Saw a funny meme? Screenshot. An uncanny coincidence of something on your phone? Screenshot. Can’t believe what Jennifer just posted? Screenshot, screenshot, screenshot!

One can summon the finger combination needed to save an image on a screen nearly instantaneously. That just goes to show how much of an automatic action it has become. It allows us to share images with people and avoid the need for long explanations or descriptions that might suck the fun out of certain situations. (Kind of like when you have to explain a joke.)

The images from the r/screenshots subreddit sure need no description. Ranging from funny snippets of conversations to comical layouts, these gems speak for themselves. Scroll down for Bored Panda’s list of some of Reddit’s finest or check out these screenshots of Tinder conversations likely to be equally as amusing.

#1 Number Neighborhood

Image credits: __CarmenSanDiego__

Screenshots cater to people in numerous ways. They can work like pages of a notebook with reminders of places to visit or events to check out. Sometimes they become your assortment of jokes (that you have seen, liked, and borrowed) for the next time you’re trying to impress a bunch of friends with your wit. From time to time, you might even use screenshots to prove your point in a discussion or spread the news about something. 

These are only a few instances that prove how convenient it is to be able to take pictures of your screen. In addition to that, it allows you to do so on nearly any application or website. Taking a screenshot is sometimes the only possible way to copy or save information.

#2 This Is Needed!

Image credits: Mr-Irrelevance

#3 Big Ooof

Image credits: madhatterwitch2001

Saving information in a screenshot is undoubtedly very convenient. However, it is worth remembering that, in certain cases, it might not go unnoticed. Certain applications inform the author of whatever it is that you’re taking a picture of, so you don’t go screenshotting and sharing others’ information without their knowledge.

This often happens with pictures shared in private messages. Some applications—Instagram or Snapchat, for instance—alert the sender if the recipient takes a screenshot of a picture they’ve sent.

#4 A Sheet

Image credits:

#5 Well, Reddit?

Image credits: TrashClear483

The likelihood of your content being screenshotted is never zero. That is why it is extremely important to evaluate everything you want to share online before doing so. Once it goes live, there is no way to delete it. 

Even if you remove the content from your profile, someone somewhere might have already saved their screen with your statements on it, and it’s up to them now whether to share it or not. That might create a chain reaction and your content might end up being shared even if it was online just for a mere minute.

#6 It Be Like That

Image credits: L8nighttalk25

#7 This Is From New Years 2017 Going Into 18, But This Still Makes Me Smile Every Time I Revisit It. I Texted My Dads Phone Number On New Years, Drunk And Sad. And I Honestly Didn’t Expect To Get A Response

Image credits:

#8 Around The Globe

Image credits: jungqama

Screenshots often work great as proof in certain situations. Everything said and done can be saved as a picture, which often states names, dates, locations, and other useful information. Whether it works for your own good or dooms you for your behavior, it encourages people to take responsibility for their actions.

#9 He Had Us In The First Half

Image credits: targetsamrat

#10 Humanity: We Have Problems

Image credits: Bloody-Legendz

#11 Car Son

Image credits:

It is not only such data as names, dates, and content that might be useful in certain cases. Screenshots provide important metadata as well, which allows people to delve deeper into specific situations if needed. 

For instance, accessing the metadata of screenshots using specific tools provides more information and context on when the content was shared, seen, etc. It can work as evidence and help while solving crime or analyzing misconduct.

#12 5 Hours Crafts

Image credits: tf_happens

#13 The Normal Response ?

Image credits: TrufflesTheCat

#14 Reddit Is Meta Again

Image credits: zoidbergenious

With the current rate of technological advancement, screenshots are becoming a universal data format that can be relatively easily analyzed with the help of machine learning.

#15 He’s Not Wrong

Image credits: Hairy_McClairy

#16 Puffer Puffer Pass

Image credits: bleach_on_the_rocks

#17 Okk

Image credits: _OhhSam_

Advancements in technology can also ease the process of data entry. With the optical character recognition (OCR) process, it is possible to extract the text, numbers, and other information provided in the screenshot and save time as there is no need to enter the data manually.

#18 Why Was The Egg Banned?

Image credits: TrufflesTheCat

#19 Legend

Image credits: RobRaziel

#20 Right In The Feels

Image credits: freakytahz

Another interesting application of AI is using it to classify website screenshots. The Urlbox team developed a model that classifies screengrabs at nearly 99% accuracy, which can later be analyzed to help ameliorate the user experience.

#21 Hmm

Image credits: Hasch_wald

#22 An R/Askreddit Post Answered Itself

Image credits: All_the_glitter

#23 Your Joking Right?

Image credits: kaylee3005

Screenshot-related technology was also developed by a team of interns at Microsoft. They used AI to create a tool that allows them to retrieve image intelligent insights just from a screenshot alone.

#24 That’s When You Know They Have Lost It

Image credits: TrufflesTheCat

#25 Its Over 9000

Image credits: economgical

#26 I Can’t Even Begin

Image credits: jeannesawyer

Screenshotting can undoubtedly be fun and useful, however, it is important to think about what should be shared and what’s better kept to yourself. A lot of information is already readily available to the public, such as Jennifer’s post in the chat room or some pictures on social media. But some people screenshot texts and other private content, which should not be shared with the vast majority.

#27 I Love These Types Of Comments Man!

Image credits: JohnnyJohnnie

#28 I Mean Technically He’s Right

Image credits: NotAMoron2

#29 Watermelons Having Better Social Life Than Me

Image credits: tf_happens

How many times have you scrolled your phone and stumbled upon something rather unusual or entertaining? Unusual enough to require a screenshot for others to believe (pics or it didn’t happen!) or so entertaining that it’s definitely worth creating an email chain about. This only proves that some screenshots speak louder than a thousand words.

#30 Oh My God

Image credits: jeannesawyer

#31 Try It!

Image credits: Mars2050orbust

#32 Well That Escalated Quickly

Image credits: DarkLordLives

#33 Not A Ww3 Related Post

Image credits: lorven97

#34 What Are The Odds

Image credits: Depression-R-Us

#35 Where’s The Lie

Image credits: mrwnomega

#36 Albert

Image credits: emily_jinkies

#37 Thats So Sad

Image credits: matthew777779

#38 Problem???

Image credits: contagiousthought

#39 Now Get Ready For

Image credits: Gravidi

#40 Dear Bire

Image credits: shaykirouise

#41 He Do Be Lookin Fresh Doe

Image credits: CosmicRift27

#42 No?

Image credits: jungqama

#43 Self Burn

Image credits: josephusdewaterloo

#44 Big Brain Time

Image credits: targetsamrat

#45 ??

Image credits: Ssquishh

#46 Well

Image credits:

#47 Good. Old. Days

Image credits: L8nighttalk25

#48 Bruh

Image credits: graallzone

#49 Doxxing

Image credits: Gloomy_the_outer_god

#50 Where Can I Find Top Quality Dog Content?

Image credits: notdarylsalinas

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