Let’s not be naive, the world can be a dangerous place. Accidents can and do happen daily—they’re a part of being human. We have to somehow balance the knowledge that bad things can happen to us, while minimizing the risks we face, and also trying to live life to the fullest, without fear. After all, you can’t spend the rest of your days hiding in a corner somewhere, scared to do anything. However, it’s moments where you are literally an inch away from getting disastrously hurt that can (almost) make you start believing in Luck with a capital ‘L.’ 

Bored Panda has compiled this list of pics and stories, showing how people miraculously avoided what could have been some truly nasty accidents. They came away unscathed thanks to pure luck (and possibly a guardian angel or two, depending on your beliefs). 

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Bored Panda reached out to award-winning business psychologist and wellbeing specialist Lee Chambers with a couple of questions about living with confidence, as well as what mindset can help us recover more quickly if we do happen to get into an accident. The Startups 100 Index, the leading award for UK-based startups, has recently inducted Lee’s company, Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing, into its ranks and he has been widely praised for his success. Read on for our interview with the psychologist.

#1 Sometimes It Pays To Have A Dirty Car. My Son Got Rear-Ended Last Night, The Other Driver Was Aggressive And Left Without Exchanging Info

Image credits: Veriera

Psychologist and wellbeing specialist Lee, the founder of Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing, explained to Bored Panda that, in modern times, we’re exposed to more negative news which might make the world seem a bit more dangerous than it actually is.

“Part of being able to live with confidence is accepting that accidents do happen, and that in the modern world, we see them more often than they actually happen due to the media we consume,” he said.

“Appreciating that there are things that are out of control is powerful, as this helps us to get clear on what we can control from a risk perspective, to make our lives as safe as possible, but not waste time worrying about things we can’t.”

#2 This Is Jeremiah. Jeremiah Wore Safety Goggles While Angle Grinding. Jeremiah Still Has His Right Eye. Be Like Jeremiah

Image credits: tjconnorstweets

#3 A Tram In The Netherlands Failed To Stop In Time And Broke Through The Emergency Barrier. It’s Being Held Up By The Statue Of A Whale’s Tail

Image credits: 010fotograaf

Meanwhile, we can aim to be more mindful of the content that we consume. That way, we can switch our perspectives and see opportunities rather than potential threats. “Other things to consider are ensuring we sleep well, which supports our emotional balance, eating well as this impacts our mood, and moving our bodies, as this protects against worrying and rumination,” the wellbeing specialist pointed out that we should all strive to get the basics right first.

Psychologist Lee was also kind enough to share his thoughts on the values and beliefs that can help someone recover more quickly if they happen to get hurt badly in an accident. “Some important things to consider is that with accidents, we need to come to a place of acceptance about what has happened, in order to move past the suffering and start to focus on a growth mindset,” Lee said.

#4 These Coins Stopped A Bullet And Saved My Great-Grandfather’s Life During World War 1

Image credits: Fadawah

#5 We Were Seconds Away From Losing Our Home To The California Fire. Thank You To All The Firefighters That Saved Our Community

Image credits: BBQBUDDAH22

#6 This Is Why You Wear A Full Helmet. My Friend Was Hit By Someone Who Ran A Red Light. If He Had Wore A Skull Cap, He’d Have No Lower Jaw

Image credits: JiveMonkey

“It’s very easy to look at what you’ve lost, rather than focusing on the most positive recovery possible. This involves reflection, expressing the emotions you feel in a healthy way, and sometimes forgiving ourselves.” What also helps is practicing gratitude for what you have “rather than focusing on what you might have lost, and being resilient helps to navigate adversity and adapt to new ways of doing things.”

The psychologist added that some other important things are to maintain optimism, find fun in the little things, and seek support from your network. Lee has been lauded by the Startups 100 Index for his exceptional hard work with Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing. You can find some recent coverage of his success here, here, as well as here

#7 Friend Was Driving Down The Road And A Tree Fell On The Bed Of His Truck, Missing Passengers In The Back Seat And Horses In The Trailer He Was Pulling

Image credits: Bearwarp

#8 I Got Hit By Shrapnel In Ukraine And My Helmet Saved Me From A Very Bad Headache

Image credits: luciferlol_666

#9 Y’all Can’t Tell Me God Ain’t Real

Image credits: can_duece

It’s a good idea to learn what to do if you’re ever in a fire, see someone drowning, spot someone who got electrocuted, or notice someone choking, etc. These are examples of emergency situations that you can prepare for in advance and do drills so that you know what to do under stress. This way, you’re prepared and won’t be panicking when the dung hits the fan.

However, aside from basic safety precautions, there are plenty of situations that are disasters-in-waiting that you can’t feasibly prepare for. For example, you probably don’t expect your power tools to suddenly break and send metal fragments flying everywhere. The best you can do is get in the habit of wearing safety gear like goggles, and make sure that you take care of your tools.

Similarly, it would be mind-boggling to prepare for an eventuality like someone plowing their car through the wall of your building in the middle of the night. It’s a frightening thought. And people have avoided getting hurt due to blind luck. But it’s not exactly a situation that you could see potentially happening.

There are just way too many factors to consider! And it would overwhelm pretty much everyone if they tried to cover all of their bases, all the time. They’d probably end up living in an isolated bunker on a mountain somewhere… but even there, you’d still have to deal with dangers like tripping and falling.

#10 Went To The Gas Station Last Night For 5 Minutes To Get Beer And Came Back To This. My Room Is The Window To The Right. I Feel Insanely Lucky Right Now. Might Go Gambling

Image credits: babyspoot

#11 This Was My Friend’s Car After He Was Hit By A Semi. The Next Image Is The Only Injury He Sustained

Image credits: JacobStormBorn

#12 A Pole Flew Through My Friend’s Windshield While Driving Down I-80 Outside Of Berkeley, California Almost Impaling Him

Image credits: walterwilter

Based on the CDC’s data from 2020, the leading causes of death in the United States were heart disease (696,962 deaths), cancer (602,350), Covid-19 (350,831), accidents (200,955), stroke (160,264), and chronic lower respiratory diseases (152,657). Alzheimer’s killed 134,242 Americans while Diabetes claimed the lives of 102,188 people in the country.

Meanwhile, the leading causes of death around the world are cardiovascular diseases, cancer, high blood pressure, smoking, obesity, high blood sugar, and air pollution. We might not be able to control many things that happen to us, but we can eat healthy food and get plenty of movement, in order to reduce our risks of certain diseases.

Having an active social life and keeping your stress under control can also help your body and mind stay healthy. Social isolation is just as bad as smoking, so you shouldn’t neglect to build genuine social connections. Try to stay in touch with your family and friends as much as possible.

#13 This Is Why Hockey Players Wear Masks

Image credits: worthinghc

#14 To Be Fair It Could Have Been Worse

Image credits: zootiekaterr

#15 The Coronavirus Saved Us. This Is Our AP Office This Morning After The Beirut Explosion

Image credits: dalalmawad

While a thriving social life and exercise alone won’t make you magically immune to accidents, you’ll be far fitter and more capable to bounce back after your stay at the hospital. Moreover, having others support you in your time of need can make a massive difference in your recovery. Control the things that you can control. Prepare for the most common risks. And then go about your day, taking the necessary safety precautions, but without constantly looking above your head for falling pianos.

#16 We Were Sitting On The Chairs, Smoking A Cigarette, Talking, Laughing, Then A Car Fell On Us (Everybody’s Ok)

Image credits: JustWantToSignUp

#17 Truck Goes Over Bridge, Is Saved By Safety Chains Hooked Up To RV

Image credits: ranman35

#18 Good Karma: No Flat Tire And A New Good Lucky Charm In The Process

Image credits: stalwart_rabbit

Good luck might help us avoid getting hurt. However, ironically, not all good luck is, well, good for us. For example, many people dream about winning the lottery, getting a ton of money, and then living (what they assume will be) in style, without a care in the world. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Unless you religiously practice stealth wealth and keep your winnings a secret, you might soon find your life turning into hell. You might soon find your family and friends resenting you for not sharing your newfound wealth with them. Even if you get them gifts or spread your money around a bit, they might still feel like you owe them more. As such, some of them might expect you to pay for their jet-setting trips around the world or ask you to get them luxury goods or even cars.

#19 A Second Glance Saved Me From Living A Nightmare Tonight

Image credits: Omega593

#20 Well, That Was Lucky

Image credits: insurancejack

#21 Customer Said All 4 Of Them Were Uninjured But We Can’t Say The Same About The Car

Image credits: Misterr_Carlos

Similarly, if they announce your name and/or picture after you win the super mega ultra jackpot, don’t be surprised if distant acquaintances, long-lost relatives, and complete strangers badger you for cash. Some of them might legitimately need your help. Others might tell you a sob story to play you like a fiddle.

#22 Almost Died This Morning On The Highway. This Thing Bounced From The Left Lane Up In The Air And Impaled My Windshield

Image credits: acidwife

#23 Dropped My Keys At Work Today

Image credits: MrSlinkerton

#24 This Man’s Phone Was Pierced With An Arrow While He Was Taking A Picture Of Another Man Threatening To Shoot Him

Image credits: Slerms

If you want to be generous and give back to the community, do so on your own terms: find a charitable organization that means a lot to you and make a donation. Don’t feel obligated to help everyone who demands your attention. Otherwise, you’ll soon find that you no longer have any money left, and you don’t have the means to support your nearest and dearest for generations to come.

#25 Seriously, Proper Lab Attire Saved Me From Certain Blindness

Image credits: andypointo

#26 Snorkeler Finds Lost Wedding Ring Wrapped Around A Mullet Fish Off Of Norfolk Island

Image credits: jjophh

#27 Close Call, Nail Didn’t Even Graze Fingers

Image credits: tradehounds

Another danger of falling victim to a massive stroke of luck, at least financially, is the constant stress you’re under now that you’ve won the lottery. The pressure you’re under, as well as the vast cash reserves at your fingertips, might tempt you to gamble, drink, and party hard. Unless you have the willpower and discipline to moderate these impulses, you might end up wrecking your health, losing your wealth, and flushing your good reputation down the sewer.

#28 Too Close For Comfort

Image credits: reddit.com

#29 Got A Paint Chip In My Eye Today. Contact Lense Saved Me

Image credits: mynameisspoonman

#30 A Boulder Fell On My In-Laws’ Car In Idyllwild, CA. How Lucky The People Weren’t Hit

Image credits: drdrehey

In short, if you literally win the jackpot, the best approach is to enjoy things quietly and make plans for the future. Try to resist telling everyone about just how lucky you were. The same people who would be glad to see you’re all right after a close call with a potential accident might have a very different opinion about you ‘bragging’ about your lottery winnings. It’s weird how that works.

#31 Well, That Was Close. Crate Dropped, And No Beer Spilled

Image credits: GreetingsTraveler_

#32 I Was Trying To Eat And Drive On My Way To My First Day Of Work Today, And My Seatbelt Saved Me. Always Wear Your Seatbelt

Image credits: rpanko

#33 Tree Fell And This Is Now The Luckiest Guy In Town This Morning

Image credits: Stratostheory

#34 Buddy’s Car Nearly Slides Into Thy River, Stopped Just In Time

Image credits: chadwittman

#35 The Cat Knocked My Daughter’s Fish Bowl Off The Dresser

Image credits: slowf3

#36 Glad I Didn’t Decide To Sit In My Car This Morning And Defrost It

Image credits: NicholasStevenPhoto

#37 This Close Call Cut A Sheet Of Metal In My Work Gloves

Image credits: TheChosen0neHs

#38 Dropped My Crumpet Over My Cup Of Tea And Thought I’d Lost It, Turns Out I’m Rather Lucky Today

Image credits: tetsuya11

#39 Tree Tried To Murder My Car. Survived Without A Scratch (1967 Plymouth Belvedere)

Image credits: HijoDeAlgo

#40 My Vanity Mirror Fell In My Bathroom. It Was Saved From Shattering By My Toothbrush

Image credits: ChadFlenderman

#41 Dropped My Phone And Had A Huge “Whew” Moment When It Didn’t Fall In. Drove Off, Realized My S Pen Is Missing 20 Minutes Later. Came Back And Couldn’t Believe My Luck

Image credits: caitmp92

#42 Had An Electrical Fire Last Night. A Conveniently Placed Water Line Burst From The Heat And Put It Out

Image credits: wcollins260

#43 After The Storm

Image credits: AmmianusMarcellinus

#44 Bullet Came Through The Window. Passed A Few Inches Over My Brother Sleeping And Embedded In The Wall

Image credits: some-guy8899

#45 My Son Has Had His Learner’s Permit For A Year To Get His License In Two Weeks. I Asked Him To Repark The Cars In The Yard So I Could Clean The Driveway

He called me in tears because he “crashed” a tire on the tire. No damage. Lucky son

Image credits: Sunstoned1

#46 Tripped And Shot My Boot With A 3 1/2″ Framing Nail. Went Between My Toes Leaving Just A Minor Scratch

Image credits: Muff_Hugger8111

#47 That Was Close

Image credits: lunicornee

#48 Very Very Fortunate Dealership

Image credits: rosecoo

#49 Steady Now

Image credits: Elbobosan

#50 Close Call

Image credits: DaddyLongBallz

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