How to choose the perfect website or blog design?

You often ask me how to choose a design for your blog or website. At first glance, it may seem easy – you pick what you like. However, once you start browsing possible options, you quickly realize that there are many possibilities, and you aren’t sure which one will be perfect for you. In this short guide, I will walk you through the most common choices to help you choose a design for your blog or website.

Pick a Platform

Before you can even pick a design, you need to have a blog or website or at least a plan for one. You can’t skip this step because not only do you need a place to install your new design, but you also need to know your blogging platform. Each design is built differently, and designers usually create themes only for specific platforms. For example, we only work with Blogger & WordPress.

Always make sure you are buying a design for the platform you use!

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How to choose a design for a blog or website

No matter which platform you use, there are two main categories of designs that you should consider: premade and custom designs.

Premade Design

Premade design is a theme already created once you visit a design shop. It can be easily compared to clothes. You can find cheaper, lower-quality clothes from fast fashion stores and expensive designer pieces sold only in one copy. Same with premade designs. However, it doesn’t mean that the more affordable themes are worse. If you buy a premade theme, there is a higher chance that other bloggers will also use the design you pick. Because of that, you may find two websites that look similar or even the same. There is nothing wrong with that; however, if you build an online brand, you may want your site to be unique.

With our Premade designs, we offer color and logo changes for a small fee to give you an option of a unique look without ruining your budget.

Browse our WordPress Premade Themes and Blogger Templates.

What should you check when buying a premade design:

  • Is the design installation included with the design price?
  • What additional features premade design offer?
  • Will you be able to get support from the theme authors if you mess something up?
  • Is this design-build for my current platform?

Don’t hesitate to contact design authors first! If they do not respond, it is definitely a red flag!

What budget should I prepare?

It depends on the platform you use. Our Blogger premade designs are just $15 each, and WordPress themes are $99 (and that includes installation and set-up!)

How fast can I get it done?

Again, it depends on the platform and your requests. For example, buying a theme and asking a designer to recolor it for you will make the process a little longer. The general waiting time is 1-7 days.

Pros and cons of premade designs:

  • affordable
  • quick
  • great for beginners
  • not unique
  • may not fit all your needs

Custom Design

If you are looking for something truly unique, you may consider getting a custom design made, likely with the help of reputed and reliable Website Companies or professionals. It may be a great experience to get a theme created exclusively for you based on your instructions and needs. It may be on the higher end, so you should have a budget of at least $1500-2500 ready. The result will be way worth it, however.

We can not speak for every company; however, here at Designer Blogs, we do our best to make our client’s vision live. You can read highlights of some of our custom design stories by visiting posts about La Cooquette, Chew Chew Mama, and more!

What should you check when buying a custom design:

  • What is included in the design price?
  • Are there any extra costs you should be aware of?
  • Will you get a custom logo, or will it cost extra?
  • Is this design-build for my current platform?

Always talk with the designer before purchasing to ensure you have answers to all those questions.

What budget should I prepare?

Custom design prices can be extremely different. Our custom designs usually cost around $2000, but we try to adjust the prices depending on the customer’s request. I strongly believe there is no need to pay for things you will not use, so what’s the point of charging you for creating a shop if you plan to have a blog only 🙂 It is also why we do not have custom design prices listed on our site. If you would like to get a quote, fill out the form on the customs service page. Such design consultations are 100% free on our site.

How fast can I get it done?

It can take from two weeks to a few months to create a custom design. Since it is built just for you, all the additional requests or changes will make the process longer. Usually, we have the website ready within a month, with all the revisions and design installation on your website.

Pros and cons of custom designs:

  • unique
  • build to work for you
  • fits all your needs
  • may be expensive
  • waiting time is longer

So, which one is better?

The main factors will be your budget and needs. If you are starting, I would recommend a premade design as, at that point, you do not really know what you may need for your site (and it is entirely normal!). Start with something cheap, and later, when your brand will grow, get yourself a custom design that checks all the boxes.

If you already have a brand and know what it needs, and your budget is high enough – get a custom. It should last years, and if done well – it will work for you and help you grow.

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I hope this guide explains how to choose the design for your blog. We offer free website consultations and are always here to help! If you are still unsure and have any questions feel free to drop them in the comments or contact us via our contact form.

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