The only limit to accomplishing anything in life is your imagination. However, creativity and inventions don’t have to be overly complicated or all that original. You can make everyone’s lives far easier with small changes in how something is designed. Intrigued? Well then, welcome to the weird and wonderful world of ‘Redneck Engineering.’

A popular online community, r/redneckengineering is dedicated to slightly peculiar, sometimes even hilarious, but genuinely genius feats of jury-rigging. From self-feeding fires to mounts for your remote, we’ve collected some of the coolest feats of impromptu engineering. Scroll down to check out the pics that prove that there’s no problem that humankind can’t solve with whatever’s at hand!

#1 All Terrain Wheelchair I Built For My Wife

Image credits: AkmJ0e

#2 Redneck Shed Lock

Image credits: FormerlyKay

#3 Self Feeding Fire That Lasts 14 Hours

Image credits: Capt_Irk

Genius doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it often isn’t! Often, the very best product designs are the ones that solve the problems that consumers have, whether they’re consciously aware of them or just sure that something is wrong.

The reality is that far from every product designer is in tune with what the end user actually needs or wants. Sometimes, their vision is at odds with practicality.

#4 My Coworker Made A Magnetic Broom To Pick Up Metal From Our Parking Lot, After Another Coworker Got A Nail In Her Tire. Have To Say, It Works Very Well

Image credits: nucleoli

#5 Looks Level To Me

Image credits: GilbertoYates5

#6 “Huh, So This Works. Toothbrush Sander!” This Has Useful Implications For Those Hard To Reach Finishing Places

Image credits: preludachris8

The solutions themselves don’t have to be marvelous feats of engineering that would wow and dazzle the entire world. All it can take is a slight change to the design: altering the shape, angles, and lines of the item in question to make it more user-friendly.

At the core of ‘Redneck Engineering’ lies simplicity. Redneck engineers (who don’t actually have to be rednecks or even engineers at all) are big fans of Occam’s razor. They take the most straightforward and obvious approach when solving a problem.

#7 Wait Till Dem Fuckin Kids Get A Load Of This

Image credits: Shesalabmix

#8 Found At A Laundromat In Knoxville, Tn. Yes, You Can Still Press The Buttons

Image credits: noahfromnewjersey

#9 Cheap And Simple Mount For My Power Socket Remote Control

Image credits: Hunter_Rodrigez

Does someone keep stealing the remote at your local laundromat? Instead of stressing about how you’ll have to work years and years to change how locals approach property rights, you could simply weld a little soap holder over it.

Or if you don’t have a spirit level with you while working on a construction project, you could just use a small bottle filled with some water.

#10 Lost The Screw Cap For Our Air Mattress. This Was The Third Bottle I Tried

Image credits: Brimstone747

#11 My Local Elotero Putting A Shopping Cart To Good Use

Image credits: elmexiguero

#12 That’s One Way To Make A Step

Image credits: CricketInvasion

Redneck engineering is about simplicity. It’s about being straightforward. It’s thinking on your feet and using whatever tools and materials you have at hand to jury-rig your way out of a problem.

It’s humankind summed up incredibly well because it showcases how flexible we can all be when the circumstances demand it. Sure, it might not look pretty! But don’t knock it if it works.

#13 Solo Couch Carry

Image credits: muchhodl

#14 Actually Pretty Neat

Image credits: LordCog

#15 Fortunately They Don’t Have An Hoa To Answer To. The Ingenuity Is Next Level

Image credits: CellWrangler

Founded all the way back in the mid-summer of 2013, the online community has become one of the most well-known groups on Reddit. At the time of writing, the r/redneckengineering subreddit had already grown to 659k members, and there are no signs of their popularity waning any time soon.

There’s plenty of humor and quick engineering solutions to be found here.

#16 Redneck Repurposing Of Kids’ Recreational Toys

Image credits: Cautious-Damage7575

#17 Forgot To Buy A Shower Curtain For The New Apartment And I Can’t Get One Until Tomorrow Evening. Two Trash Bags Cut Open And An Amount Of Duct Tap

Image credits: picky-trash-panda

#18 Spotted This Beauty At A Walmart

Image credits: turbocharged_autism

The moderator team has the right to interpret whether or not a member’s post “fits the spirit of the sub.” They note that an engineering solution doesn’t have to be redneck to quality as a prime example of redneck engineering.

Meanwhile, community members should also do their best to avoid reposting popular photos. Before you go ahead and share that awesome feat of jury-rigging that you found on your social media feed, check the sub’s sidebar to see if the photo hasn’t already been posted and reposted a billion times already.

#19 The Base Was Broken, So Grandma Planted It

Image credits: bubble_2107

#20 Luggage Phone Mount

Image credits: The_BarChuk

#21 That Isn’t Going Anywhere

Image credits: 3DRAH33M

Try to focus on originality, not racking up karma, as much as possible. You should also avoid claiming that you made something if you didn’t. Be fair to yourself and others, give credit where it’s due.

We’re pretty big fans of r/redneckengineering here at Bored Panda, and if you’re in need of some more engi-inspiration, you can check out our earlier features right here, here, here, and here.

#22 Rediscovered My First Welding Project While Cleaning My Truck

Image credits: HarryRichardShaver

#23 Now This Is Mile High Luxury!

Image credits: nopantsdancemusk

#24 Tired Of Looking For My Charger Cable

Image credits: stump0331

The founder of the subreddit, u/flounder19, previously told us how the inspiration for the community was this post right here. A decade ago, the redditor declared that they’ll start the sub specifically for this sort of funny and funky engineering content. And from those humble beginnings grew a massively popular subreddit that continues to fascinate the internet.

#25 Found While Hunting For A Road Trip Vehicle

Image credits: FormerBreath5112

#26 Well, They Fixed Their Trunk Latch Problem

Image credits: No_Let_9352

#27 New Shoes? Why Should I Buy New Shoes?

Image credits: BavarianBou

“The things you can do with duct tape and zip ties alone is amazing. Plus it doesn’t need to look good as long as it works right,” the founder and head moderator, u/flounder19, told Bored Panda during an earlier interview. They added that no matter the type of DIY, your safety is paramount: “Don’t die, please.”

#28 Free Office Chair With Busted Caster Found In Dumpster. New Ones Are Like $300. Had These Parts Lying Around

Image credits: FelipeThwartz

#29 Beer Can Taco Holder

Image credits: wrapped-in-reverse

#30 “I Got A Heated Pool Babe! Wanna Come Over?” The Pool:

Image credits: TheeOxygene

Which of these redneck feats of engineering impressed you the most, Pandas? Were there any that seriously made you think, “Why didn’t I think of that?!” Have you ever jury-rigged something with whatever you had at hand? We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions, so scroll down to the comment section and have your say!

#31 Not Sure If This Fits Here But My Neighbor Towed My Other Neighbor With A Pallet Jack

Image credits: Itzbubblezduh

#32 What In The West Virginia?

Image credits: Arctic_Scrap

#33 For Precision Hot Glueing

Image credits: codester291

#34 My Grandma’s Clever Way To Keep The Squirrels From Eating The Bird Feed

Image credits: choice_crystal_clear

#35 This Was In California

Image credits: Massive-Raise-1145

#36 Hurricane Prep

Image credits: HA1LSANTA666

#37 Worried About Corrosion On The Salt TV Room Remote Until We Were Packing Meat…

Image credits: MercWhite

#38 The Ultimate Redneck Engineering From Russia

Image credits: gardenajski

#39 Good As New!

Image credits: robertp2200

#40 Outlets In My Very Old Appartment Aren’t Grounded And I Kept Getting Shocks From Metal Laptop Case, So I Did This, Works Perfectly. How Bad Is It?

Image credits: jan04pl

#41 Egg Beater Just Broke And I Want French Toast

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