God of War Ragnarok: Why Brok Is Blue (& Sindri Isn’t)

The humorous dwarf brothers, Brok and Sindri, are set to return in the upcoming God of War Ragnarok. In the most recent God of War game, Brok’s blue skin became a question of intrigue for gamers. That is until Sindri revealed how it happened in a conversation with Kratos and Atreus.

Sindri and Brok are the only two blacksmiths that can upgrade Kratos’ and Atreus’ gear. They used to own a smithing business together but split up because of disagreements. Nonetheless, God of War’s Brok and Sindri use teleportation to set up forges at different points on the map so players don’t have to constantly travel far distances for upgrades. While at the forge, players can ask Sindri and Brok questions, and at one point, Atreus asks Sindri, “So how come Brok’s blue and you’re not?” The question seems rude – even to Kratos – but Sindri gladly tells the fledgling Atreus that Brok’s skin wasn’t always blue. He explains that Brok prefers forging with his bare hands, causing him to touch raw metals like silver, which caused his skin to turn blue. The chemicals in the silver have a strong reaction against dwarf skin, and Sindri says it changes the color “irreparably.” However, because Sindri is a germaphobe, he always wears gloves while forging because he’s afraid of the same result.

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The two Huldra brothers have uniquely different styles and tastes when it comes to forging God of War’s weapons. Brok claims he’s the more talented one, which is why he chooses to utilize his bare hands to craft rather than adhere to the usual forging practices. It allows him to be more in touch with his work, and he probably doesn’t mind that his skin has changed color, so long as his passion remains intact. In contrast, Sindri prefers to work more by the book – even mentioning how his brother got his blue skin makes him gag because it brings up all the peculiarities he finds detestable. However, Sindri’s more structured style doesn’t mean he lacks passion or knowledge about forging. Indeed, Sindri and his brother Brokkr are two of the most prominent smiths in all of Norse mythology; Santa Monica Studios changed Brokkr’s name to the shorter version, Brok, for God of War.

Although the brothers’ preoccupation during most of God of War centers around their differences, they find a common interest to reunify. Their newfound partnership will likely continue in God of War Ragnarok, as the reveal trailer has shown them together at a forge. As Ragnarok approaches, they must help equip Kratos and Atreus with strong gear. God of War only touched on some of the weapons and armor that Brok and Sindri can make. Together, they’ve crafted some of the most incredible, godly weapons in all nine realms, like Thor’s hammer and the Leviathan Axe. It’s reasonable to believe that God of War Ragnarok‘s new weapons and armors will have their own unique elements and attributes.

Brok’s unorthodox methods, which resulted in him getting blue skin, and Sindri’s excessive worries about peculiarities contrast together to signify their competing philosophies. However, when they come together, the battlefield is altered in favor of Kratos and Atreus, who’s still learning from his father. If the father-son duo is going to stop the approaching doom, the dwarf-brother duo will have to stay unified in God of War Ragnarok.

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Author: Preston Pearl