Richard Branson once said, “opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.” He was mostly talking about business, but life is full of those moments where you can see the cards laid out perfectly to give you a win if you take a chance.

If you aren’t sure what I mean, then scroll down. Internet users gathered those moments when some designers, artists, or copy editors had to know what they were doing. So upvote your favorites, comment what you think must have been going through their heads and if you want more examples, Bored Panda has you covered, so find our other article on this topic here

#1 Shippers Knew

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#2 They Definitely Knew What They Were Doing…

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#3 Kevin Lasagna

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Many of the ideas here are cleverly, or not-so-cleverly hidden puns. As much as we groan at them, puns have a long, titled history. The ancient Greeks and Romans were aware of them as comedic templates, and indeed, the word pun itself has Greek origins, though that isn’t saying much when one considers all the Greek loanwords in English.

Often we associate puns with groan-worthy dad jokes, but even masters of the language, like Shakespeare, use them frequently. Shakespeare himself used over 3000 puns in his plays, significantly more than can be listed in this article. Indeed, until recently, pun use was seen as a form of literary sophistication. After all, puns require the knowledge that certain words have multiple meanings or similar-sounding counterparts. The writer must then also create the context where the reader or listener can understand which version is being referred to. 

#4 The Wasps That Built This Nest Knew What They Were Doing

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#5 It Was Well Worth It

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#6 That Resemblance Is Uncanny

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Now most non-visual jokes are a form of storytelling. There is a setup, normally of some information, then a punch line as a finisher. The setup should be vague enough that the punch is unexpected, which humans tend to find amusing. We like it when we are surprised, and often this is achieved by subverting certain expectations. Many of the jokes in this list work in a similar manner, we see lasagna puns in a Wikipedia article about a football player which is not where we expect Italian-food-based puns.

#7 The Scientists Had Fun Naming These

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#8 Big Cocks

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#9 Makes Sense

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So clever joke writers will use the setup to mislead us, so the punchline can be even more unexpected. Deadpan humor goes a step further by never acknowledging that there is a joke. Now the ability to confuse us isn’t always benign. Mall architects use this to great effect. Have you ever been in a store or mall where the layout and variety of options quickly overwhelmed you? More often than not, this design is intentional.

#10 Hee Hee

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#11 Oh Snap

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#12 Worth Every Penny

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This is called Gruen transfer or the Gruen effect. Retailers know that once a person has made the effort to come to a mall, they will probably spend some money. But if they can be confused or distracted, they will often visit stores they don’t need and spend money on things not part of their shopping list. This effect was named after Austrian architect Victor Gruen and, in a case of classic misdirection, he was highly opposed to the practice.

#13 It Intended To Be Fuji Mountain, Going To Be A New Meme

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#14 … When Selecting Wood Grain On Toilet Doors

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#15 They Took Her Jacket Off But Not His Arm… They Knew

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#16 Dad Totally Knew

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#17 4 Pictures, Side-By-Side In A Newspaper. They Knew What They Were Doing

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#18 Grab The What

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#19 Finally Found The Missing Part Of Apple

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#20 Ik Most Posts Here Are Sexual But

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#21 He Definitely Knew

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#22 They Definitely Knew. (My Friend Sent Me This)

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#23 The Graeme Clark Oration Award Indeed

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#24 Someone Thought Long And Hard About This

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#25 This Cannot Be An Accident!

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#26 They Had To Have Known

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#27 Hope I Got My Ticket

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#28 They Knew

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#29 Terry Knew

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#30 You Had One Job

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#31 How Many People Live Here And Have No Idea?

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#32 A Note From The Mailman

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#33 Noice

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#34 What Do You Guys Read?

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#35 Enough Said

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#36 Code Set By A True 8008 Appreciator

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#37 Felt This Belonged Here

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#38 The Costume Designers Must Have Known!!

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#39 Praise Be!

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#40 Good Old Grandma

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#41 Whoever Placed This Stand…

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#42 Couldn’t Possibly Be A Coincidence

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#43 Safety First!

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#44 Friendly Reminder

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#45 Everyone Loves Pizza

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#46 Hmmm

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#47 Eleanor Is Always Happy To Help Out

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#48 Norway’s Biggest Newspaper: “Sperm Bank Exploded.” “Sarah Swam For 54 Hours”

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#49 Geology Just Got A Lot More Exciting

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#50 What Is Happening Here?

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