Prank videos and hidden camera shows have long revealed the crazy things people do when they think no one is looking. Few types of content have more viral potential than seeing someone get caught in a hilariously compromising position or doing something utterly weird. Authenticity is key here.

If you’ve ever wondered what life is like on the other side of the world or how people act when they don’t know they’re being watched, then Google Street View is your best bet. It’s a treasure trove of hilarious moments captured by Google’s camera cars as they drive through cities worldwide.

Google Street View started in 2007 as the absurd idea to create a 360-degree map of the world using cars equipped with cameras. The tech giant has since captured a significant portion of the Earth’s surface. It’s an incredible tool for visually exploring the world, but it works even better as a gold mine of random moments — and yeah, we’re saying that because we love laughing at other people’s silliness!

While on the clock, Street View drivers have recorded countless people doing the funniest things in public. From random glitches to bizarre stunts, Street View has given us plenty of fodder for a good laugh. Here are some of our favorite funny Google Street View pics, including people who got creative with their wardrobe choices and candid footage of people getting caught off guard.

#1 This Hare Caught On Google Street

Image credits: TdsKid9000

#2 Ello Ello Ello What’s Going On Ere Then

#3 Spider Cat, Spider Cat , Does Whatever A Spider Cat Does

#4 I Saw A Google Street View Car In My Neighborhood And Took Swift Action. 8 Years Later And My Brother Just Informed Me That It Worked

Image credits: austinamnija

#5 Minding Their Own Business

#6 Just Relaxing

#7 Batman Is Coming To Save The World

Image credits: streetviewfails

#8 Somewhere In Alaska

Image credits: theUterusLicious

#9 The Stig

Image credits:

#10 He Looks Like He’d Have A Thick European Accent

#11 That’s Something I Don’t See Every Day

Image credits: Din_Gurevich

#12 He’s Not Having A Good Day

Image credits: Jon Rafman

#13 Lunch Time

Image credits: Jon Rafman

#14 Spiderman On A Roof Found In Japan!

Image credits: streetviewfails

#15 Penguin And Penny Farthing

Image credits:

#16 There Is A Glitch In The Matrix

Image credits: samyall

#17 A Happy Moment

Image credits: Jon Rafman

#18 Interesting Witch Accident Found In Argentina!

Image credits: streetviewfails

#19 Sea Creature

Image credits:

#20 These Streets In Nova Scotia

Image credits: HAB927

#21 When You Park Your Car Just Right

Image credits: xlicer

#22 Was Exploring Google Street View In Japan When Suddenly

Image credits: wtighe02

#23 4 People In 4 Coloured Hazmat Suits In Russia. The Further On Street View You Travel The Stranger Their Actions Get, From Staring Into Walls To Checking Random Letterboxes

Image credits: oliver_rocks

#24 Nothing To See Here

Image credits:

#25 This Cyclist Dabbing For The Camera

Image credits:

#26 A Young Kid Jousts While Another Watches From The Stands In Denmark

Image credits:

#27 Kidnapping Found In Sweden!

Image credits: streetviewfails

#28 Sheeeep

Image credits: Jon Rafman

#29 Browsing Google Street View Today

Image credits: streetviewfails

#30 Horse Eating A Banana

Image credits:

#31 A Russian Man Trying To Put Out A Fire In His Mazda Rx8

Image credits: mr-dogshit

#32 Pirate Ship

Image credits: Layzusss

#33 The Tardis

Image credits:

#34 Huge Alpaca Crossing In Peru

Image credits: WorshipIceJJFish

#35 Interesting Place For Parking!

Image credits: streetviewfails

#36 Bird’s Eye View

Image credits:

#37 Alternative Parking Spot

Image credits: streetviewfails

#38 Simpsons Everywhere

Image credits: CLucasSmith

#39 Look Who’s There

Image credits: smeyn

#40 Found While Searching An Address For Work. Made My Day

Image credits: Darth_Quaider

#41 OMG I Found Spiderman

Image credits: Individual-Trouble35

#42 Glad This One Wasn’t Blurred

Image credits: Strong-Fly-8842

#43 Someone Just Hacked The Planet

Image credits: HollywoodAndTerds

#44 Coastal Split

Image credits:

#45 SUV In A Dumpster

Image credits: WaddlesJP13

#46 Skiing On Grass

Image credits:

#47 Shooting Practice! Well, Kind Of…

Image credits:

#48 Shrek’s Going Through Some Stuff Rn

Image credits:

#49 Mannequin Party

Image credits:

#50 Looks Comfortable

Image credits: purzel_99

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Author: Aivaras Kaziukonis