Cats are notorious for bringing little sneaky gifts, often very gruesome, to their owners.

If you ever had a dead mouse brought to you by your clueless and loving furry friend, you know how it feels. And while you never asked for it, the gifts may leave you little option to say no.

It turns out that felines are far from the only generous critters. Dogs, aka the goodest bois and bestest gals, have also been bringing all kinds of stuff to their owners. Bored Panda has wrapped up this list of the funniest, most wholesome and plain weird pics of presents from pets.

#1 This Kitty Waits For The Flowers To Fall And Carefully Selects The Best Ones To Bring As Gifts To Her Owner

Image credits: alliesatwar

#2 My Dog Brought Me Her Favorite Toy When She Heard Me Crying In The Bath After A Very Stressful Day At Work

Image credits: justfearless

#3 He Hates Wearing This Hat, But He Brings It To Me Each Time He Sees I’m Sad Because It Makes Me Laugh When He Wears It

Image credits: spoopyskelies

We may like to think of our pets bringing these surprising gifts to us as a sign of their care, love, and generosity, but Yulia Popyk, the animal behavior expert from Emergency Pet Fund, told Bored Panda in an interview via email that this is not the case. This behavior, according to Popyk, is more likely due to a combination of instinct, training, and a desire for attention or rewards.

“In the case of cats, their natural hunting instincts can drive them to bring prey to their owners. This behavior is often seen as a form of ‘gifting’ or offering, and it can be a way for the cat to demonstrate their affection or to establish dominance,” Popyk said.

#4 I Was At Work And This Doggy Kept Dragging At My Pants And Brought Me To My Airpod That I Couldn’t Find For A Week. Thanks Doggy, Pat Pat

Image credits: Embarrassed_Cold4902

#5 Peepers The Blind Kitty Is So Proud Of The Gift He Brought Us From His Nightly Hunt

Image credits: haricotverts757

#6 My Golden Brings Me This Old Rug Every Time I Come Home To Wish Me A Warm Welcome

Image credits: poluplava

Meanwhile, in dogs’ case, the behavior of bringing things to their owners is often seen in breeds that were originally bred for hunting or retrieval, such as retrievers and spaniels. “These dogs have a strong instinct to retrieve and bring things to their owners, and this behavior can be further strengthened through training and positive reinforcement.”

Popyk argues that in both cats and dogs, “the behavior of bringing things to their owners can also be a way for the animal to seek attention or rewards, such as treats or praise. This reinforces the behavior and can lead to it becoming a habit.”

#7 My Dog Grabs Things Around The House And Brings Them To Me For A Treat. Today, He Somehow Got This

Image credits: MKnolly

#8 She Has Carefully Selected Each Leaf, Only Choosing Red Or Brown Ones, And Has Brought Them Inside One By One And Placed Them Outside My Bedroom. She Does This Every Day

Image credits: FelineGroovy1981

#9 Bonnie Put Her Favorite Toy On My Packed Suitcase. Oh Man, The Feels

Image credits: jayblesz

We also asked the animal behavior expert what makes cats bring mice, one of the most common gifts from a feline, to their owners. “Cats bring mice and other small prey animals to their owners as a way of showing affection and as a form of hunting instinct. Hunting is a natural behavior for cats, even for those that are domesticated and well-fed.”

Popyk continued: “By bringing prey to their owners, cats are essentially ‘gifting’ them and demonstrating their love and devotion. In the wild, cats hunt to provide food for themselves and their offspring, and this instinct remains strong in domesticated cats, even though they are no longer required to hunt for their food,” she said.

#10 The Best Part Of Waking Up Is Dog Toys In Your Cup

Image credits: heyredditheyreddit

#11 Butters Brought Me A Chicken Wing From Outside. It’s Still Warm. Where Did You Get This?

Image credits: mrcoldpiece

#12 Honey Likes To Bring Me Presents When I Get Home, Today She Really Outdone Herself

Image credits: darren86420

However, Popyk warned that it is not recommended to encourage this behavior, as it can pose a health risk to both the cat and its owner since wild animals can carry diseases. If a case like this occurs (better safe than sorry!), Emergency Pet Fund, an alternative to classic pet insurance, can come in handy. “Additionally, it is best to discourage this behavior as it can lead to the death of the prey animals, which can cause distress and ethical concerns,” she suggested.

#13 Been Feeding This Stray Cat For A Little Under A Year. Thought She Was Getting Fat. Turns Out She Had 3 Kittens And Brought Them To Me

Image credits: NoSteam97

#14 The Neighbor’s Cat Brings Me Jalapenos From My Garden. He’s So Proud, Good Kitty

Image credits: Gone333

#15 A Friend’s Cat Brings Him Mushrooms Every Day. No Mice, No Insects, Only Mushrooms

Image credits:

So if your beloved cat is bringing mice to you again and again, Popyk’s advice is to provide plenty of toys and interactive play. “Encourage your cat’s hunting instincts by providing them with plenty of toys, such as feather wands and mouse toys. Engage in interactive play with your cat every day to satisfy their urge to hunt.”

Another tip to teach your cat to not bring presents is to make sure they have enough food and stimulation available for them. “Make sure your cat is well-fed and has plenty of stimulation throughout the day. Bored cats may resort to hunting and bringing prey as a form of entertainment.”

#16 This Is Old, But I Threw Her A Stick And In Return She Brought Me A Railroad Beam. Sometimes She Finds Potatoes. She’s My Best Friend

Image credits: LashelleValentine

#17 Been In My Bed Sick All Day. Finally Opened The Door And Arthur The Cat Had Brought Me A Christmas Ornament From The Tree As A Gift

Image credits: HelpfulPhotograph185

#18 My Cat Has Been An Indoor Cat For Months. Today He Brought Me Back A Toy Snake

Image credits: Christinathenothuman

Owners should also discourage this behavior. “When your cat brings you prey, firmly but calmly tell them ‘no’ and remove the prey. Do not give your cat any attention, as this may reinforce the behavior,” Popyk said. Another important aspect is making sure your cat’s living environment is safe and secure, with no access to small animals that they can hunt. “This can help reduce their urge to hunt and bring you prey.”

#19 Meet Beast, Who’s Brought Me Pink Flowers For Seven Years Now

Image credits: ninjajandal

#20 My Dog Bowie Heard The Thunder Over Here And Instead Of Being Scared She Brought Me Two Of Her Toys To Make Sure I Wasn’t

Image credits: Nicksgaar11

#21 This Is My Boyfriend’s Office He Works Out Of From Home. Here Are All Of The Socks She Brought Up From The Basement To The Third Floor For Him Today

Image credits: hikingfortheviews

Popyk concluded by saying that if your cat’s hunting behavior is excessive, it’s best to seek advice from your veterinarian. “There may be an underlying medical condition that is causing your cat to behave in this way.” It’s also important to remember that it may take some time for your cat to break this habit, but with patience and consistency, you can train them to stop bringing you prey.

#22 Rocky, My Rescue From Cyprus. He Brings You A Blanket When You Get Home

Image credits: Significant-Tea5808

#23 Pupper Has Been Bringing Us Eggs Every Day That She Steals From The Wild Chickens

Image credits: aussiefrzz16

#24 I Completely Forgot It Was My Cake Day Until Crumpet Reminded Me With A Gift

Image credits: SoundVisionZ

#25 My Cat Has A Collection Of Bra Pads She Has Removed From My Bras, And She Does A Weird Meow While Delivering Me One Every Single Night

Image credits: evasloane

#26 She Likes To Carry Around Random Rags For No Reason

Image credits: kdiej

#27 My Girl Brought Me A Pencil While I Was Drawing. Looking Super Cute While Doing It Too

Image credits: xGoldenTigerLilyx

#28 My Parents Have A Pet Tortoise And He Walks Around The House. Today He Found A Chicken Nugget Under The Couch And Brought It To Them As A Gift

Image credits: dugdefuzz

#29 He Brought Me A… Tomato?

Image credits: tokyobandit

#30 While In The Kitchen My Cat Will Bring You Things In Exchange For Snacks

Image credits: Againthankyou

#31 Pup With A Present

Image credits: ramagelouis

#32 I Made A New Friend Today, He Brought Me A Gift

Image credits: I-Dig-Rocks

#33 Each Night While We Sleep Our Cat Searches The House For Small Gifts And Leaves Them At The Top Of The Basement Stairs

Image credits: GrinningDentrassi

#34 Pupper Brought You A Flower

Image credits: sezar4321

#35 Today I Sneezed Loudly And The Brin Immediately Brought Me Her Bone And Stared At Me Like This Until I Picked It Up

Image credits: dr_cl_aphra

#36 Hamilton Brings In Another Leaf

Image credits: ryankosterd7

#37 This Cat We’re Used To Feed Gave Birth A Few Days Ago And Today She Brought This Little Fella To Our Doorstep

Image credits: theincrediblebou

#38 My Dog Has Seen Me Work Out At Home Many Times Now, And Just Brought Me One Of My Dumbells

Image credits: YourNameWisely

#39 Woke Up This Morning To Find A Gift From The Cats. A Potato. This Is The First Time A Cat Brought Me Actual Food. Usually, It’s Toys Or A Stuffed Animal

Image credits: suki_daisy_johann

#40 My Dog Has A Habit Of Finding Lost Balls And Bringing Them Home

Image credits: EliteeI

#41 Good Girl Came To Check On Me After I Dropped Something Really Loudly In The Middle Of The Night… And Brought Me Gift Just In Case

Image credits: thefemaleronweasley

#42 My Dog Always Brings A Shoe Whenever I Get Home

Image credits: wibze

#43 Caught Mid-Air With Her Feather. She Brings One Home Every Few Hours

Image credits: fwward

#44 Milo Keeps Giving Me Gifts. He Found This One Buried In My Yard. I Have No Idea What It Unlocks

Image credits: Juuni0r_

#45 Here’s A Glimpse Of Everything She Brought Up Two Flights Of Stairs To Our Bedroom On Our First Night Back From Being Out Of Town

Image credits: hikingfortheviews

#46 My Puppy Brought Me A Leaf From Outside This Morning

Image credits: skywardgoron

#47 My Folk’s Dog Greets Me Every Morning With A Gift. Today It Was A Feather

Image credits: Doucherocket

#48 She Brings Me A Bouquet Every Morning

Image credits: FancyTeen

#49 I Threw A Tennis Ball, He Brought Back A Crab Apple. Close Enough, I Guess

Image credits: sweetoklahome

#50 My Dog Likes To Bring Me Socks Every Time I Come Home From Work. Today He Brought Me 4, Very Good Boy

Image credits: VegardStrom

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