Warning! Spoilers ahead for Silk #1The newest outfit for Marvel heroine Silk is the perfect use of the Spider-Verse‘s tougher Spider-Man Noir reality. Out of all the alternate realities in the fan-favorite Spider-Verse, the Noir reality is perhaps the most interesting. It’s a radical departure from what fans know about Spider-Man as it feels more like a hard-boiled detective story than a superhero tale. This is reflected best through the universe’s hero Spider-Man Noir, who is depicted as a gun-wielding crime solver with his biggest foes being the Nazis during World War II. Everything regarding the Noir universe is much darker, with multiple villains and allies of Spider-Man getting World War II redesigns to fit the change in tone. Now, Silk has entered the Noir-verse and gotten the perfect new outfit to complement her change in surroundings.

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Author: Andy Davis