The universe hates us equally. (I hope.) Even the people who see the glass half-full have bad days. But sometimes it’s easy to forget that. Our own problems seem the biggest. So what do you say we give ourselves a healthy reminder?

Those who have been around our website for long enough might remember that Bored Panda has a soft spot for life’s unlucky moments. But not to kick someone while they’re down, of course. Rather, to gain perspective and reassure ourselves that nobody has conspired against us and it’s completely normal to lose it every once in a while.

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#1 His Face Says It All

Image credits: Mr_KrzYch00

#2 My Dad Left His Window Down In His Truck While He Stepped Away For A Few Minutes And A Feral Cat Got In And Ate All Of His Tacos

Image credits: cascassian

As you can see (and know), mistakes happen and things don’t work out as they should. But former clinical psychologist and researcher turned writer Alice Boyes, Ph.D., thinks we can learn to roll with the punches.

“Don’t expect life to go smoothly,” Boyes wrote in Psychology Today. “If we reserve a hotel room, we expect it will be available when we arrive. We expect clean water to come out of the tap. We expect that if we buy a product and it’s faulty or not as described, we’ll be able to return it. We expect the product we order will be the product that arrives and not some other random item.”

“But the more you think of discomfort (of all kinds) as something to be expected periodically, the easier it can be to handle when it arises,” she explained. “It’s helpful to think of these experiences as universal rather than personalizing them.”

#3 Just Bought Our Dream Home Less Than 2 Months Ago. Tonight I Watched It Burn To The Ground In A Massive Wildfire

Image credits: deChoochifer

#4 Just Trying To Ride A Bike Near A Nesting Magpie

Image credits: g_nome7

#5 For A Month, I Thought I Lost My Wedding Ring On A Cross Country Road Trip. Finally, I Gave Up Ever Seeing It Again When We Realized It Was Under My Husband’s Deodorant

I called gas stations, pawn shops, searched lost and found posts. 

Image credits: roseazom

“We often criticize ourselves that we should be able to handle blips, frustrations, disappointments, sadness, etc., better. You might think, ‘Other people wouldn’t be rocked by this. Other people would take this in stride.’ Self-compassion skills should help a great deal if you’re doing this type of criticism,” Boyes said.

Also, try to understand what pushes your buttons. It can be really helpful to identify that not every piece of bad news or every inconvenience rattles you greatly, but just specific types.

#6 Got Off The Train At The Wrong Station. Now I’m In The Middle Of Nowhere Without Food, It’s Raining, It’s Cold, I’m Hungry And Next Train Is In 7 Hours

Image credits: Lambrusc1

#7 Here Is My Favorite Picture Of My Grandma. She Was Having A Hard Time With The Mixer

Image credits: Bungalowbeast

#8 Puppy Accidentally Ate A Bee. Everything Turned Out Fine

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However, don’t attempt to predict further bad news. “When unexpected issues come up, don’t automatically [assume] they’ll be difficult to address,” Boyes said. “Don’t expect a string of bad luck, e.g., ‘bad luck comes in threes.'”

And as cliché as it sounds, problems can be opportunities. So when you end up in one, ask what you can learn from it. “Consider your strengths. Cars might be foreign to me, but in general, getting things done and not getting ripped off are strengths for me,” Boyes said. “You can also consider your weaknesses. I’m not great at asking for help because I’m socially anxious. This was an opportunity to overcome that and ask my neighbor for help (although, to be honest, it was my spouse who asked).”

Yes, bad news sucks. But we still have to cope with it.

#9 Welp. There Goes Her New Bed

Image credits: aprlrobertaludgte

#10 My Commute Is 45 Minutes. Just Pulled Up To The Office, Reached For My Bags And

Image credits: BigLig17

#11 4 Days After Moving To Chicago

Image credits: gummymod

#12 Learn From My Mistakes

Image credits: BingErrDronePilot

#13 A Moose Broke Through A Window And Entered A School In Saskatoon Today

Image credits: originalwfm

#14 Guess It’s Toast For Breakfast Today

Image credits: DogZim

#15 First Time Trying To Grow Carrots From Seeds. 6 Months Later

Image credits: Down4ThaBrown

#16 That Smile Though

Image credits: Ismail_Patel

#17 Walked To Work In A Thunderstorm, But My Boss Forgot To Tell Me We All Have Today Off

Image credits: Radiskull97

#18 It’s Always A Pleasure To Realize That Your Coworkers Don’t Know How To Close A Box Properly. Right When You’re Ready To Go Home

Image credits: Thunder_SdSh

#19 Student Handed This In Today

Image credits: capta1n_sarcasm

#20 This Flooded Parking Garage, Containing Roughly 150 Cars

Image credits: Space-Ball1

#21 How Does This Happen?

Image credits: jonbradford

#22 Just Got Stung By A Wasp And I Have A Job Interview Later Today… Can’t Even Talk Right

Image credits: isakhwaja

#23 6 College Bros And One Brain Cell Between All Of Us

Image credits: ChronosBlitz

#24 Doordashed Food And In The 5 Minutes It Took Me To Get To The Door, The Neighbor’s Cat Ate Through The Box And Stole Some Chicken

Image credits: LandolphiN_

#25 Are You Kidding Me?

Image credits: KamikazeChief

#26 My Grandma’s Lunch At Her New Senior Living Residence That’s $3k A Month. Wtf Is This?

Residents can’t go to the dining room to eat because they don’t have enough staff so it’s deliveries only.

Image credits: DianWithoutTheE

#27 He Picked A Bad Day To Block The Fire Hydrant

Image credits: BruceInc

#28 Family Vacation To The Grand Canyon. What A View

Image credits: ItsCaptainSalty

#29 I Heard Gunshots Outside Right Before Heading To Work, I Waited About 10 Minutes Before I Went Out To My Car And Found This. Glad I Wasn’t In The Car

Image credits: RickTrilogy

#30 So I Had A Sneezing Fit While Driving Yesterday

Image credits: oddjaqx

#31 Well

Image credits: Abit__

#32 I Wore A Mesh Hat On A 30 Mile Hike. Feeling Like Aang Today

Image credits: jurz90

#33 I Got Stuck Behind A Draw Bridge Today. And So Did An Ambulance

Image credits: flowercatt

#34 So Finally After A Year I Was Able To Get A Ps5. My Dog Was Excited Too

Image credits: waybackwhen15

#35 Just Took This Little Guy A Bath 20 Minutes Ago

Image credits: AddiictxD

#36 Toddler Learned How To Use The Microwave

Image credits:

#37 Both Things Happened To Me Today

Image credits: arna1

#38 This Kid Dropping Pizza

Image credits: itsplanty

#39 Owner Used The Wrong Shampoo (It’s Hair Dye)

Image credits: AbanaClara

#40 First Halloween In My New Neighborhood And Didn’t Get A Single Trick Or Treater

Image credits: simfire

#41 Apparently Someone Has Been Munching My Donuts And It Was Supposed To Be For My Kids After Work

Image credits: 8slipknot8

#42 Yesterday I Asked A Homeless Man With A Sign “Hungry, Anything Helps” If He Wanted A Freshly Baked, Warm Bagel. Today At The Same Intersection Something Caught My Eye

At the time he was super thankful and nice, and I felt great about it as I drove off.

Image credits: totalbangover

#43 My Back Veranda After The Neighbour Next Door, With Which I Share A Septic System, Flushed Paper Towels Down Their Toilet

Image credits: plasmafire11

#44 Woke Up Last Night To A Huge Crashing Sound Only To Find My Only Car Outside Completely Totaled By A Pos Driver. Nobody Else On The Road, 1 Am

Image credits: Chriss444

#45 Someone Parked Underground With Their Sunroof Open And A Pipe Burst Above Them

Image credits: MadDadofTwo

#46 Thanks To Windows, I Never Saw My Card Again

Image credits: GrapeSensitive454

#47 Someone Drilled A Hole In My Gas Tank. They Got Away With Roughly $12 Worth Of Fuel

Image credits: Erikmustride13

#48 Some Non-Municipal Company Started Digging Up My And My Neighbor’s Lawn With No Disclosure To Put Some Internet Service In, Broke All The Sprinkler Systems

Image credits: thatsmines7

#49 I Was Stung Twice, Once On My Forehead And Once On The Top Of My Ear

Image credits: Trash_Panda_Throw

#50 My Dad’s Phone. Left It To Charge Overnight, Woke Up And Saw This

Image credits: RedHot_Dragon

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