Whether or not you agree that dogs are man’s best friend, I hope we can at least agree that they’re an endless source of wholesome and heartwarming moments.

These loyal and loving creatures bring joy not only to their owners but also everyone they pass as well. All it takes is a single enthusiastic tail wag or a quirky head tilt, and we’re smiling like fools.

The fact that these precious animals can do that even on the toughest days — when negativity is at the forefront — is tough to beat.

So we at Bored Panda compiled a new list of pictures that capture dogs in all of their glory. Continue scrolling to check them out and when you’re done, catch up on the series with our earlier publications here and here.

#1 Wholesome

#2 If I Ever Took A Good Photo It’s This One ?

Image credits: wolfdography

It’s not just us at Bored Panda talking up dogs. The therapeutic value of our relationship with our pets, particularly K9s, is increasingly recognized by scientists too.

Cats can be wonderful as well – but dogs have been domesticated by humans for much longer, and, as even the most devoted cat lover will admit, dogs are far easier to train for companionship.

#3 My Foster Dog Had Never Been Indoors Before. This Is Her First Nap, On A Bed, In A Home. ♥️

Image credits: mugglequeen

#4 Sir Patrick Stewart And A One Week Old Puppy ❤️

Image credits: LtlPwny

#5 Grandma Looking Cute

Image credits: HydrolicKrane

Marion Janner, a mental health campaigner and all-around animal lover, thinks that dogs teach us a whole range of lessons.

“Dogs love us unconditionally,” she told The Guardian. “They’re the ultimate in equal opportunities – entirely indifferent to race, gender, star sign, CV, clothes size, or ability to throw cool moves on the dance floor.”

“The simplicity and depth of this love is a continuous joy, along with the health benefits of daily walks and the social delights of chats with other dog walkers. They teach kids to be responsible, altruistic, and compassionate and, valuably but sadly, how to cope when someone you love dies.”

#6 Super Dog For Sure

Image credits: dante8447

#7 Some Images Require No Title, Just A Smile.

Image credits: CountrymanR60

#8 Not All Heroes Wear Capes; Many Wear Collars

Image credits: P50Juan

#9 Jax Is 13 Years Young, He Can’t Walk Very Far Nowadays But Would Be Heart Broken If We Didn’t Take Him For A Walk. So We Pull Him In His Wagon!

Image credits: naturalhiker705

On some level, the bond that forms between owner and pet is, it seems, similar to the bond that a mother forms with her baby.

According to academic and psychologist June McNicholas, pets can be a lifeline for socially isolated people. “Pet care and self-care are linked. When you take a dog out for a walk, people talk to you and that may be the only social contact an isolated person has the whole day … People with disabilities often find that able-bodied people are socially awkward with them [but] if they have a dog it breaks down barriers and allows a more comfortable and natural interaction.”

#10 Old Man Is Deaf. Waking Him Up Using My Scent So I Don’t Spook Him By Touching Him When He’s Asleep. Here’s The Moment He Knows It Me By My Scent. Good Old Boi.

Image credits: Lou_Lous-Doglife

#11 Keeping My Promise To Take Her To The Beach After Having To Cancel Last Year Due To Covid

Image credits: bitchinawesomeblonde

#12 My Niece Got A Puppy!

Image credits: CTRexPope

#13 Greyhound Rescue Group Posted This Picture With The Caption “Athletes In Retirement”

Image credits: ChaserNeverRests

Author and researcher Meg Daley Olmert believes that when we call our dog, “our baby” it is because we recognize it on a neural level as such. And this recognition triggers the same maternal bonding brain networks that allow a mother to look at her red, slimy newborn and say, “mine!”

#14 This UPS Man Taking Selfies With Every Dog He Comes Across On His Delivery Route!

Image credits: AwfulFrank

#15 I Saw One Of The Debreed Pugs That Can Breathe Properly

Image credits: Starswraith

#16 Seems Like The Dog Is Concerned

Image credits: Lawanbrilladelaselvaconsushereteingiry

#17 Homeless Man Throws Birthday Party For Dogs

Image credits: UnitedLab6476

Interestingly, there was a small study of functional MRI brain scans that looked into 18 women and showed similar responses in regions involved in reward, emotion, and affiliation when the women looked at images of their child and pet dog.

#18 The Proudest Mom I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: vladgrinch

#19 I Just Found Out That My Neighbors Tell Their Dog I’m Outside When They Want Him To Hurry Up And Get Out The Door. This Is Him Waiting For A Treat From Me.

Image credits: powaqua

#20 Can I See

Image credits: CatalanConqueror

#21 This Is Kabosu, She’s 17 Years Old And Was The Original Face Of The Doge Meme In 2013

Image credits: haddock420

However, there were important differences too. Dogs caused activity in the fusiform gyrus (involved in facial recognition) and babies in the tegmentum (centers of reward and affiliation). To put it simply, while we love our pets, in a fire we’d try to save the baby first.

#22 His First Day At Work

Image credits: killHACKS

#23 My 11yr Old Dog Is Blind But Still Loves Hiking So I Got Her Doggles To Protect Her Eyes From Sticks

Image credits: WildBill-

#24 That Look When You Meet Your Best Friend

Image credits: impetuous_panda

#25 Random Girl At Farmer’s Market Seduces My Partner In Front Of My Very Eyes

Image credits: thelasttrashbender

These creatures can find a way into everyone’s heart. When the Centre for Mental Health ran an evaluation on therapy dogs in prisons, the feedback was off the scale. “I don’t know what it is, but even when I am running around with [the dog] I just feel better inside, calmer, more peaceful,” said one prisoner

Another told the interviewer that “Dogs have a magic effect on you, you can feel their love and that just makes you feel better inside you.”

#26 Sat Next To These Ladies Who Insisted Our Dog Facetime With Theirs

Image credits: leilavanora

#27 Sweet Support Dog Who Gives Comfort To Children At The Dentist, Priceless

Image credits: Alphalarge

#28 She Destroyed All The Stuffed Animals Except For This One

Image credits: onesnowcrow

#29 An Elderly Neighbor Of Mine Is Throwing A Birthday Party For His Dog

Image credits: Grey_Gryphon

#30 Banks In Georgia (Country) Allow Dogs To Take Shelter In A Freezing Cold

Image credits: GoldenChinchilla

#31 My Cat Passed Away A Couple Weeks Ago And My Dog Now Sleeps Next To His Bed And Stares At His Tower… Sometimes She Whines While Staring At It… Does She Miss Him? Or Am I Just Crazy? They Were Really Really Close

Image credits: TheArtSnobX

#32 I Found This Picture A While Ago. Idk Why But It Just Fills Me Up With Joy. The Dog Is So Happy

Image credits: AstroyashSenpai69

#33 Wholesome

#34 (Oc) Today His Intrusive Thoughts Won After 2 Years Of Fighting The Urge To Jump In

Image credits: Rattie_Tails

#35 A Husky Next To A Wolf

Image credits: CandysaurusRex

#36 Before And After Of Rescuing A Fought Dog (Mods Delete If Not Allowed). 2020 To 2023

Image credits: lizzylou365

#37 My Golden Brings Me This Old Rug Every Time I Come Home To Wish Me A Warm Welcome

Image credits: poluplava

#38 The Finnish President And His Dog Lennu

Image credits: FairlyShaft57

#39 Meg Would Like To Offer You A Leaf During These Trying Times

Image credits: supersaltedpotato

#40 Please Take Care Of My Baby!!!

Image credits: brolbo

#41 Best Date Ever

Image credits: JesseD320

#42 Wife And I Got A Bus For Our Dog Business!

Image credits: CleetisMcgee

#43 When You Tell Her A Story That She Doesn’t Understand, But She Loves You Anyway

Image credits: Ashoredeplore12

#44 Still The Cute Face ?

Image credits: Grand_Dependent8181

#45 Wholesome

#46 Miller Believes In You

Image credits: ThisTimeLastYear

#47 Double Vision! What Perfect Pictures Of These Pups

Image credits: madethisjustforpewds

#48 Adopted Our First Family Puppy Today. Found My 2 Year Old And Puppy Like This Day 1 – I Think We Found A Winner ☺️

Image credits: Fidel89

#49 The Vet Is Very Familiar With My Boxer. They Know He’s Good Natured, So They Decided To Put A Cap On Him. They Sent Me This Picture

Image credits: fatherlongleg

#50 Teen’s Service Dog Get Photo In Yearbook

Image credits: tandyman234

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