If you’ve ever made something with your own hands, you know how invaluable that thing has become. All the effort, planning and failing, thinking and redoing, searching for perfection, and then realizing it doesn’t exist is something that makes a hand-knit scarf, a pair of socks, a book nook, or any other DIY thing very special.

The Reddit community known as “Something I Made” celebrates people’s efforts in creating their miscellaneous projects by showcasing the result and proving to us all that if we’d try, we could do it too.

Below we wrapped up some of the most beautiful and creative things people created, so upvote your favorite DIY projects as you scroll. Also, be sure to check out our previous feature with more posts from “Something I Made.”

#1 I Drew A Skeleton With Ballpen, Feedback Of Any Kind Is Appreciated

Image credits: UnusualSandwich7802

#2 I Made This Painting In Oil On Wood Panel

Image credits: GeneralPrestigious13

#3 I Made A Stained Glass Panel Of Swedish Chef For My Pantry Door

Image credits: yoyo138

We reached out to Elena Strelnikova, an artist who specializes in handmade knitting and member of the Something I Made subreddit. Her recent post of this ocean blue sweater she made caught everyone’s attention, with members of community praising her skill and talent.

“I really like to create something. When I was 9 years old, a neighbor who knitted a lot gave me a skein of yarn and showed me how to knit loops. Initially, it seemed very tedious and boring, but I wanted to knit something so much that I continued my crooked knitting until I knitted a whole scarf and was very proud of myself,” Elena, who goes as Soulartes on Reddit, recounted.

#4 I Made A Literary Quote Clock Out Of An Old Kindle – It Tells The Time Entirely With Real Book Quotes

Image credits: flyingalbatross1

#5 My Newest Drawing

Image credits: BensDrawings

#6 I Create Custom Needle Felted Pet Replicas From Photographs

Image credits: TwoFeltedFox

After neglecting knitting for twenty years, the artist refound her love of knitting when she got a dog. “It was my lovely Dina, who now has a few sweaters and overalls due to the cold winters in my area. Since then I have been knitting all the time,” Elena said, adding that knitting is her yoga and relaxation.

When asked about her signature handmade sweaters, Elena told us that they not only require a lot of time, but also a particular type of yarn and knitting skills. “This knitting technique is called entrelac and even a beginner can master it, and you can achieve the perfect result with experience,” she said.

#7 Made This Little Constellation Bat!

Image credits: killurconscience

#8 Made This Embroidery A Month Ago. I Like It So Much

Image credits: embroiderybynusik

#9 Told A Girl Im Seeing That I Can Carve A “Little”. She Said Sarcastically “Yes, For Sure You Can!” – So I Made A Box For Her

Image credits: kasspehr

For Elena, just like for many other members of the Something I Made community, the fact that she can create anything with her own hands is a special feeling. Moreover, since she lives in a cold region, “a warm sweater, hat and mittens are necessary.”

“I can knit things from natural, high-quality yarn that do not lose quality and appearance over the years. I have failures and sometimes I don’t knit for a long time, but when I get bored, I return to knitting again,” Elena told us. She also said that she loves it when her handmade things are worn by people in many countries of the world and it brings them joy.

#10 A Quilt I Made For A Friends Baby

Image credits: sneving

#11 I Made A Reversible Astronomy Hoodie!

Image credits: TrollShark21

#12 I Recently Knitted An Ocean Blue Sweater, My Favorite Colors

Image credits: soulartes

Right now, Elena is busy knitting a sweater with a polar bear face. “I have long wanted to master intarsia and jacquard,” she said.

For the beginners of knitting, Elena’s advice is to not be afraid and take on any project that they want. “Nothing is impossible. There is now a lot of free and paid information on the internet on how to learn to knit, master knitting techniques or knit a particular product,” she said. Check out Elena’s handmade creations on her website.

#13 An Acrylic Painting I Finally Finished Called “Valley Of The Disco Moon”

Image credits: Space_Velvet

#14 I Made A Möbius Loop Out Of Ash

Image credits: unwinding

#15 I Designed A Rattlesnake Pen Holder

Image credits: COPPERTISTWU

#16 Little Doll With Set Clothes And Wooden Rack

Image credits: OlgaMalikova

#17 I Made A 19th Century Costume To Be A Victorian Captain America. (Everything I’m Wearing, Down To The Corset And Petticoat Were Sew By Hand)

Image credits: ginniesue

#18 I Made These Multicolored Boots For My Client And He Loved It

Image credits: paulparkman

#19 A Month Ago I Put My Teeny Tiny Working, Watch Cufflinks On Reddit – And Reddit Blew Us Up!

Image credits: imraanio

#20 My Dad And I Built A Small House!

Image credits: Hearing_Choice

#21 I Just Finished My Little Robot. It Has An Unusual Color. It’s On A Wire Frame. Can Bend Arms And Legs

Image credits: TinyMiniToys

#22 This Is My Pencil Drawing Of Heisenberg, Hope You Enjoy It

Image credits: Rafael-Kunstler

#23 What Do You Think About Combined Handmade Techniques? For Example, I Crochet This Iguana In 3 Colors Of Threads, Than Painted And Made Clay Details

Image credits: ProfessionNo4436

#24 I Made This Painting Of How The Desert Felt To Me. This Is “Desert Magic”

Image credits: WildShannimal

#25 I Had A Dream That I Made Cottage Pie With Starry Night Mashed Potatoes And I Haven’t Been Able To Stop Thinking About It.. So I Present To You The Starry Night Cottage Pie

Image credits: Coopunder

#26 I Made Wooden Manta Ray Figure

Image credits: sdwoodwork

#27 Lumps Of Coal For The Naughty Made Of Clay By Me 🙂 They Have Butts Haha

Image credits: GakiVerse

#28 My Anatomical Tablet. The Goal Is To Tell The Child About What The Person Has Inside. I Don’t Have A Medical Education, Everything Was Done Just From An Anatomy Textbook, So If There Are Comments, I’ll Listen

Image credits: HappyToyHouse1

#29 Whale Shark Flask (And Cups)! One Of My Favorite Creations Even After A Year

Image credits: SnowyBrookStudios

#30 Moon Struck, Charcoal And Pastel Art By Me

Image credits: nobrakes1975

#31 I Have 7 Sisters And Every Christmas We Get Together. Since Childhood, We Gave Mom Gifts Made With Our Own Hands. I’m Looking Forward To Christmas And Have Prepared A Gift For My Mother. I Want Summer To Always Be With Her In The Cold Winter! I Made Her These Plates

Image credits: artglassceramic

#32 Made A Fridge Magnet For All My Fellow Adhd Friends

Image credits: tradstickydesign

#33 Lockdown Garden Bar Project

Image credits: IndividualAccident71

#34 Super Proud Of My Polymer Clay Snake Rings!

Image credits: Fimica

#35 Stained Glass Window I Made A Few Years Ago

Image credits: lizabelle513

#36 An Oil Painting Painted By Me

Image credits: Emptyhandedpain-ter

#37 I Made These Metal Insects

Image credits: mechamaster1900

#38 I Knitted Happy Sweater! Entrelac Technique Of Knit

Image credits: soulartes

#39 I Made A Spider Brooch

Image credits: SashaShelest

#40 A Handful Of Miniature Ceramic Horses I Have Been Working Recently. Hope You Guys Like It!

Image credits: Hannahporcelain

#41 A Skirt I Made From A Curtain I Got At Goodwill (Made The Blouse Too)

Image credits: ZetaMakesThings

#42 I Decided To Repeat My Favorite Lemon Plates In A Different Color. Which One Do You Like More – Green Or Red? Or Yellow Is Your Favorite?

Image credits: artglassceramic

#43 Ceramic Planters I Made

Image credits: crazyplantlady23

#44 Tangerines Handmade From Polymer Clay

Image credits: fairyclay_88

#45 A Needle Felted Ghostie For The Spooky Season

Image credits: djungelskog22

#46 Some Things I’m Really Proud Of Creating Recently

Image credits: MOASSincoming

#47 I Have Made The Perfect Tree Topper

Image credits: laughowl

#48 I’ve Been Making These Plant Shelves Recently Out Of Hand Planed And Sanded Wood

Image credits: JuneKat87

#49 I Made Some Hoodies From Wool Blankets

Image credits: kozak3

#50 Lately I Have Been Working On A New Set Of Pots. All Ready To Dry

Image credits: Rushsculpture

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Author: Gabija Saveiskyte