A Little Mod Post About Conduct In This Sub

Hey everyone, I’m a new moderator of this sub, after being invited by u/mort-the-moose. I wanted to join this sub as primarily a force against hate and a force for productive and peaceful discussion. Please consider me this sub’s equivalent of a Diversity and Inclusion moderator. If you have any concerns about such subjects in this sub, feel free to message me. I’m new to moderating, and I intend to give it my best.

To be clear, this community is for the sharing of and discussion of poetry. And while we recognize that poetry can be political, this is not a political subreddit. Discussions should be centered on poetry.

Some things that will NOT be tolerated are:

• Racism.





Etc. We will not tolerate any hate speech, hateful discussion, or hatred and harassment toward any members of this community. We want to see productive discussion, but we don’t want to see threads devolve into ad hominem and hate. We welcome conversation, not controversy. We want to foster a community that shares the great variety of poetry written by human beings. We don’t want bickering and political speeches. If you don’t have anything productive and relevant to say about the poem or its poet, just keep scrolling.

One of the things mod u/mort-the-moose just added is a requirement for account age so that we can filter out bots and troll accounts. We are working to make this a civil, welcoming sub for anyone who wants to share and discuss poetry. To that end, I intend to more closely monitor controversial threads to make sure they don’t unravel into chaos. I’m here if any of you need me. If you see something, say something.

Let’s be good humans.

Thanks everyone.

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