30 Times People Encountered Such Bad Designs, They Just Had To Shame Them On This Online Group

While not every product can be as design-savvy as an iPhone or the McDonald’s arches, it’s fair to expect at least some level of common sense, user friendliness and aesthetic appeal. Sadly, that’s not always the case.

Whether it’s as basic as an advertising leaflet or product packaging, or something more advanced like a window display or a shiny billboard, not all design is fail-proof. There’s even a corner on Reddit called Design Fails dedicated to the most notorious faux pas in the design world.

Below we wrapped up some of the most eyebrow-raising examples that make you wonder how on earth they got approved.

#1 Taken From R/Funny

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#2 Palm Trees With Christmas Lights

Image credits: Zyxwgh

To find out more about what happens when a design turns out not as good as it was anticipated, Bored Panda reached out to Laura Vanagaite, an international freelance graphic designer who specializes in branding and social media content creation.

According to Laura, using the word ‘bad’ regarding design is not quite correct. Yet, it doesn’t matter what we call it, the reality stays the same: “we judge design work anyway for its design and our eye catches mistakes very fast,” Laura explained.

#3 I Used To Be Able To See The Towel On Her Head

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#4 Who Was The Genius

Image credits: ILuvShrekMemes

#5 This Braille Was Printed On Paper

Image credits: IEATSAND123

The graphic designer explained that this is because “our brain needs less than a second to bring up a judgment, and way more time to rationalize on the topics of ‘bad’ and ‘good.’”

“Once we spot a mistake, we tend to stop collaborating with the agency or brand because we believed that they are more reliable and able to deliver a good result. If the final result is made with mistakes, you definitely don’t want to waste your time to clean up a mess again and as well pay for the badly done service,” Laura explained.

She added that in the end, for any business, it is important to build concrete trust with the customers.

#6 Too Cheeky

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#7 Oh Dear

Image credits: mimibleu

#8 Congrats

Image credits: BugManLife

When asked who is in charge of the mistakes left in the final design, Laura said: “When most people hear ‘human error’ they do not see the details, they see the person who is completely to blame.” There can also be some sort of communication issue or the fact that a designer was less skilled. “But this should always be foreseen by the manager who is in charge from the beginning,” Laura said.

#9 Click Here On A Newspaper

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#10 Elmo Is Tierd Of Children Now

Image credits: practicalsargent

#11 There Are So Many Interpretations

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“When you hire an expert in any field, you expect that things will be done the right way and that the mistakes that you would have made won’t happen. If it is a team, it means that the project manager did not pay attention to the final design and just approved it without looking, which shows a lack of professionalism and also not caring too much about the client and the project,” Laura explained.

#12 Kind Of A Crappy Design If You Ask Me

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#13 Ok Milka, I See You

Image credits: chloeweasleyzzz

#14 Ohhhhh, You Mean Capital Jazz Fest

Image credits: neuroticsmurf

We also asked Laura about how the designs get approved and how they reach the end consumers. She said that the design gets evaluated by personal preferences.

“To define the role of the client and designer, from the beginning there should be a clear brief from the clients’ side and as well the designer should come up with the most important questions which will be solved in the design process.”

#15 Yeet

Image credits: yumkiwi

#16 Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness….i Think

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#17 Yes, Ew

Image credits: Mytheetharedead

Another step is the design-review approval which, Laura said, “is typically done by either a design-review board or with the project manager. Once everything gets approved from the management part, then it can be sent to the client to receive either corrections or the complete approval.”

Laura concluded that communication is key and designers should not be left alone during the process. “It is teamwork and the support both from the management part and the creative part is a must.”

#18 Yess Milk

Image credits: Padroram

#19 Thanks Santa

Image credits: ILikePringlez

#20 Just Stop It With These, Please

Image credits: BoomerzDoomerz

#21 Be Careful Your Wii May Be Tempted To Drive The Car

Image credits: a_spooky_boi

#22 Why??

Image credits: tastycookie01

#23 Wow Just Wow

Image credits: MasterLink172

#24 Interesting Bus Seat Design

Image credits: reddit.com

#25 They’re Right

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#26 This Is Why I Have Trust Issues

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#27 Sure Thing

Image credits: BlazingIT01

#28 That’s Some Long Arm

Image credits: RealPizza25

#29 Why?????

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#30 Imma Leave This Here

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Author: Justinas Keturka