We are Now Also Featuring High-Paying, Full-time, REMOTE Writing Jobs On WritersWeekly – by Angela Hoy

If a job is listed as “Remote,” that means the employer expects the employee to work from home.

We expected the number of remote writing, editing, and journalism jobs available online to decrease after Covid started to let up. But, it seems businesses have gotten smart. Hiring folks to work full-time (actual employees; not contractors) from home is a huge money saver for any business. And, the number of job listings for remote, full-time creative positions keeps increasing.

Since these “REMOTE, FULL-TIME” jobs are here to stay, starting today, we will be labeling those as such in future issues of WritersWeekly.com.

You can see samples in today’s list of “Freelance and Full-time Remote” jobs RIGHT HERE.

As you can see, some of those are EXTREMELY lucrative, paying writers over $100K/year…to work from home!!

As always, if you have any advice, requests, comments, or ideas for WritersWeekly, please send them to Angela! 🙂

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Author: By Angela Hoy – Publisher of WritersWeekly.com