Color Love | Yellow & Pinks

Yellow & Pinks Color Palette
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I love the brilliant yellow & pinks on these woven barn boards. This bold color palette with its range of pinks and just a hint of yellow creates a striking color combination and can add just enough interest to any design. Vibrant pink shades are trending right now so feel free to use this color palette to create something awesome!

Yellow & Pinks Color Palette

This color combination may look intimidating at first however, it is easier to use than you think! I have created a mood board featuring today’s combo to give you some ideas. It is in perfect Pinterest format, so feel free to pin it for later.

Color Love | Yellow & Pinks Color Palette

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What do you think about our yellow & pinks color palette? Where would you use it? I think it will look great both for interior design and digital arts. There are really no limits here. We would love to hear your thoughts, so make sure to share them in the comments below.

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If you like yellow accents in the design, make sure to check our WordPress Designs where you will find pre-made templates like the Daphne below.

Daphne WordPress Theme

If you prefer pink shades, make sure to check our planners!

Pink Life Planner 2022

Life Planner

Pink Blog Planner 2022

Blog Planner

If you create something using today’s color palette don’t forget to share it with us!

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