When you start working on a passion project, you feel like you’re on cloud nine. Suddenly, the problems in your life don’t weigh so heavily on your shoulders. All that matters now is using your creative mind and skilled hands to turn your imagination into reality. And woodworkers are some of the most dedicated people we know!

The best of the best congregate on r/woodworking, a majorly popular online community that celebrates “all things made from trees.” Some of the projects that the redditors share on the subreddit are mind-blowing. So much so that you might even consider picking woodworking up as a hobby after seeing what they made. Scroll down for their most impressive crafting pics, and remember to upvote the ones you loved the most. Got an opinion or a compliment you’d like to share? Drop by the comments.

Bored Panda got in touch with redditor u/MeanCoach, who went viral online after posting a photo of himself hanging from this fantastic cabinet right here, with the title, ‘Do you trust your work?’ He was kind enough to tell us more about the project. Read on for his comments.

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#1 Long Time Lurker, First Time Posting. Baby Crib For My Nephew Made Out Of Ambrosia Maple. Learned Alot From This Build

Image credits: jrell34

Redditor u/MeanCoach kindly shared the story behind the impressive photo where he’s hanging on a wooden cabinet, showing how much he trusts his own work. The photo got 13.3k upvotes on the r/woodworking subreddit.

As it turns out, the cabinet was a gift for his grandmother.

“It was a cabinet made for my grandma’s house, she’s almost 88 and has been asking me for a new cabinet for a long time,” he told Bored Panda.

#2 After 8 Months Of Effort, I’ve Finally Finished Building My Marimba!

Image credits: Austinp-woodworking

#3 Carved A Different Type Of Celtic Knot Out Of Walnut. These Things Are Trickier To Keep Consistent In Width And Depth Than I Gave Them Credit For. Each One Is A Learning Experience

Image credits: YouKnowWho2016

“The one she had previously is more than a century old, and has many rotten parts, as she inherited it from her parents,” the redditor explained that it was definitely the time for an upgrade!

At this point, the old cabinet wasn’t as safe as the family would have liked.

“She [my grandma] has a lot of stuff,” redditor u/MeanCoach said that she has plenty of plates, pans, and cookware in general.

#4 Shelter Seats 6

Image credits: Mattallday

#5 Just Built This Ceiling!

Image credits: SuppleSwineherd

#6 Gonna Call This A Fan Leg Stool- Walnut And Teak

Image credits: Sufficient-Film7840

“So we were afraid that the cabinets wouldn’t be able to hold it, the uppers specifically.”

The whole project took just under a week to complete, spread out over less than a month.

“We spent 3 weekends on her home,” the redditor told us. “1 [weekend] for the lowers, 1 for the uppers, and 1 for organizing the cabinets, putting the stuff of the old cabinets on the new ones.”

The redditor also shared some advice about woodworking with Bored Panda’s readers. “As grampa, who has been a machinist for more than 80 years, says, always triple-check everything before assembling it. It’s a lot harder to fix things after than before.”

#7 I Recently Decided To Gather All My Most Important Recipes… Ones We Use Regularly And Those From My Family. I Used The Laser Engraver To Create Wood Recipe Cards And Made A Little Box Out Of Cherry For Them

Image credits: runkittygogogo

#8 2 Years And I’m Finally Done! Acoustic Guitar From Scratch!!

Image credits: Most_Anxiety_4065

#9 Bird House My Kids And I Made. I’m A Mason Not A Woodworker So Take It Easy On Us

Image credits: stonedmason28

The r/woodworking subreddit is absolutely massive. At the time of writing the online community had just over 4.6 million members. It’s been growing by massive leaps and bounds ever since it was founded in 2008. And it continues to expand.

The main draw of the community comes down to several factors. First of all, the subreddit encourages people to share their own work, meaning you can get feedback on your finished or ongoing projects. And the second part is that it is chock full of incredible photos. They’re a feast for the eyes and serve as inspiration.

Another part of the sub’s appeal is that it works as an actual community. If you have any questions about woodwork, need specific advice about a problem you have, or crave constructive criticism, everyone’s happy to help.

#10 I’m Pretty Happy With The Way This Turned Out

Image credits: Outic369

#11 Squirrel Nut Bar For The Tahoe Cabin

Image credits: DenouementTBD

#12 Saw Someone Else Posted A Bunk Bed… So Here’s One I Did A Few Months Ago!

Image credits: throwaway657459

It’s subreddits like this one that are proof that there are tons of kind and friendly people around the world. All it takes is a shared hobby to find them!

The only thing you have to do is follow the subreddit’s rules, as set out in the sidebar by the moderators. That means avoiding talking about religious and political topics. Meanwhile, threads “related to firearms, religion, or flags will be allowed but locked.”

Moreover, there’s to be no sale of items or self-promotion. Memes and low-effort posts are also to be avoided.

#13 Some Spent Covid Getting Fit, I Built A New Place To Sit!

Image credits: bens1989

#14 I Made Two More Jewel Thief Lamps

Image credits: liamoco123

#15 My New Studio Floor

Image credits: zeenzee

Recently, Bored Panda spoke about woodworking with Dr. Paul Bones, an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Texas Woman’s University. He shared how he got into the hobby and also gave some advice to anyone who’s new to DIY and working with wood.

“I love woodworking for many reasons. I’m a disabled academic, so having the ability to make something tangible, something I can see and hold helps keep me grounded. And relatively sane,” he opened up.

“I also like how there is so much to learn and so much to make. I started turning pens, then went into bottle stoppers, then bowls. Lately, I’ve been working with inlay rings and knives. It’s just a lot of fun learning new skills, applying them, and watching myself improve,” the professor said.

“It also gives me time to just sit with myself, disconnect from deadlines and emails, and be more present in the moment. That’s what keeps me glued to woodwork,” he told Bored Panda.

#16 Wife Wanted A Table. I Made Her A Table

Image credits: Capek13

#17 Here’s A Teak Deck I Designed And Installed Last Winter. Went Onboard Yesterday To Do Some Touch-Up Work And Managed To Get Some Pictures Of The Final Results

Image credits: ShipwrightPNW

#18 Why Would I Pay Amazon $20 For A Wood Grill Scraper When I Can Make One At Home For Way More Than That

Image credits: Caasi67

Patience and adaptability, according to the professor, are key to woodworking. They’re as important as any tool. Perhaps even more so.

“Woodworking is a skill you have to hone; no one starts out as a master craftsperson. Also remember there are so many types of woodworking: woodturning, furniture building, carving, knife making, ring making, box making, etc. It may take a while to find the type of craft you like,” he told Bored Panda during an interview, earlier.

#19 Dining Table I Just Finished

Image credits: readitor2

#20 Looks Easy, Wasn’t Easy

Image credits: coffeebic

#21 Still A Novice, But Here’s A “Spell Tome” Dice Box I Just Made For My Boyfriend’s Birthday 🙂

Image credits: echoskybound

According to the woodworking enthusiast, anyone who’s starting out with the hobby ought to watch a few how-to videos on YouTube. They’ll help quite a bit while you figure out what exactly it is that you’d like to work on. 

“While you’re watching, think about what kinds of craft work with your temperament and existing skills. For example, I do not have the patience for hand carving or furniture making. But turning small items like pens, rings, bottle stoppers, and bowls? Those are fast enough projects where I can have a finished item in no time, and there’s enough variety that I won’t get bored,” the professor said.

#22 Wife Wanted $600 Toddler Bed So I Said Hold My Beer And Built It!

Image credits: reddit.com

#23 Do You Trust Your Work?

Image credits: MeanCoach

#24 Now She’s Finally Done. I Built A Garden Bench

Image credits: Semmelwade

“There’s an old adage that a poor craftsman blames his tools, and that’s mostly true. Woodworking tools can be very expensive, and in some cases, price does equal quality. However, there are a lot of garages and shops full of topline equipment that can only produce mediocre items. Having the right tool for the job is really all that matters. Once you have experience with it, you’ll know when it’s time to upgrade. That’s a skill too,” he explained.

#25 The Customer Wanted Blue They Got It Turned Out Good I Think

Image credits: tacteam902

#26 My Very First Project, Kinda Sloppy But I Love It!

Image credits: 17thEdition

#27 Made This Navy Built In For A Client. They Liked It So That’s Good

Image credits: Direct-Technician181

“I started woodworking after a couple of cross-country moves for work. I needed a table and a desk. I didn’t have a lot of money at the time. I had worked in a furniture shop for six years prior to going to grad school, so I had practical experience putting items together,” the professor had shared how he got started with woodworking in his spare time.

“A trip home for a funeral introduced me to life-edge wood, and after playing with it for a while, I was hooked. I didn’t have the room (or the patience) to build furniture all the time though, so a friend suggested a lathe to me. After making like 50 pens, my wife demanded we start trying to sell what I make.”

#28 Just Finished My High School Major Work. What Do You Think?

Image credits: LordOfSparkels

#29 White Spruce Skull – Carved With All Sorts Of Power/Hand Tools

Image credits: inverted_nuthatch

#30 I Recently Went To The Dentist And Unfortunately Got The Bad News I Had A Few Cavities. My Dentist Offered To Cover My Bill If I Would Help Make A Sign For His Business. I’m Going To Blame The Jolly Ranchers

Image credits: Bradyman123456789

#31 New Hall Tree I Made For The Home

Image credits: theillestcam

#32 Entryway Project

Image credits: gpdun-

#33 First Post On Here, Be Gentle

Image credits: X-ianEpiBoi

#34 A 3 Piece Bookshelf Set I Made. I Dont Understand How To Use A Square

Image credits: Alpha-Lyr

#35 I Noticed This Unique Knife Block In A Video Game And Decided To Make My Own Version From Some Mahogany. Ever Seen One Like It?

Image credits: Moonman781

#36 Carpet Gone, Oak Floors Refinished In New House, Bonus Dog

Image credits: aWormhatForVermhat

#37 Wife Wanted A New Counter Top. All Scrap Wood From The Shop. Seal Coat Done. No Flood Coat Yet

Image credits: myshopmyrules

#38 Wooden Lamp

Image credits: Bicboni

#39 Made A New Workbench From 600 Year Old Douglas Fir

Image credits: sawyerdesign

#40 Cut This Burl From An Oak Tree That I Removed From My Dads Property, Now I’m Going To Use It For His Urn. Check Out That Sweet Grain Pattern!

Image credits: HERMANNATOR85

#41 I Made A Pocket Diorama

Image credits: MIEason

#42 Customer Wanted A Big Wooden Dome With No Visible Hardware

Image credits: johnnybagels

#43 Cherry Wood Painted With Chalk Paint Then Waxed

Image credits: kuckomwoodentoys

#44 My First Real Project. I Built An Entry Table For My Wife. The Top Is Red Oak With A Painted Pine Base. It’s Not Perfect But I’m Happy With How It Turned Out

Image credits: ZambesiZelda

#45 Hypnogogia – A Guitar I’ve Made From Scratch And I’m Hella Proud Of

Image credits: woodencork

#46 Son Is Making His Room Minecraft Themed So We Made This Chest Together As His First Real Woodworking Project

Image credits: Financial_Ability_56

#47 I Designed And Built An End Table

Image credits: looney56

#48 White Oak Built Ins

Image credits: createaccount9456

#49 Bringing French Cleats Into The Bathroom

Image credits: dadamssg

#50 I Created The Bench And Need To Get An Estimate On Value. Thoughts?

Image credits: jlmeredith

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