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While exploring the Sorcerer’s Lab during the quest “Where This All Began” in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, CJ and her allies are confronted by Hurtswine, a high-ranking Empire Imperial who made a pact with Isha’s father. The encounter with this Imperial and his group of minions serves as the lead-up miniboss fight before the final boss battle in the game. Therefore, defeating Hurtswine in combat is mandatory for progressing through the story and reaching the Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising‘s conclusion.

The Hurtswine miniboss battle in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising begins with the Imperial and his goons charging the player. Several quick attacks should take down the adds without issue, as they have a minuscule amount of HP. However, Hurtswine will begin spinning a bola for several moments before hurling it at the player. The projectile can be dodged by jumping into the air, but those who fail to leap in time will become bound to the ground, during which they briefly can’t move. Accordingly, it’s important to observe his non-armed hand for any spinning animations.

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Another attack that Hurtswine will execute is a backflip knife throw. During this move, the boss will flip backward and hurl two sets of knives at CJ and her allies. These knives have a very long range and can potentially cover the arena. To avoid the blades, players are advised to switch to CJ and perform her quickstep dodge.

Keep in mind that although Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising fans bested Hurtswine’s minions at the start, he is able to occasionally summon another during the battle. Since the two enemies can become quickly overwhelming for players, it is recommended that the protagonist swiftly take down the add first before focusing on Hurtswine again.

Hurtswine will also perform a spinning sickle slash, during which he’ll wind up for a brief moment and send out his weapon in a single direction, damaging anyone at ground level. This attack can deal a lot of damage, so be sure to jump when the time is right. Hurtswine moves extremely quickly, making it tricky to avoid his abilities in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, even with the flashing red indicator. If adventurers are inflicted with “Bind” and get knocked back, it is advised players switch to Isha and use her ranged attacks to retaliate. Furthermore, another practical strategy for defeating Hurtswine in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is continuously executing Link Attacks to stunlock him in a corner. This tactic will cause the boss to be unable to perform any attacks until the Link Attack is over, giving players an ideal moment to deal massive damage.

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Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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Author: Ethan Webb