Real Songwriting Is Not Fast And Easy!

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This morning several ads popped up on my Facebook feed for things like… Learning To Write Great Songs In Just 3 Days, Writing Songs Really Fast, or Earn A Hundred Thousands Dollars In First Year For Writing Movie Songs…oh my…

I must be the slowest songwriter on earth…I’ve been a professional writer for 25+ years and still learning everyday to play guitar, write better songs—and I have been fortunate to write 12 hit singles and receive 2 Grammy nominations. But, it took me years!

You get the picture. Many people on the internet are selling a product. Many have never actually done the things they are selling. They might as well be marketing shoe polish and snake oil…What they are good at is fancy marketing funnels, magic pixel dust, and talking points.

Songwriting is a way of life…

In the real world, music is a lifetime journey. Music is a way of life. It’s not a formula you learn overnight so that you can make piles of cash and retire in five years. (Sadly, that was a website I ran across too.)

SongTown has real writers (our talented mentors and pro teachers) who love what they do and want to get better so they can share your music with as many people as possible. They know, if you work hard, learn your craft, and hit the mark, the money will be there. But, it CAN’T be money first or EASY.

Believe me, Marty and I know this from actual experience. (Not pretend experience…) Music is not a fancy marketing slogan.

Write On! ~CM

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Author: Clay Mills