I’m a big believer in positive thinking. Here are some positive thoughts for songwriters that can help keep you moving forward and help you enjoy the journey.

1) The only person I have to beat is me.

If I continually work at writing a better song than I wrote yesterday, then I will someday be writing great songs.

2) I’m the only person who can make me give up on my dream.

No one else can stop me. It’s my choice whether I keep pushing forward and growing or give up.

3) I can do something today to improve my writing.

There are books to read, videos to watch on SongTown, classes to take. The possibilities are unlimited. I can learn something today that makes me better.

4) A major positive thought for songwriters: Getting a cut is not impossible.

It’s hard. But it’s far from impossible. If Marty and Clay can do it, there’s a good chance I can too.

5) I can choose to enjoy writing today whether or not I get a song cut.

The journey is half the fun (if not more). Worrying so much about succeeding with my music can steal all of the joy out the writing process.

6) At the end of the day, all that really matters is that I enjoyed writing and I’m proud of my song.

What other people think is secondary. I can be happy just knowing I created something I’m proud of.

7) I’m a lucky person to be able to create music.

Lots of people would pay a million dollars just to be able to write songs. Stay positive and write on! ~MD

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Author: Marty Dodson