The romance is the main focus of your novel, and it needs to keep the reader interested and satisfied until the end.

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Do you want a better buildup to your novel’s happily ever after? Are you writing so much steam that it seems to fizzle out halfway through the novel?

If so, you need to re-examine the romantic chemistry between your hero and heroine.

The romance is the main focus of your novel, and it needs to keep the reader interested and satisfied until the end.

I’ve been disappointed in the romance novels I have read lately. The hero and heroine seem to instantly fall in love, and I’m left wondering why I need to continue reading. The two characters have already solidified their relationship, so why read forward?

As an aspiring Sci-Fi Romance author, my readers must yearn to see the romance develop before their eyes.

I was inspired to write this article to help other authors who may be struggling with their character’s romantic chemistry and how to create a satisfying, swoon-worthy romance.

So, how can you improve your character’s chemistry?

There are three easy ways you can tackle this problem.

Have the hero and heroine work together to overcome an obstacle

When romance readers dive into your novel, they expect to see two people build a relationship that blooms into a romance. Your job, as the writer, is to have the characters interact to discover their compatibility and weaknesses.

Put the hero and heroine in a situation where they work together to overcome an obstacle. This obstacle needs to give them a reason to develop the romance. Maybe they are stranded on a deserted island, stuck on an elevator, or zipping through space trying to evade an enemy.

Regardless, your hero and heroine need to work together to tackle the problem while simultaneously growing their affection towards one another.

They will spend time working together, get to know one another, and learn how to deal with their faults.

Your readers will see the romantic chemistry steadily progress as they keep turning the page.

Sprinkle in mini romantic cliffhangers throughout your novel

Regardless of your novel’s heat level, keep your readers invested in the romance by cliffhanging the romantic scenes.

Imagine your hero and heroine are undercover. They are posing as husband and wife while staying at a hotel. The hero is casually sitting on the edge of the bed. As our heroine walks out of the shower, she accidentally slips on the wet floor. She then falls on top of the hero.

They stare at each other tensely and move their mouths close to one another. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door, and the kiss does not happen.

The chapter ends, and your readers want to turn the page because they need know when the characters will kiss.

This is a mini cliffhanger.

It gives the reader a reason to keep turning the page and builds excitement for the big moment when your couple solidifies the relationship.

Show the romance instead of telling the romance

If you tell readers how the romance unfolds instead of showing it, they will become disinterested in your novel.

Readers want to be able to imagine the romantic scene unfold and draw visual pictures in their minds.

For example, don’t just tell the romantic moment by saying, “He touched her cheeks and gently kissed her lips.”

Instead, show the romance by saying, “His big hands caressed her soft, warm cheeks as he gently pressed his mouth against her warm, inviting lips.”

Now, your reader can envision and feel the moment the hero and heroine have their kiss.

Telling is writing verbatim what is happening in a scene.

Showing involves using sensory elements, such as sight, touch, and smell, to depict what happens in a scene.

Now, you have three easy ways to improve your character chemistry. Implement these methods today! Whether your hero and heroine overcome an obstacle, almost seal the deal, or show their love for one another, you now have the basic tools to keep your readers invested in your romance.

After reading this article, I challenge you to review your romance novel and examine the areas where you can improve your hero and heroine’s chemistry. Your readers will be grateful for it!

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Author: Diya Indigo