35 Times People Wrote Hilarious Things When They Were Not Trying To, As Shared In This Online Group

There are many contentious issues around social media; some believe it’s terrible for us, while others are adamant it’s the only thing keeping today’s world going. 

The thing is, both viewpoints are legitimate. The internet’s invention may have been one of the best things to have happened to humanity, yet some of the side effects that its platforms provide are often downright wicked.

You know, the cancel culture, carefully curated selfies and unrealistic lifestyles. And while many of us enjoy scrolling and browsing, it’s not a big secret that excessive usage can exacerbate feelings of anxiety, depression, loneliness, and good old FOMO. But that doesn’t change the fact that using social media during your downtime can be a lot of fun, provided you do so cautiously or just by engaging with the material you genuinely enjoy – memes, for instance. 

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#1 Show Cat

Image credits: ThatsABruhMomment

Many will argue that Reddit is the pinnacle of a healthy social media platform, and if I’m totally honest, they aren’t wrong. 

Just think about it, it’s almost completely maintained by its users; folks create communities that they monitor themselves or with the assistance of other moderators. Redditors decide which content they want to see more or less of by upvoting and downvoting things they like/hate, and don’t get me started on the fact that every single netizen will be able to find a subreddit that will tickle their fancy the most.

Speaking of subreddits, this source has estimated that as of May 2022, the platform hosts 3.5+ million communities. Plus, it was also mentioned that new communities are still being developed today and that between 40,000 and 50,000 new subreddits are thought to be generated each month. 

Therefore, it’s reasonable to assume that there is a subreddit for almost every subject imaginable – but today we will be focusing on memes and memes only.

#2 Coward

Image credits: alias_bloom

Humor derived from an unprompted word or phrase” – this community dedicates its postings to all sorts of text-inspired memes. Text conversations, phone alerts, labels, comments, online reviews – you name it. And although the group is relatively new – it was founded in February 2020 – it already has a sizeable following of over 271K members.

Now, if you’re an active online user and enjoy sharing your meme-worthy findings with fellow netizens, here are a couple of rules that the community has imposed in case you want to submit a post or two: the first thing that the moderators mentioned is that all posts must fit the sub. As previously said, r/skamtebord is for humor that is derived from one unprompted word or phrase, and any posts that do not exhibit this type of comedy will be deleted. The second rule relates to reposts and is fairly self-explanatory: any reposts of posts made during the previous three months will be deleted.

There’s also a list of banned content that includes Twitter posts without the tweet linked and Discord screenshots. Finally, last but certainly not least, no forced humor is allowed.

#3 Uber Eat

Image credits: RaveInPeace

#4 Walmar

Image credits: R1R1R1b

It goes without saying that the internet has had a tremendous impact on today’s society. 

There is a ton of material available right now, whether you’re looking for something serious, like research papers for your uni deadline, or something fun, like the long-awaited premiere of a show you missed. It’s a fantastic resource for education and information purposes – however, the variety of entertainment available across all these platforms is absolutely astonishing.

If you have a Wi-Fi connection or cellular data, you can now immerse yourself in literally whatever you want. Online games, TV series and movies, and an endless amount of content on YouTube ranging from cat videos to random influencer vlogs; you can take an online course, read an eBook, or listen to the Top 40 – whatever it is, you can easily find something to liven up your evening.

#5 Ploice

Image credits: WarCry_05

#6 Lick

Image credits: ngobody_

Still, despite the overwhelming number of options, a simple meme always wins. 

They’re easy to make, easy to read, and they are pretty much everywhere. We can find them on all social networking sites, and more and more people are starting to utilize them as somewhat of a marketing tactic for their enterprises. 

It’s likely that you’ve already seen a ton of memes from companies like Ryanair and Duolingo, but did you know that it all pays off? According to a Forbes survey from 2018, more than 60% of respondents believed they would be more inclined to purchase from a business that employs memes in its marketing. This is probably due to the fact that memes literally spread like wildfire, giving the business some free publicity. Memes are also frequently considered as relatable, which makes them a powerful tool for connecting with potential clients.

#7 Weer

Image credits: MackTime432

#8 Belgium

Image credits: rzx0

#9 Robster

Image credits: Hawksteinman

We may thus conclude that memes are superior. No, literally. 

Memes are one of the quickest and easiest ways to incorporate humor into our daily lives, and as we all know, “laughter is the best medicine.” Memes bring important issues to light and speak out on subjects that many people are reluctant to discuss. They benefit several businesses by making them seem more relatable, which, as we can all guess, increases their sales. 

Let’s not forget that making them costs nothing. It doesn’t require any special resources that are hard to get – all you need is a second of your time and some wit!

#10 -{:)_/-

Image credits: cwright_1201

#11 Sosig

Image credits: Bigdogdom69

#12 Remember

Image credits: KinematicMan

Bored Panda hopes that you’ve enjoyed this amusing collection of memes from r/skamtebord! Give the community a follow, and don’t forget to let us know which post you giggled at the most.

#13 Bruh

Image credits: Imaginary_Yam_5058

#14 Hehe

Image credits: shields_wheats

#15 Homos

Image credits: Stock_Hutz

#16 Brukon

Image credits: colexerus

#17 Truky

Image credits: cookied283

#18 Two

Image credits: SouthWestBull

#19 Tried To Send A Meme To My Japanese Dad

Image credits: JH2466

#20 Dababy

Image credits: my-dog-is-a-b**ch

#21 Fatty

Image credits: xTrapped1

#22 Swordfish

Image credits: Girto_

#23 Ok

Image credits: DeletedKnees

#24 Frof*

Image credits: bbbBagger

#25 Almond Milk

Image credits: happyGam79

#26 Spom Magetti

Image credits: pussyeater911

#27 Custom

Image credits: Stock_Hutz

#28 Alert

Image credits: NarwhalAnusLicker00

#29 Adorpion

Image credits: Troker61

#30 Stinky

Image credits: ItsEddenor

#31 Okay

Image credits: Fortuitous23

#32 Jefrey The Nutral,

Image credits: Stock_Hutz

#33 Meat Thing

Image credits: suja_llama

#34 April Fool

Image credits: SnowsShow

#35 Amoung

Image credits: BlueTycho

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