“What’s Wrong With Your Dog?”: 50 Hilarious Times Dogs Seemed To Malfunction Hard (New Pics)

Let’s give a big round of a-paws for the goodest boys and girls and the absolute best friends humans can ask for, our dogs! Besides being the most loveable and loving animals ever, doggos also cheer us up with their goofy antics and entertain us by simply being their silly and kooky selves. Unlike our cat overlords, they are not the most elegant, sophisticated, and cultured four-legged friends out there. But let’s face it, it’s all part of their charm.

Here at Bored Panda, we can never get enough of these crazy pooches and their unprecedented levels of derpiness. And thanks to the corner of Reddit known as ‘What’s Wrong With Your Dog’, we never have to. This online community is a safe place for dog owners to share possibly the funniest moments of our pals “malfunctioning”, all grace evaporated in front of the camera’s flash.

To show you just how easily these cuddly critters can overwhelm your heart with pure joy, we’ve created this wholesome homage to our canine companions acting too weird for words. Scroll down to check them all out — they’re bound to brighten your day tremendously. Be sure to upvote your favorites and then visit our earlier pieces on the subreddit here, here, and here.

#1 I Seriously Cannot Even! Todays Daycare Photo Of My Girl Who Is Absolutely Smitten With George, The Great Dane! The Face Says It All

Image credits: teepurr

#2 Such A Good Boy!

Image credits: ENFIDL

#3 Defeat

Image credits: Minnes25

Laughter is the best antidote for stress, and when it comes to our beloved four-legged companions, you can count on daily giggles. There’s just something about these cuddly pooches that gives us immeasurable amounts of love and care in our lives (and some pretty hilarious moments too!) Besides being the most adorable furballs on the planet, they give us comfort by staying by our side no matter what, and they conquer our hearts by never passing up an opportunity to make us smile.

“I think dogs are so special to us because they’re non-judgemental and always there for us,” a qualified animal behaviorist Kate Mornement, Ph.D., told Bored Panda in an email. Specializing in companion and captive animal behavior, training and education, Kate strives to help people better understand creatures living under their care, so she was more than happy to share some insights into goofy dog behavior.

According to Kate, dogs are always so happy to see us and spend time with us. “I think we’re fascinated with them because of their adorable antics, personality and behavior and because they live in the moment,” the founder of the consultancy Pets Behaving Badly said.

#4 Magic Pie Bush

Image credits: ChrisBramwell

#5 What’s Wrong With Ur Badass Dog

Image credits: Prietocratico

#6 Good Doggo Collected All The Balls And A Bonus Stick 12/10

Image credits: 2083044

When asked about the reasons our dogs seem like they “malfunctioned” by striking weird poses of simply being their goofy selves, Kate explained that our furry friends can be weird and total dorks sometimes.

From dogs who roll around in the grass like there’s no tomorrow to pooches who figure out the strangest ways to get the most pets from passers, there’s no shortage of kooky behaviors they express.

Kate mentioned some of the most common ones: “Some dogs sleep in bizarre positions or appear to malfunction when they get the zoomies. Sometimes odd behavior can be caused by a serious health or medical issue so it’s important to have your dog checked by a vet if their behavior suddenly changes.”

#7 S T I C K

Image credits: fukdcorp

#8 Same Bro

Image credits: 1LittleSunflower

#9 This Weirdo’s Figured Out That Sitting Here Gets Her The Most Pets From Passers-By

Image credits: HimeTheHusky

It’s easy to see why their funny antics are so entertaining, and the pups themselves look like they’re having fun. But animal behaviorist Kate pointed out that this seemingly derpy, dorky, and foolish behavior can also be a sign that’s something amiss.

“If you notice your dog becoming clumsy and knocking into things or they’re pressing their head up against a wall or chasing their tail or shadows/reflections it suggests they may have an underlying issue. Take them to the vet for a check-up,” Kate warned. Moreover, it’s important to tighten the bond with your pet and understand what is normal for your dog so you can pick up the subtle signs that your dog is unwell.

#10 ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Image credits: Merari01

#11 Soot Sprite

Image credits: Ck930930

#12 Sorry, Not Sorry

Image credits: GeekyMirror

One of the dangers of our dogs’ adorable looks is that we may misclassify some of their behaviors as sweet when they actually pose a threat to their health and well-being. This can lead to problems if not addressed, so it’s important for owners to stay alert.

“Common dog behavior we tend to see as cute include jumping up and mouthing in puppies,” Kate told us. “This becomes problematic when dogs grow into adults, especially the larger breeds, as it can hurt being jumped on or mouthed by a 30kg dog!”

“Another cute behavior people often laugh at is when dogs steal things they shouldn’t have. This problem should be addressed early though to prevent resource guarding,” Kate added.

#13 Found In The Wild, Couldn’t Restist Posting

Image credits: micindra

#14 Sus

Image credits: cenabollywood

#15 Dog Has Her Own Bed. Woke Up To See We Were Sharing A Pillow

Image credits: FlaxenArt

Snoring is also a behavior you might want to examine more deeply. Even though we all love to be startled by our sleeping doggos suddenly barking, howling, or twitching as they’re dreaming about taunting your cat, it may be a sign of an underlying health problem.

“Loud snoring can indicate compromised airways making breathing difficult. This issue is especially common in brachycephalic (short-faced) breeds. Owners of dogs who snore loudly should have this checked by their vet to see whether something can be done to improve their breathing,” Kate told us.

#16 Counfy Pillow

Image credits: SCPFinder1

#17 Tick Tock Clarice

Image credits: experiencedDominion

#18 This Happened In My Front Yard This Morning…. I Have So Many Questions

Image credits: amandalaguera

To get to know your furry friend better, animal expert Kate advised you to observe their behavior and take note of what things and activities your pet enjoys tremendously. “Most dog breeds were originally developed to do a particular job. Although most dogs no longer need to perform those jobs these days, many still retain the desires and instinct to perform jobs such as herding, retrieving and guarding as well as normal canine behaviors (e.g. digging, sniffing, barking, etc.)”

“Try to provide daily appropriate opportunities for these activities. Every dog has an individual personality, their own likes and dislikes. Providing for the needs of your individual dog can help them feel happier and less stressed,” Kate concluded.

#19 Like A Magic Trick

Image credits: CromulentGuido

#20 My Dogs Beauty Is Sometimes Hard To Capture On Camera

Image credits: siraelwindrunner

#21 Wut ?

Image credits: AirborneMarburg

#22 Doggo: So You Are Getting Married… Lmao

Image credits: MeliaDanae

#23 I Specifically Chose This Park Because There Is No Water Feature

Image credits: Xfocus

#24 Taste The Rainbow

Image credits: dotgm321

#25 Seriously. This Is How He Sits. All. The. Time

Image credits: Imperfectyourenot

#26 Will He Stay Like This Forever?

Image credits: RHEmarketing

#27 Dream Big

Image credits: tomtimus

#28 My Old Bulldog Compared To My New. I Thought The Old Had Attitude. Lord Help Me

Image credits: Tegasauras

#29 Totally Not Guilty

Image credits: ZeblerTPK

#30 I Didn’t Get The Job I Wanted So My Dog Ate My Rejection Letter

Image credits: Serious-Classroom139

#31 Shoutout To The Time I Wanted To Take A Beautiful Photo Of The Landscape And My Dog Just Went

Image credits: NahiriDidNothinWrong

#32 Guess Who Tripped Me

Image credits: CGoode87

#33 I Have No Words

Image credits: ClassyLifter

#34 That One Time We Bought Our Dog An Expensive Orthopedic Bed With A Headrest And This Is How He Used It

Image credits: Mickey67Mouse

#35 She Likes To Watch The Fishes

Image credits: tantalizingGarbage

#36 Just Getting Some Fresh Air, Nbd

Image credits: SpaceySquidd

#37 Mind Your Own Goddamn Business Keith

Image credits: Kezzva

#38 Dog vs. Wave

Image credits: MeliaDanae

#39 I Promise He’s Not A Kangaroo… Well, I’m Pretty Sure

Image credits: jakijo

#40 Our Whippie Puppy Has Different Style For Every Mood

Image credits: Addrat91

#41 Doggo Doesn’t Get It

Image credits: Weekly-Reason9285

#42 The Assassination Of Julius Caesar By Brutus- 44 Bce

Image credits: wiesknl

#43 Dragged His Bed In Here To Put On His Best Starving Puppy Act While I Cook (The Tile Is Too Cold For His Royal Hiney

Image credits: jmiitch

#44 The Look My Best Friend’s Dog Gives Him When He Realises He’s At The Vets And Not At The Park

Image credits: Coocoocachoooh

#45 “Honey, The Dog’s Walking On The Wall Again..”

Image credits: yfljtkj

#46 Rotisserie Style Naps

Image credits: jem7118

#47 He Stole A Stale Baguette I Was Saving To Make Breadcrumbs And He’s Been Carrying It Around For Three Days

Image credits: alexg81

#48 Ruff Day

Image credits: Emptydata_Enzo

#49 We Got Him A Stand So He Wouldn’t Have To Bend Down So Much While Eating. Yeah, About That…

Image credits: Mjyys99

#50 Max Usually Is Really Well Behaved. Him And My Nephew Are Still Friends

Image credits: JonesSmallDickEnergy

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