50 Funny Yet Helpful Pieces Of Advice That Might Become A Guiding Light For Any Tricky Situation

You will likely receive various advice as you grow older and meet new people, some of which may be very helpful and some, well, complete rubbish. There’s also another specter of advice, and that is funny advice. Call it absurd, hilarious, or a ton of bullcrap, but funny life advice is exactly what the doctor ordered. These words of wisdom could make you laugh, but they might also come in handy later on in life.

In fact, the web is full of pictures and memes with funny random advice that people simply run into going about their lives and decide that “aight, this is going on the internet.” It may be a spelling or punctuation mistake, a funny coincidence, a bit of advice that gains a whole new meaning when taken out of context, or perhaps a poster with funny advice about life or funny direction signs for the sole purpose of making those passing by have a chuckle. And well, follow the advice, obviously. Besides that, good funny advice is also a great marketing tool since people are more likely to remember and share something they found amusing!

Below, we’ve compiled a list of witty posts sharing the funniest life advice that, besides making you giggle, might come in handy at some point in your life. Liked any of these easter eggs spotted in real life? Then make sure to give them an upvote! What’s the best funny advice you have ever received? Any random life advice you heard that made you chuckle? Let us know in the comments!

#1 Southern Tips To Driving On Snow 

Image credits: rufiobangarang

#2 This Is Some Sound Life Advice

Image credits: LadyJane17

#3 Parking Advice

Image credits: Createddeleted

#4 Strong Advice From The Pavement

Image credits: Phlogistoned

#5 Some Tree-Some Advice From A Tree!

#6 Regular Everyday Advice

Image credits: Rakalimon

#7 Weekend Safety Brief

Image credits: psuedon

#8 The Nurse, During My Annual Wellness Check, Suggested At My Age I Should Have A Bar In The Shower. So I Took Her Advice

Image credits: aktivate74

#9 Helpful Advice

Image credits: DarkFlasher

#10 Our Local Pizza Place Gives Excellent Advice

Image credits: ObviouslyAnnie

#11 Yunosuke Is Wise Beyong His Years

Image credits: snowispretty

#12 Solid Life Advice From The Local Museum

Image credits: expressadmin

#13 The Best Advice You’ll Ever Get This Winter

#14 Advice For Beginner Yogaists

Image credits: killermasa666

#15 Found This In My Backpack After A Very Tough Few Weeks, Great Advice

Image credits: imgur.com

#16 Go To Sleep

Image credits: betterpromo

#17 Some Good Advice I Found In A Bathroom

Image credits: raym0ndv2

#18 The Washing Instructions For My New Pillowcase

Image credits: takeshisatoh

#19 Solid Life Advice

Image credits: cakummer

#20 A Box Of Presents Just Arrived From Home

Instead of a card I got this wonderful piece of advice from my mother, in the form of an embroidered pillow (which she made herself…I love my mom).

Image credits: cvkxhz

#21 Good Advice From This San Diego Pier

Image credits: imgur.com

#22 Valentine’s Day Advice

#23 Advice Probably Worth Taking

Image credits: gperlman

#24 Great Advice. Thanks Wegmans

Image credits: RedMike9

#25 Solid Advice

#26 My Hometown Gas Station Giving Advice To Kids For The 4th

Image credits: rj8532

#27 Never Take Diet Advice From The Local Chinese

Image credits: imgur.com

#28 I Gave This Advice To My Niece At Her Bridal Shower Tonight

Image credits: glittaknitta

#29 Got Married On Friday And My 11 Year Old Niece Left Me Great Advice!

Image credits: danshman

#30 If You See Someone Cry

#31 Surprisingly Good Advice

#32 My Beer Can Has Some Good Advice

Image credits: imgur.com

#33 That’s Good Advice. And Don’t Try To Play With The Dinosaur

Image credits: Mass1m01973

#34 Great Life Advice

Image credits: CaptainBlemo

#35 That’s Just Good Life Advice

#36 Oh Utah, You Have The Best Signs!

Image credits: JackTheScripter

#37 Health Advice

Image credits: imgur.com

#38 Solid Advice

Image credits: boardingpolock

#39 Good Looking Out

Image credits: CatVideoFest

#40 The Best Advice

#41 6th Grader Gives Surprisingly Deep Advice To Next Years 6th Grader

Image credits: imgur.com

#42 Office Dating Advice

Image credits: JoeSedealio

#43 That’s Some Solid Advice Right There

#44 Some Of The Best Advice I’ve Heard In A While

Image credits: imgur.com

#45 Best Life Advice In My Local Pub

Image credits: PinguTheBestPenguin

#46 Advice To Live By

#47 Unneeded Advice

#48 Sage Advice

#49 Life Advice From Ripndip

Image credits: imgur.com

#50 This Treadmill Was Giving Me Some Good Advice While Working Out Today

Image credits: Fjedjik

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Author: Justina Čiapaitė