I don’t know how many times each week I hear the words “It’s impossible”. The ridiculous part of it all is that the things they are saying are “impossible” are not impossible at all. Well, let’s just do a little songwriting myth busting!

“It’s impossible to get a song cut if you don’t live in Nashville, New York or LA.” 

False. Lance Sims, a Songtown member, lives in Washington State and got a cut on an artist on a major label that I wrote WITH and still didn’t get a cut on. Therefore, it’s HARD, but far from impossible.

Let’s do some more songwriting myth busting! “It’s impossible to get a song cut unless you write it with the artist.”

False. I’ve had six #1 songs. One was written with the artist. Out of 10 top forty hits, 2 were written with the artist. Out of more than 90 cuts, less than 5 were written with the artist. So, writing a great song often trumps writing with the artist.

It's Impossible: More Songwriting Myth Busting - SongTown

“It’s impossible to get a cut if you are over XX years old.” 

False. My friend Bill Anderson is in his late 70’s and is still writing great songs and getting cuts. People don’t care how old you are if you write a HIT song. How’s that for songwriting myth busting!

“It’s impossible to make money in the music business anymore.”

False. I wrote for a company that is returning more than 30% per year on their investor’s money – in the music business.

Is it HARDER now to make money? Yes. Do you have to be creative now to make money? Yep. Impossible? No. Is it hard to succeed in the music business? Yes. It’s hard to succeed in ANY business. Especially in a NEW business that you’ve never worked in before. Don’t listen to the naysayers. Those voices will only discourage you. Instead, chart out what you want to achieve. And make a plan. Work hard and work smart. And you might just achieve the “impossible.”

Write on! MD

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Author: Marty Dodson