50 Funny And Cute Pets Who Made Or Broke Christmas (New Pics)

While we frantically wrap last-minute gifts and bake cookies for Santa, our furry friends also like to play a role in the holiday festivities. Like that cat who insists on batting at the tinsel on the Christmas tree, causing more than a few ornaments to come crashing to the ground. Or the dog who gets a little too excited about the dinner table and keeps begging for food.

But at the end of the day, our companions are just happy to be included in the celebration. And it wouldn’t be the same without them. So as a thank you, we at Bored Panda put together a collection of funny and heartwarming pictures that show what this joyous occasion really looks like when you have pets. Here’s to them making every moment a little more special and a lot more fun.

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#1 Target Acquired

Image credits: themouseyouknow

#2 Our 1st Christmas Together And Our 15th Christmas Together

Image credits: _psa115_

#3 My Cat And My Tree Are Both Plugged In And Ready For Christmas

Image credits: ADanalrapist

#4 Happy Cat

Image credits: Frank_TIHZHO

#5 We Got The Cat A Cardboard Scratchy Taco Truck For Christmas. I Think She Likes It

Image credits: AttackerCat

#6 If Your Presents Arrived Late, It’s Because Santa’s Helpers Are A Little Slower Than Normal

Image credits: kristianroberts

#7 My Paraplegic Kitten’s Reaction To Seeing Her First Christmas Tree

Image credits: mrsfoxelliot

#8 Left The Patio Door Open Briefly For Some Fresh Air. Shortly After, I Heard Some Rustling Behind The Christmas Tree… I Don’t Have A Cat

Image credits: Rossaluss

#9 Cat Christmas Tree Portrait

Image credits: HarmonicCounterpoint

#10 My 12-Year-Old Girl Accidentally Picked Up One Of The Stars From Our Christmas Decorations When She Was Sniffing For Crumbs

Image credits: melodicrobotic

#11 Best Christmas Gift

Image credits: sirhene

#12 It’s Gonna Be His First Christmas

Image credits: kodathemalamute

#13 Christmas Thief

Image credits: _sophocles_

#14 I Made Christmas Ornaments Of My 3 Cats

Image credits: chuffberry

#15 My Udon Noodle Wishes You A Pleasant Christmas Eve

Image credits: sh4ngalang

#16 Found This Festive Little Guy On My Outside Christmas Tree

Image credits: texasrigger

#17 Took My Dogs To Take Their Yearly Christmas Photos. It’s Really Hard When You Have One Super Photogenic Dog And One Dog Having An Existential Crisis

Image credits: laurenncarterr

#18 We Just Put The Tree Up, And This Little Monster Climbed Into It

Image credits: Mudb0ss

#19 Came Home To Find This. Not Sure How Long She Was In There, But She Was Pretty Content To Stay In There

Image credits: Own-Anteater5996

#20 Presenting My Cat With Her Christmas Present

Image credits: neasanoir

#21 Merry Christmas From The Head Tilt Triplets

Image credits: my-two-point-oh

#22 Meet The New Addition To The Family, Chester. He Makes A Wonderful Christmas Tree Decoration

Image credits: campbiff

#23 Alfons Showing His Coconut Flake Stash While Practicing For The Christmas Photos

Image credits: Hummerk1o

#24 Cats And Glass Ornaments Don’t Mix

Image credits: ThatsFknInteresting

#25 Nerien And His Christmas Cookie

Image credits: elphaba16

#26 He Doesn’t Attack The Tree Or Try To Knock It Down

Image credits: misspattyphatty

#27 I’ve Just Learned This Is An Issue For Cat Owners Over Christmas

Image credits: NineteenEighty9

#28 She Got What She Wanted For Christmas

Image credits: Rag3ina

#29 This Will Forever Be My Favorite Picture Of Her. She Loves Christmas

Image credits: noplacelikesoul

#30 One Happy Dogo

Image credits: hilary_l072

#31 Treat Every Day Like Christmas

Image credits: elchapolarry

#32 Merry Christmas From A 17-Year-Old Walter

Image credits: magictreerock1

#33 We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Image credits: l.ostmeier

#34 I Took My Pet Ducks To Mind Games (They Love Browsing Stores). They Stopped And Stared At This Toy For Several Minutes. I Think I Know What They Want For Christmas

Image credits: SakuyaMikami

#35 There Are 2 Cats In This Picture

Image credits: ChefCobra

#36 My Boyfriend And I Noticed A New Ornament In The Tree

Image credits: maximalmitten

#37 My Parents’ Cat Interrupted Board Games Over Christmas. He Just Likes To Be Involved

Image credits: JamesHuntrods

#38 Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Image credits: the_wrinkly_quad

#39 Ornament Installer

Image credits: Upstairs-Buy6492

#40 My Mom Got Our Cat, Sardine, A Fancy Cat Bed For Christmas. She Loves It

Image credits: pgsengstock

#41 It Is A Giant Play Toy

Image credits: AugustJPollak

#42 Ready To Help Santa Paws. I Don’t Know About The Naughty/Nice List, But I’m Certainly On The “Trying My Best” List

Image credits: lola_and_popps

#43 My Blind 18-Year-Old Dog Clearly Loves The New Christmas Lights

Image credits: Glittering-Honu

#44 Wiped Out From Opening Presents

Image credits: Georgito

#45 My Coworker’s Dog Does Not Like The Annual Christmas Photo

Image credits: zerepxela

#46 My GF Setup The Christmas Tree. It’s Our Cats First Christmas

Image credits: xbchiefmatrix

#47 How Cute Are These Two?

Image credits: dogtographer.la

#48 Ciri Has Absolutely No Idea Who Ate The Christmas Cookies While We Were Out Shopping. She’s So Mad She Can’t Even Look At The Plate

Image credits: 11_throwaways_later_

#49 Roscoe Took Christmas Decoration Duty Into His Own Hands (Paws) Last Night

Image credits: franklegsTV

#50 Thought You All Would Appreciate My Pups’ Christmas Photo

Image credits: legendofpoke

#51 Did Somebody Say Xmas?!

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Author: Akvile Petraityte 🇺🇦