Christmas is all about peace and joy, and adding a bit of humor to the mix can only enhance the flavors. Smiles and giggles have the power to lift spirits and create a sense of connection and warmth, and these things are exactly what we need in such uncertain times.

So we at Bored Panda decided to continue our tradition and put together a collection of priceless moments when people brought a dash of wit to their holidays. Whether it’s cracking jokes around the dinner table, playing silly games, or sharing humorous memes, a bit of amusement can go a long way in creating lasting memories.

Continue scrolling to check out our list and if you want more Christmas fun, open up its 2021 and 2020 predecessors.

#1 Desaturated Santa Is Still The Best Costume I’ve Ever Done (Not Photoshopped). Other 2 Photos Are After A Long Day, On The Ferry Back Home

I printed out a desaturated photo of a Santa costume and wandered the aisles of the fabric store to find just the right neutral shade. There’s a surprising variation of types of greys – then I had to match the body paint to the fabric also so it didn’t look more blue-grey than it should. 

Image credits: brodyqat

#2 Decorating For Christmas On A Tight Budget

Image credits: malinowski14

#3 One Year, My Dog Was A Sheep In The Church Christmas Pageant. She Loved Every Second Of It

Image credits: Shabettsannony

#4 Grandma Got This Christmas Card From Her Mailman

Image credits: moneyballbingo

#5 Our 2022 Christmas Craft: Snowman Hair

Image credits: Little_Lo

#6 My Dad Would Always Gripe That He Didn’t Have Any Family Photos Of Me And My Brother. A Few Christmas Ago We Had This Made. He Hasn’t Said A Word About Family Photos Since

Image credits: Jew_Gravy

#7 This Year, I Began Living Alone For The First Time. This Is My Christmas Card

Image credits: malsies

#8 My Father-In-Law Doesn’t Like Dogs But He’s Watching Him Over Christmas For Me. This Is What He Sends Me “He’s Out Of Control!”

Image credits: BroChieftain

#9 Gingerbread Competition At Work

Image credits: bown12345

#10 Here’s My Attempt At This Old Christmas Gag. Had To Take It Down Because Too Many People Were Coming To The Rescue

Image credits: namakbhai

#11 We Have Been Putting This Little Chewbacca In The Christmas Tree For Ages And I Never Really Knew Why… I Just Found Out My Mom Thinks He Is A Gingerbread Man

Image credits: inmemoryoflilly

#12 This Prosthetic Christmas Tree

Image credits: notsurewhatidoin

#13 We Have A Running Joke With My Friends That I Only Cook Hotdogs. I Hope They Enjoy Their Christmas Cookies

Image credits: Giblet15

#14 Wife Insisted We Start To Put Up Christmas Stuff. Did Not Appreciate That I Put This Up In Secret While She Was At Work

Image credits: Greellx

#15 Merry Christmas

Image credits: CheesesteakLover

#16 Day 2 Of My Wife Not Noticing The Tomato In Our Christmas Tree

Image credits: FourHecks

#17 Our Annual “Parenting Chaos” Christmas Card – 9 Years In A Row

Image credits: kakalacky_guy

#18 This Was My Submission To My Company’s Christmas Door-Decorating Competition

Image credits: apunchtotheface

#19 The Best Christmas Gift I’ve Ever Received

Image credits: rachelmc923

#20 Someone’s Flatlining This Christmas

Image credits: k8biwi

#21 Local Sheriff Caught The Grinch Before Christmas

Image credits: RandomUser2937

#22 My Girlfriend Wrapped Her Christmas Presents In Fast Food Bags

Image credits: 14PulsarsV1

#23 My Brother-In-Law’s First Christmas As A Father Went Well

Image credits: JosephSim

#24 Forget Ugly Sweaters, Hello Tree Skirts

Image credits: Minner227

#25 Every Year My Girlfriend And I Make Our Own Christmas Card With Our Cats

Image credits: 123qwe33

#26 My Parents’ Neighborhood Has A Christmas Themed Golfcart Parade Every Year. This Was My Dad’s Golf Cart

Image credits: DecadeofStatues

#27 First Year Putting Up Our “Millennial Nativity Scene”

Image credits: Lazy_Roa

#28 My Family’s Christmas Card Recreation From 13 Years Prior

Image credits: sinchok

#29 Nieces Complained Elf On The Shelf Was Too Easy To Find. I Took It To A New Level

Image credits: ILLSTABUALLthesame

#30 This Hat They Put Onto The T-Rex At My University During The Holidays

Image credits: sh221bbkr

#31 Saw This Christmas Sign And Knew It Needed Embellishment

Image credits: KosherK

#32 Merry Christmas Or Whatever

Image credits: aesthel

#33 I Decorated My Door At Work

Image credits: nlnj_a

#34 My Son’s First College Roommate Picking Him Up From The Airport After Spending Christmas At Home

Image credits: Muldoon1987

#35 Gingerbread Zoom Call

Image credits: MagPie76

#36 The Family Was Helping With The Christmas Village. They Think They’re Funny

Image credits: SSTralala

#37 My Mom Asked My Sister If She Could Finally Switch The Halloween Decorations To Christmas. She Did This

Image credits: Rh_S0ulzz

#38 Ready For Christmas Lads

Image credits:

#39 This Weird Inflated Santa At Our Local Council Christmas Family Day

Image credits: _Silvern_

#40 Actual Picture Of My Kids Circa 2002

Image credits: tonkajoe6606

#41 Last Year Our Sewer Pipes Decided Our Christmas Theme

Image credits: iatealltheicecream

#42 Delivery Person Didn’t Come To The Porch Tonight. Guess They Aren’t A Fan Of Santa Meyers

Image credits: aperson7780

#43 A Christmas Tradition

Image credits: JonArvedon

#44 The Christmas Card I Made To Mail Out To Family This Year

Image credits: HeyImAli

#45 What The Grinch Does When He Isn’t Stealing Christmas

Image credits: ImAGoonYoureAGoon

#46 I Bought A Weighted Blanket Yesterday. Apparently, My Boyfriend Was Going To Get Me One For Christmas. Oops. Now He Has Beef With This One. I Just Came Home To Find This

The note says: “I’m sorry Paige, I know you just bought me but I’ll never be half the man your amazing BF is. So I had to end it all. Just throw me out. I’m sure he will get you a better one.


Image credits: Paigenacage

#47 Gingerbread Dreadnought At Hawkshead Christmas Fair, England

Image credits: C_Spicywiener69

#48 My Wife Made This Sign For The Holidays

Image credits: Artaxerxes88

#49 My Kids Decorated The Tree All By Themselves

Image credits: Sealkin

#50 It Is Going To Be Our First Christmas With Our Cat, Mr. Gray. I’m Not Leaving It Up To Chances

Image credits: runeknight5

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Author: Simona Kinderytė