The more we think about it, the more we realize just how much we like reading guides about… well, about pretty much anything and everything! They’re educational, informative, and fun (in the geekiest of ways). However, you’d be wrong to assume that all guides are equally good. Some of them are created purely for giggles and our amusement. It turns out that we might even love them more than the regular ones.

That’s where this fantastic subreddit comes in. It’s a fun-loving online community that documents some of the silliest and funniest guides to ever grace the internet. And we’re loving it. We’ve collected some of their most hilarious pics to share with you, dear Pandas. Scroll down to check them out.

We reached out to the subreddit’s founder and head moderator, and they told us all about the community’s roots and appeal. Read on for our Bored Panda’s full interview with them.

#1 Difference Between Types Of Groups

Image credits: Solidjester2004

#2 The “Hey Buddy” Guide

Image credits: OMGBeckyStahp

#3 Cool Guide To Edible Mushrooms

Image credits: ear2theshell

Now, we’d love to mention the subreddit’s full name because we think it’s absolutely awesome. However, the way the internet works in this day and age means that we have to avoid certain words, like the first part of the online community’s name. We can, however, wax poetic about how totally rad it is!

Bored Panda had a friendly chat with the subreddit’s founder about the history of the online group. “As for its small beginnings, it came to light as we saw that there wasn’t really any subreddit to post for guides that don’t quite fit the rules of r/coolguides,” they said, referring to a very popular and widely-known sub dedicated to all kinds of guides.

“There’s a lot of guides out there that aren’t really helpful, but are clearly just for the laughs. So the subreddit was born as a home for those lighthearted and funny guides,” the head moderator told us that they branched off and created a niche for fun and silly guides.

#4 Alpaca vs. Llama

Image credits: Birdy_Cephon_Altera

#5 Toilet Paper Orientation Guide. I Printed One Out For My Commode

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#6 Not From Fb, Not Terrible, And Pretty Useful

Image credits: umdas

“I think people enjoy these [bad] cool guides because it’s simply absurd. It’s treading along the lines of surreal humor. A lot of the guides you’d see on the subreddit are so ridiculous and sometimes illogical. But because it’s presented to us in a format that’s familiar to us, we get it easily,” they explained why exactly these pics resonate so well with the public.

“So, if you ever come across suspicious-looking persons sitting on a park bench or ever decide to have dinosaurs as a pet, we got these handy guides to help us through,” they shared a couple of absolutely brilliant guides that are bound to get comedy-lovers chuckling.

“The secret to creating a genuinely good guide is on the visuals, I believe. Guides are designed to be easy to follow. If the guide was able to be straightforward and helpful to the reader, then I think it did its job pretty well.”

#7 No, Wait, He Has A Point

Image credits: zjunkmale

#8 How To Catch A Chicken

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#9 Now Comes With Extra Weather Balloons

Image credits: yeetmasterian

The subreddit was created all the way in June 2016. At the time of writing, the community was made up of 24.1k people. And it’s still active to this very day! We can see why—there’s a lot of laughter to be had here, as you’re flung far away from your comfort zone.

If you plan on being an active member of the subreddit, you’ve got to follow the rules. Now, there are a few things to be aware of. For one, the community is entirely dedicated to visual guides only! In short, all how-to’s and reference materials have to be presented in graphic form. This makes them more easily digestible.

#10 This

Image credits: CUKA-BLYAT

#11 Reddit Explains How To Be A Man (With A Little Help From Donny Osmond)

Image credits: StonyTark3000

#12 Skeleton

Image credits: youhuu098

However, at the core of the entire online group lies the simple fact that all of the guides posted there have to be funny! “This is a place for your non-serious and comedy guides,” the founder of the sub explains. In short, the comedy has to be very much intentional. The creators of the guides have to be in on the joke.

#13 Iceland To Ireland Flow Chart

Image credits:

#14 Most Common Dog Shapes

Image credits: Birdy_Cephon_Altera

#15 Social Distancing 101

Image credits: rabbitoncrack

The founder of the sub also values members who put in a bit of extra effort. One way that you can do this is to link the image to the original source, not just the source that reposted it somewhere else. Meanwhile, you can tag your post with flairs to help keep things orderly.

Lastly, the entire point of the sub is for everyone to have fun. Redditors are expected to follow the site’s reddiquette and to remember that they’re talking to human beings at the other end of the computer or phone.

#16 Restaurant Ordering Preferences Around Africa

Image credits:

#17 Railway Map Of Antarctica

Image credits:

#18 Are You Worth Kidnapping?

Image credits: GrandDukeZanggara

Redditors are pretty big fans of guides as a whole. For instance, the r/coolguides subreddit, another guide-centric online community, has over 3 million members, and you’re bound to enjoy it if you loved this list. A while ago, Bored Panda spoke to u/dadschool, the founder of that particular subreddit.

#19 Atomic Symbols vs. American States

Image credits: ncnotebook

#20 Was Recommended To Post This Here Instead Of /Coolguides

Image credits: olivedamage

#21 How To Send A Text If You’re A Grizzly Bear

Image credits: killerbunnyfamily

“I had a bit of a compulsive habit of saving every guide I came across on Reddit with the idea that I’d somehow reference it when I needed it later. There weren’t really any subs for general guides so I made one and uploaded all my guides at once. I think a lot of people have a similar affection for bitesize trivia and hoarding generalist knowledge,” he explained how he founded r/coolguides.

#22 A Better Bus Comparison

Image credits: Terminthem

#23 What The Fuck Is A Possum?

Image credits: SlurpyBanana

#24 Australia Is Big

Image credits: ear2theshell

As with most subreddits, the key to success is having a tight-knit moderator team. However, the bigger the community is, the bigger and better the team often has to be as well. With more members comes the increased threat of troll and harmful posts. Mods often have to balance real-life responsibilities with their volunteering online.

#25 Fahrenheit For Europeans

Image credits: RobinTheTactician0

#26 Comprehensive Guide To Catgirl Ears

Image credits: Birdy_Cephon_Altera

#27 How Carry Your Tea Cup In Style?

Image credits: Metrobuss

“I see the moderator role as more akin to a landscaper: pruning [troll] posts, removing harmful posts, and moderating for content diversity. Subscribers are much better judges of content quality and validity than moderators and I think it’s important to trust them in that role. I will admit, however, that the majority of guides I enjoy most myself rarely break 50/100 upvotes,” the founder of the 3-million-member sub explained that quality and popularity don’t always go hand in hand.

#28 Very Handy Baby Growth Guide

Image credits: StonyTark3000

#29 Nice Tits

Image credits: SteveJB313

#30 Told I Should Post Here

Image credits: agwastyle

The secret to a good guide is clarity. You have to make the layout orderly and accessible. The information you present has to be as concise as possible and easy to follow. Brevity, then, is your best friend! Guides aren’t supposed to be novels. Meanwhile, don’t be scared to reach out for help. Have a friend or a pro look over your guide and give some editing and proofreading advice. Everyone needs an editor!

#31 Top 12 States!

Image credits: MrsMozely

#32 The Pointer Sisters’ Mountain Of Excitement

Image credits: jdignon

#33 A Comprehensible Guide To Hybrid Meals

Image credits: M_rld

#34 How To Not Get A Ticket

Image credits: TecDeveloper

#35 Helpful Guide On Canada’s Provinces

Image credits: TragdorTheBurninator

#36 I’ve Seen A Lot Of Ufos Actually

Image credits: 198boblob

#37 Most Used Word In Each State

Image credits: rabbitoncrack

#38 Life Hack

Image credits: payden_cromwell

#39 Just Fuck My S**t Up

Image credits:

#40 Rocks Are Made Up

Image credits: snbrd512

#41 Guide To Breakfasts From Around The World

Image credits: rabbitoncrack

#42 Big Brain

Image credits: flameyboii

#43 Which Joker Is Your Favorite? I’m Partial To ‘89 Jack Nicholson

Image credits: SteveJB313

#44 Instructions On How To Prevent A Tick Bite (How To Fight Ticks In Original)

Image credits: lakmus85_real

#45 Graph Of The Number Of States In The Us Since 1969

Image credits: rabbitoncrack

#46 Is It A Valid Complaint Or Just Whining?

Image credits: SlurpyBanana

#47 Ah Yes, The 8 Simple Steps To Your Own Game Engine!

Image credits: agamemn-off

#48 Use Color Coordination To Improve Your PC

Image credits: rabbitoncrack

#49 A Map

Image credits: Mavsnash33

#50 Guide To Mispronounced Carmakers

Image credits: notbob1959

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