The Little-Known Secret to Achieving High Earnings with Freelance Writing

There’s one thing that separates the high-earning, six-figure freelance writers from the rest of the pack. And it’s not a great website, lots of writing experience, or popularity…it has everything to do with a positive growth mindset.

While most freelance writers are content with scraping by, truly successful ones don’t stop moving on and moving up. Just paying the bills isn’t enough for them. They want a seriously lucrative career – one that gives them the life and the lifestyle that they dream of.

Do you want to achieve your highest professional goals and make the big bucks as a writer? Then you need a positive mindset, too. Here’s what that means:

1. Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Writers with growth mindsets are constantly pushing themselves. They don’t stick with the same low-paying client for 5 years, barely earning minimum wage. Instead, they’re always looking for new clients, new projects and new ways to make more cash. They’re always moving up!

2. Raise Your Rates

As you gain more experience and skills as a writer, you can command a higher rate. Make it a point to raise your rates regularly – even with clients you have long-term relationships with. If they truly value your work, they’ll be more than happy to pay the higher rate. If they’re not willing to pay it, move on to a new client who will. There are plenty of clients out there who will pay you what you are worth.

3. Stay Open To New Opportunities

Don’t ever shy away from new opportunities. You may have your plate full, but if you get an email from a potential client, hear them out and consider what they’re proposing. Maybe you can work them into your schedule in a few weeks or months, or maybe they can simply keep you in mind the next time they have work to offer. Don’t ever shut the door on potential work!

4. Know Your Worth

Successful freelance writers know their worth. They know their skills and talents are unique to them, and they won’t settle for bargain-basement rates… even for that friend of a friend. They have their rates (based on their income goals, experience and skills), and they stick to them – no matter what the situation. A growth mindset teaches them that their background and experience does not hold them captive. They can learn, adapt and accomplish whatever they set their mind to, regardless of their background.

The positive growth mindset is the foundation of a successful freelance career. No matter how well your career is going, know that there is always room to improve – room to make more, do more and achieve more.

A growth mindset is not difficult to adapt, but it does require some practice and instruction. If you have any limiting beliefs at all about your ability to become a well-paid freelance writer or you are not where you want to be in your career, your mindset may be holding you back. In the Freelance Profit Academy, you can learn exactly how to change your mindset to one that will allow you to expand and earn more. Find out more about the Freelance Profit Academy here: CLICK HERE