So you’re a blogger who’s looking the monitor the content? Well, that’s true just because you’ll need to get access to the monetization process at some point. As we’ll know that Google Adsense is not something you can entirely rely on just because the amount that you get through Adsense is significantly less that you can’t survive.

If you are an amateur blogger, then it’s always better to find some of the Othermmonetization techniques that can eventually help you build multiple ways of generating earnings through your blog. Affiliate marketing is one of the legends and most profitable ways to monetize your blog, even if you don’t know how to monetize it. It’s that simple.

Once you start doing affiliate marketing, you will get enhancement in terms of revenue using the multiple advanced affiliate methods.

And through this post, I will let you know that this strategy is about affiliate marketing in advance that you need to know about, but before that, you need to learn more about advanced affiliates. So let’s get deep into it.

What Is Advanced Affiliate Marketing?

It’s almost been a decade, and affiliate marketing is considered the legitimate and effective way for every social media marketer and blogger to make money. Basically, it relies upon commission-based sales. All you need to do is promote the specific product to your followers’ audience, and if they purchase it to your affiliate link, you will get a small piece of Commission of it without extra charge for the audience.

My affiliate marketing ears consider Amazon Associates and Clickbank the highly used networks globally. One of the primary reasons to use the services is they consist of varieties of products and are super easy to find the right choice for the audience.

I have observed people who are about to begin the affiliate marketing journey consider it an easy and passive source of income which is partially true. Undoubtedly you can make money while you sleep using affiliate marketing, but it requires a lot of guts and effort at the beginning.

You don’t need to start earning money through affiliate marketing from the first day, as you will always need a strategy to generate revenue from it. Finding a niche is one of the primary things you should consider. Letter on words, you can move on to selecting a product and audience to promote it effectively.

Everyone relies upon the basic affiliate marketing strategies, which are not feasible because the area is growing. You need to figure out some of the ads were affiliate marketing techniques that can boost your affiliate sales. So without any further ado, let’s get deep into the use of advanced affiliate marketing.

How You Can Incorporate Advanced Affiliate Marketing In Your Business?

Suppose you already own a blog or a website based upon affiliate marketing and are willing to boost up in terms of sense. In that case, you should definitely try out these strategies using which you can increase the revenue through affiliate marketing:

Remain Transparent With Affiliate Efforts

You must be transparent to make money using advanced affiliate marketing techniques. Don’t share the link to sell; instead, you can let your readers know why you are providing affiliate links. It will eventually help you to avoid potential legal issues.

And if you randomly put the affiliate links everywhere, The Reader will realize it and get upset. Due to this day will hardly come back to you for the sake of any information. Eventually, it will affect your affiliate marketing growth.

Another big reason for remaining transparent is that it won’t look stymie, which is essential for the search engine penalties that can be avoided. Try to keep all of your affiliate links legitimate and organic. The affiliate links you are supposed to use must be valuable content that looks organic and not just for marketing purposes.

Tailor Products To Your Audience

You need to know that to start promoting what your audience actually wants. This might be more complicated for you initially, but by the time it gets and habit of delivering the value-added things.

If you have an Amazon affiliate associate account, avoid using any random category products that are not aligned with your blog. Instead, you can choose the viable products for your block category. Human psychology is built to expect products that are relatable to your niche.

For example, you can consider that if your blog is all about gaming PC is information, you cannot put a random smartphone link that looks insignificant. Instead, trust will reach the top if you put the gaming peripheral link. Most of the affiliate programs are used to serve coupons and plan for the better commencement of the readers. You can use that one for the promotion of the product.

And if you start promoting the products that are not within the budget of the readers, then you might lose the chance of getting any sales. It also looks inauthentic and just for marketing safety, which may also hurt your brand. Before that, you need to understand the reading by determining the analytics of what your readers like and based upon that, you can choose the product that is under budget.

There is multiple software that will let you know about the interest of the specific audience, and the software is Quantcast, that’s being widely used all across the globe. Google Analytics is another online tool that you can use to better understand your audience. Apart from that, social media is another source that can help you know more about your audience’s likes and dislikes.

These days, Instagram is widely used all across the globe and using Instagram insights in the business account, you can check for your readers’ interests. Apart from that, there are multiple other third-party tools you can use. One of the best parts is sending the cold survey to every reader out there, and they can put their opinion and based upon that, you can choose the affiliate products you want to promote. This will save kuch amount of time later.

Select Great Products

Just before that product must be under the budget does not mean that you will choose any random product. It must be profitable For you. If you have created a blog or website, I recommend you put in extra effort and time so that letter onwards you won’t regret it.

Make sure to choose the niche that has future demand and is profitable. And if the market is kind of saturated for a specific reason, then it’s always better to start with it without any delay. Remember, if you are selling something valuable to your readers, and even if your own information is out of it, people will surely buy through your link just because of the trust you will build.

Instead, even if you get a low-value product, it can be interesting if desirable and appealing to the readers. The keyboard plays an essential role in blocking, and to identify the right keywords to use in your blog, it’s always better to hands on to the Google keyword planner, which is the most basic but highly demanded tool of all time.

Before getting started, the big thing you need to know is learning about that specific product or a category. If something is getting viral, it’s always better to opt for it to generate initial sales. If you are supposed to check the hot products, you can always choose buzz sumo or Google trends to analyze the complete scenario of the current market.

Fidget spinner is one of the perfect examples that got popular back in 2017, and it was an ideal time for the market to target the audience. The searches for fidget spinners were formed in 2020, which was upon the peak, and by the end of the year, it got lower. If someone had prepared the blog and the right affiliate marketing strategy during that period, they would have earned a lot of it.

Put Affiliate Links Where Traffic is High

People often consider it essential to create a new contact for earning through affiliate links, which is not always true. Using the old content, you can generate revenue using affiliate marketing.

So it’s always better to go through the existing content you already have on your blog and 50 to put the affiliate links that can generate more revenue from it. Try to choose the range with a tremendous amount of traffic; you can even do this using Google Analytics to know which of your content is a ranking.

Currently, social media advertisement and Google AdWords are considered a couple of top advertisers in the whole globe that you can get involved in and start driving more clicks to your affiliate links. Strategizing is significant in this case just because if you already have ranking content, don’t waste your money on that try promoting the underperforming content.

A/B Testing

For every digital entrepreneur and online marketer, A/B testing is one of the crucial techniques that can help you optimize the affiliate marketing campaigns you are willing to run. You need to pick any Tu 2 versions of your marketing asset. And based on that, you can do A/B testing.

While using the affiliate links, all you need to do is try out the links by adding them in multiple positions of the page, like on the top of the visible article or in between the pieces that look exceptionally well and organic. Along with that, you can even create affiliate banners for testing purposes.

If the conversion rate is higher, you can start copying the same technique on other pages, customizing the links for multiple countries.

When it comes to the online medium, you don’t need to always target your country only as once it gets public, it can be seen by global people, so you need to form and customize the affiliate link identically.

It’s been observed that there is too much price difference between the countries, so it’s always to choose the product that has a similar value globally so that it won’t get affected to your affiliate marketing journey.

What Are The Best Tools For Advanced Affiliate Marketing?

If you are supposed to maximize your affiliated journey using cutting-edge marketing tools, then here are some of the shortlisted tools that you can use to maximize the revenue of affiliates:-


AnyTrack is one of the great tools that will let you know where your Nafrat clicks are coming from, and you can easily integrate it using Google Analytics.


Pretty links are one of the great tools that will help you manage and recreate the affiliate links that will get redirected to your affiliate programs.

Final Verdict

Affiliate marketing is considered the primary source of generating revenue through the blog, and it is getting popular every day. Multiple people generate millions using affiliate marketing, and you can do the same.

But as the train has changed and there are multiple advancements done in the affiliate marketing stream, you need to be aware of it. Through this post, I have shared some of the opinions and advised affiliate marketing techniques that you can implement in your own journey that will eventually maximize the overall affiliates’ revenue.


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Author: Ashfaq Ahmad