50 Christmas Gifts That Made People Laugh (New Pics)

The anticipation is in the air. The most wonderful time is upon us when families and friends gather to celebrate and exchange hugs, kisses, and gifts. If the task of finding a gift is one you struggle with, well, maybe it is time to go the funny route. Choosing a gift that’s a bit less serious will lighten the mood for you and the person it is meant for. But just make sure that that person can take a joke, otherwise, it might become a bit awkward.

Gift-giving is all about relationships. It shows the other person that you think and care about them, and even a little gesture is enough. But due to the pressure of finding a perfect gift, we tend to overthink, and in the end, shopping can become an unpleasant experience. You would be amazed how many times people got an undeniably weird gift and felt like it was the best one of them all. That only proves that gifts are not only about the object but the emotional value it brings.

Luckily, this time of year, we at Bored Panda have prepared a list of the most hilarious gifts that have left a mark in hopes that it will make you feel less pressured, and maybe you will find an idea worth borrowing. For more hilarious gift content, feel free to visit our previous post here and here.

#1 A Friend Got Our Cat A Tiny Poncho And Sombrero For Christmas And I Can’t Handle It

Image credits: GOpencyprep

#2 My Uncle Pissed Me Off So I Made His 3 Young Sons Rubber Band Shooters For Christmas

Image credits: chuffberry

#3 Simpsons Shoes I Painted For A Christmas Gift

Image credits: Czarvana

Even though we are sure you have your Christmas gifts ready and wrapped, we still would like to share some tips and tricks for becoming a better gift giver. Maybe it will make you feel more prepared for the next year or even on occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or spontaneous gifts. Yes, exactly, spontaneous gifts. They are fun both to look for and receive. If that is not something you do, we highly advise trying it at least once.

The fun thing about spontaneous gifts is that you never know what you will find and when you will find them, which can conclude in fun stories. Besides that, being open and on the lookout makes you think about the people around you more frequently.

Some people even choose spontaneous gifts for Christmas, birthdays, and other celebrations. They buy gifts over the course of the year and then gift them during important occasions. In that case, you will not be spending a big amount of money once, but small amounts over the year, and the struggle of coming up with gift ideas will automatically go away.

#4 Just Finished Making My BF’s Christmas Gift

Image credits: potent_potables_

#5 Hope My Family Likes My Christmas Gift To Them

Image credits: Dorsia1987

#6 My Partner Knit Me A Giant Sock For Christmas

Image credits: sashasimply

Another great tip that is easy to incorporate into your gifts even today is adding a personal message. It could be anything, from saying ‘I love you’ to a poem or a mutual joke. It will add sentimental value to any gift, whether it is a big expensive or a smaller one.

Something to also keep in mind when stressing over your chosen gifts is that no receiver compares which gift was better or worse or whether it matters that much. The thought is what really counts, and your present is basically you saying that you cared to remember this person enough to add to your gift-giving list.

#7 Every Year I Get My Family Gag Gifts For Christmas That Involve My Dog. This Year, It’s LEGO Penny

Image credits: Lotan

#8 Homer’s Spice Rack. Made For A Gift Exchange

Image credits: cle1110

#9 Just Opened My Lovely Gift Off Our Ethan’s Lass And Laughed That Much Was Crying. Thanks Again Chloe… It’s Those Little Things

Image credits: boro_bulldogs

But what you should add extra attention to is the presentation. I know it sounds weird to spend time and money on wrapping paper and extra ribbon, but the presentation is a part of a gift. So make some time and wrap your present thoughtfully. That will definitely add to the emotional part of the gift-receiving experience.

#10 Gave My Pirate-Loving Landlord His Christmas Gift Last Night: January’s Rent. In Coins. His Response: “You’re Both Awesome And Huge Jerks”

Image credits: tenbits

#11 My Dad Thought He’d Given Me The Perfect Gift At An Early Christmas Gathering (He Did)

Image credits: kawaiichristian

#12 I’m 24 And Still Living With My Parents. This Is What I Got For Christmas

Image credits: cheetahkk

And last but not least, trust your gut. In case you see something that catches your attention while looking for gifts, it is your brain saying that that object reminded you of someone. That also works great for shopping off-season when you have a little bit more time. Just buy it and set it aside. Or at least write it down and make a list for later purchases, so you don’t forget it on your next last-minute gift shopping.

#13 My Dog And I Got Matching Socks For Christmas

Image credits: Nickw1116

#14 Maybe Not The Smartest Secret Santa Gift For The Boss In A Recession Year

Image credits: bsnr1

#15 Of Course, My 85-Year-Old Grandma Would Get My White Elephant

Image credits: Conr8r

#16 My Girlfriend And I Fought And Didn’t Talk For 3 Days So I Sent Her An Amazon Gift With This As The Message

Image credits: KOTORbayani

#17 This Office Themed Guess Who Game My Wife Made Me For Christmas

Image credits: Atticus462

#18 My Son Just Wanted Gift Cards For Christmas. This Is How We Wrapped Them. Santa’s Reindeer

Image credits: jokingly_Josie

#19 My Friend Is A Paraplegic And Wore His Christmas Gift For The First Time. Everyone Seems To Approve Of It

Image credits: moonchildsarah

#20 My Buddy Has Been An EMT For A Few Years. We Left Him A Gift Since He Hasn’t Had A Lunch Box After An Accident And Was Happy To Have A New One

Image credits: Pyrojodge

#21 My Wife’s Christmas Present To Me

Image credits: tb12-GOAT-4-pres

#22 This Chinese Wrapping Paper

Image credits: ClinicalIllusionist

#23 I Won The White Elephant Gift Exchange

Image credits: Lordmilligan

#24 I Ran Out Of Wrapping Paper For One Last Little Gift, But I Have A Printer And Paper So

Image credits: unbaileyvable

#25 Every Christmas I Give My Kids A Personalized Card. This Year I Decided To Mess With Them

Image credits: TheRealBallchynz

#26 The White Elephant Gift I Made For Work

Image credits: doriancross

#27 How One Of My Coworkers Wrapped His Secret Santa Gift

Image credits: trevorda92

#28 My Dad Always Guesses His Christmas Gift Before He Opens It. Think He’ll Know He’s Getting Wrenches?

Image credits: ourhero1

#29 For Tonight’s Christmas Gift Exchange, I Made My Own Cover Label On A Box Of Wine

Image credits: reddit.com

#30 This “Bottle Of Scotch” At My Office’s White Elephant Gift Exchange Was Stolen Twice Before Anyone Opened It

Image credits: strooticus

#31 My Sister-In-Law Got Steve Buscemi Leggings For Christmas

Image credits: deepsouthsloth

#32 My Boyfriend Wanted To See An Insult Version Of Those “Why I Love You” Bottles. Here’s What I Made Him For Christmas

Image credits: hanrar11

#33 My Families Annual White Elephant Gift Exchange. Everything You See In This Picture Must Be Displayed In Our Homes For The Entire Year

And yes – someone got a Christmas tree.

Image credits: beauttifulllife

#34 I Made My Own Gift For My Workplace Christmas Gift Swap. I’m Proud To Say It Was Stolen Repeatedly

Image credits: Arastmaus

#35 Yes, It Is Embroidered Toilet Paper. Great White Elephant Gift

Image credits: simplystitchin

#36 I Asked My Nephew What He Wanted For Christmas. His Only Answer Was Money. I Unwrapped 60 Rolls Of Pennies Into The Box

 He asked me how much was in there, I told him I didn’t know.

Image credits: frankenbacon1

#37 White Elephant Did Me Right

Image credits: Springchikun

#38 Finished My Christmas Present For My Little Sister

Image credits: metal_paper

#39 My Sister’s BF Got Me 4 Gallons Of Ice Cream For Christmas (Pint For Comparison)

Image credits: chocopear

#40 Somehow I Get The Impression That My Dad’s Girlfriend Doesn’t Like Me. Evidence Of A Christmas Gift

Image credits: Mighty_Vulcan

#41 My Dad’s Sisters Went On A Trip And Didn’t Invite Him. For Christmas My Dad Gave Them Both A Picture Of Himself Photoshopped Into A Picture Of Them Together From Their Trip

Image credits: boredandhungry5

#42 Welcome Back Chellsey. Look What Santa Got For You A Wii Extreme Chore Games

Image credits: paintmeaparty.fun

#43 My Dad Wrapped The Yard Tools He Got Me For Christmas

Image credits: Actionacton

#44 What I Got For My Dad For Christmas

Image credits: Triggerhappy454

#45 Gag Christmas Gift For My Brother-In-Law’s Chickens

Image credits: TFeary1992

#46 Replaced My Brother’s License Plate Frame As A Surprise Late Christmas Gift

Image credits: The_hat_man74

#47 Daughters Got Us These For Christmas. Decided To Put Them On The Bed For Us Since We Kept “Forgetting”

Image credits: geezlouise911

#48 My Friend Gifted Me This In Case My Minor Knee Surgery On Wednesday Has Complications

Image credits: Blakechi

#49 This Was My Christmas Gift To Everyone In My Family

Image credits: jammyyp

#50 My Mom Bought Me This As A Gag Gift. She’s The Best. I’ll Give An Update Later On How It Tastes

Image credits: O-mega_

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Author: Simona Kinderytė