It’s all about the perspective. Without photography to challenge, excite, and inspire us, the world would be a far sadder and darker place. It warms our hearts to know for a fact that the world is filled to the brim with photography enthusiasts—amateur and veteran alike. We wouldn’t be Bored Panda if we didn’t give beautiful and original photos their time in the spotlight now, would we?

That’s where the ‘I Took a Picture’ (ITAP) online group comes in. A community numbering over 4.1 million users, r/itookapicture is a subreddit that is dedicated to giving and getting feedback on original photography. The photos that these redditors post are ridiculously good, and we wanted to share some of the best ones with you today, dear Pandas. They’re powerful. They’re a bit unusual. And they are so beautiful, they might just inspire you to dust off your old camera (or wipe off your smartphone lens).

Scroll down to see the best of the best, upvote your fave pics, and be sure to write a friendly comment or two to let everyone know what exactly it was that you like about the photos.

Bored Panda got in touch with professional photographer Dominic Sberna, from the United States, for a chat about developing confidence in your skills, whether it’s still possible to create original work, and how to deal with harsh criticism. The photographer pointed out that taking active steps in honing your craft, without overthinking, is a vital component of success. Your confidence in your work will grow alongside your skills.

#1 Sometimes Working Night Shifts Has Rewards!

Image credits: seagull_smuggler19

“Just get out and shoot. Simple as that,” pro photographer Dominic urged amateurs to go out and be active. It’s the perfect antidote to feeling shy or anxious about sharing your work with others. Your confidence will grow over time.

“You gotta get your feet wet somehow. If you’re able to find someone who is experienced to mentor you, that could help too, but isn’t as important as expressing yourself through your art,” he said.

#2 I Cannot Believe I Caught This

Image credits: purefunk45

#3 ITAP Of A Sunset And A Powerline Over 2 Hours

Image credits: ayitsphotography

The photographer feels like it’s “absolutely” possible to create original works of art in this day and age. “If it’s your work, it is original,” he said.

Nonetheless, some photographers might feel that their shots aren’t original ‘enough.’ It’s perfectly valid to have these feelings. However, you shouldn’t discount what you have to share with the world.

“Now, one may draw inspiration from many places, so long as you’re not straight up plagiarizing something, you’re all good,” photographer Dominic told Bored Panda.

“Being one’s unapologetic self, is about the most original thing can do in a world where everything is canned and packaged.”

#4 ITAP Of My Son In Snow Light

Image credits: Awiworld

#5 ITAP Of A Firework Behind An Old Tree

Image credits: mtojay

#6 ITAP Of My Dog!

Image credits: USER-1434

As for dealing with someone criticizing your work, the pro photographer suggests that you take all comments with a grain of salt.

“Even if you don’t like what is being said, remember every critic has their own thoughts and opinions. They might tear your work down for reasons entirely unrelated to your work and it’s more a personal matter that they don’t like,” he explained.

“I’ve seen that happen before. So, if it’s constructive, use that information to improve. If it’s not constructive, don’t worry about it.”

#7 Saw A Squirrel Eating A Strawberry Off A Fork On My Way To Class

Image credits: Splooorky

#8 ITAP Of A Building Reflected On A Shattered Mirror On The Street

Image credits: rgaya

#9 ITAP Though A Moving Subway Carriage On A NYC Visit On Memorial Day A Year Or So Ago. Total Fluke Shot On A Phone Camera

Image credits: speilo17

The ‘I Took a Picture’ subreddit is as massive as it is ancient. Created in the mid-summer of 2009, it has grown to house several million members from across the world in the 13+ years since.

It’s an online group that is focused on photography techniques and styles. Redditors can post their work on the sub and ask for critique. They can also browse the community to learn a bit about how specific techniques are achieved. In short, it’s a great way to up your photography game and give you deeper insights into all of the technical stuff behind each gorgeous snapshot of reality.

The group is very community content-oriented. Originality and engagement are rewarded. Meanwhile, dishonesty is punished. You can check the subreddit’s FAQ for a detailed account of how their rules work.

But one of the essential things to keep in mind is that if you pretend that you’ve taken a specific photo when in fact you’ve stolen it from someone else, then you’re going to have a very bad time. You can get permanently banned from r/itookapicture if you do stuff like that.

#10 ITAP Edinburgh Castle Surrounded By Fog

Image credits: adambulleyphoto

#11 ITAP Of A Beautiful Tree Growing Inside Of An Abandoned Silo While I Was Exploring

Image credits: runswithjello

#12 ITAP, Only One

Image credits: S1moneyvG

Look, we get it: who doesn’t enjoy getting attention and praise on the internet, right? However, there’s absolutely no excuse for lying about the fact that you took a photo when someone else is the original author. Crediting photographers and content creators is an important part of acting civilized on the internet. If that breaks down, well… it’d be hard to trust absolutely anyone online.

Besides, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of sharing your own work (your heart, racing) and asking for some insights from strangers. If you’re open to their criticism, it might be an opportunity for you to greatly improve your skills. You might realize that a certain aspect of your art really resonates with the audience—something that you may not even have thought about.

On the flip side, you might suddenly come to the conclusion that what you thought totally worked in your photos is actually a weakness that you may need to overcome. Putting yourself out there and absorbing constructive criticism (the keyword here being ‘constructive’) is useful for anyone who is involved in creative processes. Whether as a hobby or professionally.

#13 ITAP Of Static Electricity Between Two Fingers

Image credits: Sivll

#14 ITAP Of My Kiddos And The Comet

Image credits: msgeko

#15 Cute Snowflake Perched Perfectly On My Glasses

Image credits: Nuraar

The moderator team points out that the subreddit isn’t the place to post any paintings, illustrations, or heavily altered images. In other words: photos only. There is a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism, and if you have any concerns regarding this, be sure to reach out to the mods.

#16 ITAP Of Both Sides Of A Neon Sign In NYC

Image credits: viciousdv

#17 ITAP Of Dragging Fingers Over Dew On Roof Of Car

Image credits:

#18 ITAP Of Two Hikers In The Alps

Image credits: anshul119

Submitters are encouraged to participate in the discussion beneath their posts. “Whether it’s a photographer asking the community at large what they could have done better, or users asking how to achieve a look or effect, posters are expected to contribute to the comments section and keep the discussion on-topic.”

#19 ITAP On New Years Eve

Image credits: amybonforte

#20 ITAP Of My Wife With A Fishbowl On Her Head In Front Of Our TV

Image credits: jerseykin

#21 ITAP Of My GF At Hsinbyume Pagoda In Myanmar

Image credits: FishMonkeyCow

Moreover, there’s a general expectation that posters should aim for quality. “Your photo should be well-composed, have an obvious subject, feature good use of color/tone and/or texture, have interesting lighting, and make purposeful use of depth of field,” the team running the subreddit explains.

#22 ITAP Of Myself Lying Between Two Lakes In South Australia

Image credits: rapgraves

#23 ITAP Of A Red Bell Pepper

Image credits: SamStephens

#24 ITAP Of A Crystal Ball On A Sand Dune

Image credits: hockeymisfit

On Mondays, aka Mona Lisa Mondays or MLMs, members are allowed to post photos “with a primary focus on one person staring, looking or thinking, without any other interesting action.”

Meanwhile, “Photos of people in a state of action, reaction or interaction, or share their focus with an interesting setting or background, employ some unique photography technique or have exceptional/atypical styling (hair, makeup, studio setups) are not subjected to this rule and are allowed throughout the week.”

#25 ITAP Of Train Tracks At Sunset

Image credits: Rose7pt

#26 ITAP Of Someone Crossing The Street In San Francisco

Image credits: BusyRunninErins

#27 ITAP Of A Man And His Dog In The Fog

Image credits: langshot

Anyone criticizing other people’s work has to be diplomatic. In other words, go for constructive criticism. You’ve got to structure your feedback and note how you’d improve it. The essence is on helping everyone improve their work. However, the photographers themselves should try their best not to take offense to negative feedback.

#28 ITAP Of A Storage Building

Image credits: matts1320

#29 ITAP Through A Bench

Image credits: lenkellui

#30 ITAP Of My Brother Fishing In The Fog During The Golden Hour

Image credits: asria

“Understanding your mistakes and shortcomings is the best way to overcome them in future work,” the mods note. And it’s this bit right here that lies at the core of turning otherwise good pics into great, globally renowned photography.

#31 ITAP Of A Ship Frozen In Ice

Image credits: kot0vich

#32 ITAP Of The Wing Scales On A Butterfly

Image credits: hairy_quadruped

#33 I Took A Picture Of A Window With Rain On It And It Looks Like A Planet Surrounded By Millions Of Stars

Image credits: norfo

#34 ITAP Of A Balloon Passing Over Us

Image credits: matthieuchabert

#35 ITAP Of A Bush

Image credits: safcbullyjr

#36 ITAP Of A Ship

Image credits: derryainsworth

#37 ITAP Of My Diving Instructor Reaching The Surface

Image credits: nilolium

#38 ITAP Of My Coffee Cup With The Reflection Of A Lamp

Image credits: drobertgj

#39 ITAP Of A Departing Aircraft

Image credits: Jimmy_Scrambles

#40 ITAP Of My 2 Friends At The Museum Of Modern Art, Chicago

Image credits: resh510

#41 ITAP Of Strangers, Lovers, And A Family

Image credits: kmyfrks

#42 ITAP Of My Girlfriend In South Iceland

Image credits: havefundiscovering

#43 ITAP Of The Super Blue Blood Moon

Image credits: derekrliang

#44 ITAP Of A Shadow

Image credits: Roverprimus

#45 This Cold Weather Phenomenon Today In Fairbanks, Alaska

Image credits: CheesePlank

#46 ITAP After A Tornado In Gum Creek Tennessee

Image credits: DBVickers

#47 ITAP Of The Bridge To Heaven

Image credits: topshelf323

#48 ITAP Of A Spiderweb On A Traffic Light

Image credits: Koalaguts

#49 ITAP Of Myself In A Car At Night

Image credits: Historical-Engine906

#50 ITAP Of The Sunset Inside An Almost Empty Plane

Image credits: triptoverona

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