustration than social media? Bored Panda searched the internet for unfair deals that people got that made them feel ripped off and put them in this list.

#1 This “Blueberry” Muffin I Just Ordered

Image credits: Moonlitmindset

If you carefully look through the list, you may notice that the most common thing people get mad about paying a lot of money for is food. They pay a lot and expect quality, taste and quantity, but receive something that looks worse than dog food.

It is understandable that they get mad as you can’t return food and get your money back. Also, you are already possibly angry because you are hungry and were looking forward to having a relaxing meal.

#2 This $10 Salad I Paid For At A Restaurant

Image credits: WoundedDonkey

#3 $3 Pasta Salad I Ordered From Jamie Oliver’s Airport Restaurant

Image credits: Otherwise-Relief2670

What is the most frustrating thing in these kinds of situations is that the expectations are high. Often people associate a higher price with quality and if you pay extra for something, you expect more than you usually get.

Widewall confirms this tendency and claims that people will purposefully buy the more expensive alternative for the expectation for it to last longer or break later than the cheaper thing would, “The higher the cost of an item, the higher the hopes of the consumer. Why buy an iPhone charger from Apple for $19.99 when you could get one at the dollar store? It is because, for many, expense translates directly to quality.”

When our expectations aren’t met, “it can lead to feelings of disappointment, frustration, and even anger” that some people come to let out on social media, which becomes entertainment for others.

#4 Almost 15 Dollars/Meal For This At My College

Image credits: John_Warosa

#5 First Overseas Flight In 9 Years! Paid Extra For A Window Seat So I Can See Everything

Image credits: AWildAnonHasAppeared

#6 The Toilet Paper At The University I Pay $20k A Year To Go To

Image credits: Cartman9110

#7 I Paid Extra For A M&M Rice Krispy Treat And I Received An Insult Instead

Image credits: Tanker475

This list clearly shows that more expensive things are not necessarily better and maybe our expectations are too high. A study showed that when people were served wine that they didn’t know the price of by a server who also had no clue what wine they were pouring, the “individuals who are unaware of the price generally do not like the expensive wine more. The results showed they enjoyed less expensive wine a little more.”

Maybe a solution to this could be reading reviews as they will allow you to create realistic expectations of what you might receive. A survey by Brightlocal showed that “77% of consumers ‘always’ or ‘regularly’ read online reviews when browsing for local businesses” and 49% “trust customer reviews as much as personal recommendations from family and friends.” Which shows that this strategy is working for them.

#8 When You Order The “Three Meat Skillet” And This Comes Out

Image credits: VSZVG6

#9 My Highschool Senior “Breakfast” That I Paid 15$ For

Image credits: AWESOMEair

#10 Amusement Park Pizza. Cost Me $11

Image credits: Brace12

Have you ever paid a lot of money just to be disappointed in what you got? Have you ever read a good review and were compelled to leave a negative one instead because your experience was so drastically different? Let us know your experiences in the comments and don’t forget to upvote the biggest scams in this list.

#11 Ordered The Brisket Nachos. Got A Pound Of Kraft Singles

Image credits: devmikale

#12 When You Buy A 120 Dollar iPhone

Image credits: mostafachampion

#13 I Paid $25 To Go To A “Halloween House” And This Was One Of The “Game Areas”

Image credits: Oranginafina

#14 I Paid Extra For Cheese

Image credits: MisterDavidC

#15 This “Caesar Salad” Cost $15

Image credits: OldJournalist4

#16 Picture Shows 8 Mozzarella Sticks, I Received 3. It Cost $12

Image credits: Lonely_Is_The_Night

#17 I Paid $18 At Chipotle For This

Image credits: Duckington_Wentworth

#18 Bought Some Clearance Sale Bread. Now I Know Why It Was On Sale

Image credits: insertwittytagline

#19 Ordered Steak And Mac And Cheese At A Riverside Restaurant For $30. They Brought Out Kraft Mac And Cheese

Image credits: Po1sonator

#20 I Paid $3 Extra For Blueberries Pancake

Image credits: raymonddurk

#21 When You Pay For Extra Pineapple On Your Pizza And You’re Only Given 1 Piece Per Slice

Image credits: Tiny_Beany

#22 Bought A Whole Pack A Pens, Not A Single One Works #sorryplanet

Image credits: Worship_of_Min

#23 I Paid A Lot For A Slice Of Pizza, And This Is What I Got

Image credits: The_Immortal_Avenger

#24 I Paid $2 For This Avocado

Image credits: GYDOLEM

#25 Not Only Did I Get 2.5 Tenders In My 3 Tender Meal, But This Amount Of Food Costs $10

Image credits: igonnawrecku_VGC

#26 I Paid $19 For 8 Of These Tiny A** Wings From A Local BBQ Joint

Image credits: sexyc3po

#27 I Ordered A Loaded Baked Potato, Paid Almost $5 For This

Image credits: ScrewedSomethingOnce


Image credits: michellada777


Image credits: Biggravybilton

#30 Got Recommended To Try The New Burger Restaurant That Recently Opened Up. This Burger Cost Me £6.95

Image credits: /Pro007er

#31 My 16 Dollar Tuna Poke Bowl

Image credits: Kuromoturiga

#32 Paid 30$ For Two “Regular Sized” Drinks At A Concert Last Night. 4 Sips Each

Image credits: dirtypig796

#33 The Amount Of Chips Del Taco Gave Me For $2

Image credits: nerd-tuber

#34 I Paid €1,50 Extra For Spinach On My Pizza. This Is What I Got

Image credits: jayhow90

#35 My View At A Kendrick Lamar Concert After Paying $750 At Ubs Center…

Image credits: joelfromstatefarm

#36 I Paid $76 For This Myers Mask From Amazon

Image credits: akshayk22

#37 Paid $15 For Pulled Pork For Family Meal And Was Hoping For The Whole Container To Be Filled

Image credits: No-Sky-6064

#38 Paid $4.50 For This Small Fruit Cup

Image credits: SweetPK88


Image credits: ahherewegoagain

#40 I Paid $11.70 For This Chicken Burrito From Chipotle

Image credits: alehaus

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Author: Jurgita Dominauskaitė