Joker: Folie A Deux isn’t set to release until October 2024, yet fans are still in an uproar over all the details being revealed. One of the most exciting things revealed by the trailer is that Lady Gaga will be playing Harley Quinn in the film.

There had been speculation over whether Margot Robbie would reprise her role as Harley, but the studio elected to keep the Joker franchise separate from the DCEU. As the latest actress to take on the Quinn role, Gaga joins a long list of accomplished actresses who have fallen for and then dumped the Joker.

Suicide Squad may not have landed well with fans or critics, but Margot Robbie played one of her best roles as Harley Quinn in the film. Robbie fully embodied the insanity of Harley while keeping the comedic value at an all-time high. Her ability to deliver Harley’s perfectly timed comebacks and sass improved the movie.

Robbie also delighted fans with her portrayal of Quinn in Birds of Prey, growing Harley’s character and bringing more of the comic book details to the screen for fans to enjoy.

For the past three seasons of Harley Quinn, The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco has voiced Harley. While Cuoco doesn’t take on Harley’s Brooklyn accent, she brings a new edge to the character with her explicit language and sense of humor.

Cuoco takes on many elements of past Harley’s and perfectly blends them to create a character that is all her own. The series allows fans to see a new side of both Cuoco and Harley that fans haven’t experienced before.

Even though she wears the same outfit as Suicide Squad Harley, Margot Robbie does not voice Harley in The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part. However, Harley is voiced by another Margot. Margot Rubin plays the Lego version of Harley but doesn’t give her the iconic New York accent.

Harley plays a small role in this film but helps expand the DC elements that are woven into the story. Rubin’s take on Quinn is one of the shortest appearances of Harley in her many shows and films.

Some versions of Harley have only been voiced or played by certain actresses one time or for a few brief moments. In this case, Sirena Irwin has a few lines as the innocent Harleen Quinzel in Batman vs. Two-Face, where she gave the character all the characteristics fans expect from Harley.

Mia Sara played a toned-down version of Harley on the Birds of Prey TV show that fans have since forgotten. Grey Delisle played yet another Lego version of Harley in Lego Batman The Video Game, and Janyse Jaud played a stylized version of Harley in Batman: Black and White, but her character received minimal screen time.

Jenny Slate’s version of Harley took a unique mix of who Harley was as the Joker’s loyal companion and her role as his psychiatrist in Arkham Asylum before she became evil. Slate was another actress who chose to stick with her voice rather than use Harley’s well-known Brooklyn accent and high-pitched voice.

This take on Harley was saner than others and had less comedy based on her quips but focused on Harley being the most competent person in the room.

Post’s version of Harley Quinn is less of a companion and more of a boss in her criminal enterprise. This Harley was no-nonsense but also smart enough to get what she wanted by acting less intelligent than she was to get the men in her life to do her bidding.

Post made Harley sound more like a 1940s New York mobster which was something that had never been done with the character. Post’s Harley pulled no punches and is easily one of the most villainous portrayals of the character.

Another The Big Bang Theory star to voice Harley Quinn was Melissa Rauch, who plays Bernadette. Rauch’s voice is unmistakable, and even with the added Harley flourishes and accents, it is clear to anyone who has heard Rauch speak that she is the one behind the mask this time around.

Rauch utilized Harley’s humor as a defining element of her performance. With so many different versions of Harley coming about in 2017, Rauch had stiff competition but was unique enough to make her portrayal memorable.

DC Super Heroes vs. Eagle Talon is often forgotten when it comes to discussions surrounding DC and Harly Quinn. However, the film is still worth noting in Harley’s history as this movie is the first and only time a non-white actress has ever voiced Harley Quinn.

Given that the film was not released in English, it stands to reason that Harley wouldn’t have any American accent. However, Kang Ji-Young still made the character witty and have a sense of humor that is naturally Harley.

Laura Bailey played another Lego version of Harley in 2013’s Lego Batman: The Movie – DC Superheroes Unite. Bailey’s version of Harley sounded more like an old Hollywood actress than a super villain but added an element to the character that contrasted her from Poison Ivy and Catwoman in the film.

Unlike the other Lego Harley, this one was a more classic take on the character as she wasn’t providing mental support for Joker but was one of his evil allies.

Stange’s version of Harley Quinn sounded more like Betty Boop than the usual voice fans are used to, which made sense given that she was portraying Harley as a 1920s-style flapper.

Even though this version of Harley only appeared in one episode of Batman The Brave and The Bold, Harley left a mark on the show given her new look. This Harley had serious fighting skills, and the damsel-in-distress act down to a science, but in the end, Batman still foiled her plans.

While there are unpopular opinions about Harley Quinn, fans can agree that Tara Strong is one of the best to voice the character. Strong captures many of the same elements of the character’s voice as the original version played by Arleen Sorkin.

While her voice is a bit higher, there is an apparent similarity between the two that make them almost indistinguishable in specific settings. Strong is one of the most used actresses when it comes to playing Harley.

Hyden Walch is another voice actress that fans will easily recognize in the role of Harley as she plays her almost as often as Tara Strong. Hyden has a bit of a twist on how she voices Harley but still keeps the classic elements that make the character iconic.

Walch has played Harley in both the video games and movies released on streaming and DVD. With every different version that Walch has played, there is a slight difference that makes the characters unique.

Some of the best episodes of Batman: The Animated Series feature Harley Quinn, who Arleen Sorkin voiced. Sorkin’s voice became the blueprint for all other Harley’s going forward.

Since this was the first time, Harley was introduced as a character Sorkin had a lot of freedom with how she could bring the character to life. This version of Harley is not considered the most iconic by fans, given that she wears the original red and black outfit associated with Quinn.

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Author: Cailyn Szelinski