“I’ll have the chicken caesar salad and an unsweetened iced tea. And if you ask for my autograph or to take a photo with me, you won’t be getting a tip at all.”

Being a server is stressful enough as it is, but noticing a celebrity seated in your section adds a whole new element of anxiety. Will they be rude? Will I get a great tip if I provide excellent service? Will they ever come back here?

Servers of Reddit have recently been sharing their best, worst and most memorable celebrity customers, so we’ve gathered their juiciest tales down below. Enjoy reading these stories and living vicariously through some of these waiters, and be sure to upvote the experiences you find most amusing!


I worked in a green room before. I met Michael Moore. I asked him if he wanted anything to eat. He said “I’m good I already had my cocoa puffs this morning”.

I believe this was around the time Sicko was coming out.

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I’ve waited on Prince and LeBron and Tiger Woods.

LeBron doesn’t tip and was needy. He was a lot younger then though so maybe he’s better now.

Tiger was a good tipper, polite, etc. Just a normal customer type interaction. No entitlement or special treatment needed.

Prince. Prince had bodyguards and I was shocked at how small he was and how he could walk in his platform shoes. His handlers ordered everything for him and he didn’t speak. They ordered way too much food, treating entrees as samplers. He didn’t even make eye contact, until the end that is, when he cocked his head slightly, looked at me with a looking-into-your-soul look and gave a slight head nod. ‘Wassup, I’m Prince and you’re alright.’ Left a massive tip.

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To learn more about how this conversation started in the first place, we reached out to Reddit user Basic-Importance-680 to hear what inspired her to pose the question, “Have you ever had a celebrity come to your work?”

“What inspired me to start the conversation was to share my story about working at McDonald’s, even though I’ve never worked in a restaurant,” she told Bored Panda. “I wanted to work in a restaurant, but I never got hired. I wanted to make conversation with people.”

In her post, the OP shared that 6ix9ine would frequent the McDonald’s she worked at. “He always ordered a bunch of food and asked for free stuff, which we refused,” she noted. “Once, I was giving him his change back, it was $10, and he handed it back to me asking for a different $10 bill because it looked all ripped up. We all acted like he was a regular person when he saw us.”


I’ve had multiple celebrities come into my old job, where I was a host, so my encounters with them were generally brief, as I did not serve them.

Drew Barrymore was by far the nicest, most genuine person. I did not even recognize her at first and we were a few moments away from closing the kitchen between lunch and dinner service, so I gave her the whole “you’ll have to place your order quickly but you can stay as long as you’d like” run-down and she was super understanding and kind about it. The server came over after and informed me who I just had sat.

Daniel Radcliffe and his parents were also super nice.

Nicole Kidman was very intimidating, but did not act in any negative way, her presence was just very powerful.

David Byrne frequented our bar and read on his iPad. he was very kind.

Kristen Stewart was very outgoing and talkative. David Schwimmer was quiet. I did not recognize Katie Couric and almost turned her away because of aforementioned closing between service – oops.

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I’ve met lots of celebrities, one of the most memorable was comedian Hannibal Buress. He came to the host stand at my restaurant and the hostess said “you look familiar, are you on TV?” And without missing a beat he says ” I was on ‘to catch a predator’ but I’m better now” ???

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Basic-Importance-680 says she was surprised her post received so many comments. “I was not expecting that much attention,” she admitted. “Some of the responses surprised me, especially the celebrities that I know by name, and it was so nice to hear people share their stories.”

But she did note that none of the stories changed her existing opinions on these celebs. “Most of the celebrities I knew from the comments had positive reactions from the person telling the story,” the OP added.


Michael Shannon came in, drank two gin martinis and a whole bottle of cab. Chatted everyone up, then told the whole restaurant goodbye when he left.

This was ten years ago, but Kirsten Dunst sent a friend in to tell us a big celeb was coming in and needed either a back entrance or a private table. Reese Witherspoon and Lenny Kravitz were both in the restaurant at the time sitting at normal tables.

Beyonce didn’t say much but was polite, Jay Z was also nice, they had to leave because people swarmed them while they were trying to eat. It was nuts seeing people run in the restaurant SOBBING trying to get to her.

I’ve waited on James Marsden multiple times on two different coasts and he’s so nice, super charming and hilarious.

I have so many more, but really only two experiences where a “celeb” was mean and neither of them were very famous at the time.

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I worked in Vegas for 5 years and met tons, but honestly the majority of them just wanted to be another guest. With few exceptions, they were all relaxed, polite, kind, and respectful. I treated them like I’d treat any stranger who sat in my section.
Nicolas Cage is the biggest exception. Dude is real weird, but a good tipper at least.

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We were also curious if there were any specific celebrities that the OP would be interested in encountering. “I would love to meet Gordon Ramsey,” she shared. “I love watching his shows, and I follow him all over social media. I want to learn to cook like he does, and he has inspired me to take some recipes from social media and blogs and learn.”


Ed O’Neil came back in town to see his mom. He was so f*****g cool. This was before cell phones but he tipped VERY well and signed autographs. It was also before Modern Family.

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I waited on Dave Matthews. He’s very nice. This was in Charlottesville, VA, where he’s from and unfortunately he was swarmed leaving. But I did everything I could to keep it from happening during his meal. Everyone that asked, I said it wasn’t him. I kinda helicoptered near his table, it was a booth next to the empty bar, so I could keep watch without being a bother to him and his wife. I had to chase off two other people walking up to his table. Tipped 50%.

This didn’t happen to me but multiple friends of mine and I just love the story so much… Danny McBride. This was also in Charlottesville on the downtown mall which is essentially 8 or so blocks of shops and restaurants. Danny hit a *bunch* of restaurants that night. He basically ordered some food, ate, then would go and drink with the kitchen staff and then leave. He did this all the way down the mall, happened to at least three people I know from different restaurants.

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Basic-Importance-680 also finds celebrities who don’t tip or who are rude to servers to be very entitled. “They think because they are well known that their presence is enough of a tip,” she told Bored Panda. “The servers live off of tips, and even though the employers should be the one to raise their wages, it’s always considerate to tip when receiving any service you enjoy.”

“They are regular customers just like anyone else and have to treat those who are serving them with respect,” the OP continued. “If they want respect, they have to give it. Respect is not just handed away. I’m sure they would get a lot of backlash if the stories were all over the news.”


Jeff Goldblum came into the restaurant when I was server. Came in about 8 times over a span of 2 months (was in town for filming).

He was so kind and friendly, and tipped everyone fat as f**k. It was glorious.

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Gave Kurt Russel a club sandwich. He said, “thank you” and I said, “no, thank you”. He smiled back and was like, “Alright”. In like a happy surfer way. It took everything I had to not chat him up. Escape from New York and the thing are like my favorite movies.

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“I hope that everyone who read the post or commented enjoyed sharing their stories and having a conversation with new people,” the OP added. “It was a lot of fun to interact with new people and hear things you don’t usually hear on a daily basis.”


I work at a board game cafe that also happens to be connected to a very large Magic The Gathering singles selling business. We’ve had Post Malone come in a few times to dine in, and he was super nice to all the staff. Him and his posse booked a private room once, we allowed them to stay way past close to play Commander, and they allowed some of the staff to join them. They pretty much drank us dry of our mead and ate all of our meatballs.

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From personal experience , Talib Kweli, Quest Love, and Dave Chappelle are all very polite and good tippers. Michelle Wolf and Michael Moore are a little aloof and pretty typical as customers. I work in a small town frequented by celebrities, so a lot of my fellow industry employees have waited on celebrities. One of my coworkers waited on Hannibal Buress and he was friendly but so high he accidentally walked out on his tab. Apparently Bill Burr is very polite and a good tipper. Chris Rock wouldn’t talk to his server and communicated through other people in his party. Pete Davidson slept with his bar tender. Louis CK ordered the same breakfast every time he went to the breakfast place and was quiet. Sarah Silverman was super laid back and wearing pajamas.

Basically, except for Chris Rock, every celebrity I have heard of going to a restaurant in this town has acted anywhere from totally normal to better than average as a customer.

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James Mardsen filmed those Mazda alien car commercials right outside my town. He was super nice and him and a small party came to the restaurant I worked at, everyone was in a frenzy but I was just trying to serve and seat people, boss made me ask him if he was gonna want the buffet or menu since I was the hostess but also buffet server, since we closed it at 9 and James came in a 8:56pm. He wouldn’t answer to his name and so I tried to tap his elbow as he was walking and he immediately whipped around and said “please don’t grab me” then kept walking. I don’t think he knew I worked there until I had to follow them to their table. He looked concerned until I explained ” HI! Sorry I’m the hostess and I was just trying to get your attention to ask if you guys were gonna want menus or our buffet? I’m so sorry for tapping you earlier, I was just told to ask” he looked SO relieved when he realized I wasn’t just following him around ???? he even took a picture with me before I went home for the night. Super friendly and I will always be embarrassed for him thinking I was a crazy fan ??

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Channing Tatum. I was serving him cocktails while he gambled at the Hard Rock. Rude or shy, I can’t figure out which.
He did have horrible skin. Seemed to be breaking out.
I wouldn’t ever make this comment talking ish if he didn’t leave me an 8% tip.
(After “Step Up”, shortly before “Magic Mike”)

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From when I worked in a 3 Michelin Star restaurant.

Lady Gaga – came in wearing slacks and an understated button-down shirt. Reservation simply said “Stephanie G.” She dined with either her agent or publicist. Both were very low-key and polite. Seemed like a business meeting.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds- warm and polite. Friendly to everyone and went out of their way to greet people but without making a big deal or disturbing anyone else’s experience.

Cheech Marin – super low-key, very straight-faced and proper. Polite.

The band Anthrax- bought out our private events room. Super loud and boisterous but completely friendly. Stayed for hours after close. Smoked a huge joint with me, another server, and a couple of the kitchen guys in the alley afterwards.

The band Kings of Leon- absolute douchebags. Treated the staff like we were peasants.

John Cusack- a total barbarian. Put his muddy boots up on the table and spent 3 hours drinking tea. Did not tip.

Joan Cusack- came in with her family. The opposite of her brother in every way. Absolutely lovely woman. Treated each of us like we were the VIP’s.

Zac Effron- a kinda douchey but tipped well. Came in with a big entourage, some of whom were nice, some of whom were total goons.

Anthony Bourdain- I just about s**t my pants when they seated him in my section. He was there with a producer for a business lunch. Very low-key, polite. RIP My King.

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I had T.J. Miller come into my bar when I ran the bar at the best fine dining restaurant at town. Super nice guy, was on a FaceTime with his wife or girlfriend most the meal telling her about the city. He came in an complimented my martini skills and that he appreciates a bartender that stirs a martini. Very generous with all the workers who wanted a brief chat after his meal.

Jonathan Frakes of Star Trek fame came in to the restaurant I work now. I dropped off his drinks and made a brief comment about loving his work, especially his directing on the latest season of Picard, and told him if he needed anything to let me know. He was beyond gracious, and took time to talk to the workers who were fans after his meal as well. He had a few people at the bar send him drinks as well and be personally went over and thanked them and had a quick chat.

Happy to have both my experiences as good ones.

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Years ago I worked in a bakery in Aspen Colorado…. typical breads/pastries/doughnuts in the morning, and deli/sandwiches in the afternoon place. Very “local friendly”. One of our counter girls was named Andi. She was a tall mountain-type kid with a sweet disposition.

One morning when Andi was on the register Robert Redford stopped in and asked for ‘A dozen loaves of bread’. Andi was understandably a bit flustered, and answered, “Is that for here, or to go?” Redford was very kind, and clarified for her.

As he walked out the door, Andi fell back against the bread rack and sank to the floor with her face in her hands muttering, “…for here or to go? for here or to go?…”. It took her days to get over it.

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YES!!! Gordon Ramsey came to my work and he was so nice. Literally just the best. I’m not joking, it was for his show uncharted when he came to alaska.

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Sarah Jessica Parker‘s “please and thank you” game is strong and it feels like she really means it.

Tony Hawk is very chill. His (now ex) wife was an uppity b***h.

I also met a few Norwegian celebrities who were all pretty down to earth, but I didn’t really know who they were.

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William Shatner

We offered him one of our private rooms and he declined stating he’d like to dine amongst the people. He then refuses any request at meeting him by both customers and staff. I don’t blame him for not wanting to be interrupted but then take the private room? He was over all very rude.

We have an older server in his 70s that is obsessed with Star Trek. Like wears Star Trek cufflinks and makes constant references. My boss asked Shatner for an autograph for his employee and he refused. My boss then chased down his limo and would not let him leave without an autograph for the coworker. I’m glad he wasn’t there to see his hero treat people so poorly.

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Guy who plays the intern on The Office (American version) was a twat to the Servers. Took over his table halfway through so they didn’t have to deal with him.

Tracy Chapman sat at my bar and was chill as hell.

Same spot in SF, Ca.

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Did a catering job for Dolly Parton. She is such a lovely woman. She is upbeat so nice and just all-around good person. She’s so tiny. I just loved her. She is nice to everyone. She was promoting reading for children in Washington state.

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I worked as a bartender at an airport for 8 years, and have met more than a handful of celebrities.

My first was John Travolta and I honestly didn’t recognize him until he laughed.

I f****d up Stephan Colbert’s order, and confidently convinced him I made the better choice for him before I ran away to hide in the bathroom until he left.

Dan Marino borrowed my glasses to fire off a very angry text to Steve Madden on a Saturday before Sunday NFL coverage. What a coincidence we have the same s****y sight.

The lead singer of Puddle of Mud sat at the corner of my bar just announcing who he was and bitched about his warm beer (that he kept on a hot window ledge the entire time he was there), and was a total nightmare to deal with. At one point a normal folk like us just yelled “we don’t f*****g care!” at him. It was truly a beautiful sight to watch his reaction.

The guys from Band of Horses are from my hometown and I took care of them bi-weekly. Super nice guys.

Sean Brock and I talked food twice a week.

Eric Clapton is a pompous d**k. His flight rerouted and he just sat and stared at me without more than a “Cabernet” and no tip.

Brooke Shields is a national treasure. She’s so sweet and polite, and always remembered where our conversation left off. Serving her was like serving an old friend.

Danny McBride is the tits! I was going through a bad breakup when I served him, and told him my ex was a huge fan. He suggested taking a selfie with him to send to my ex to “win the break up”. The a*****e cheated, and I got to meet his idol. I definitely won.

Last and definitely not least is Bill F*****g Murray. He came into my bar and was about to get swarmed, so I screamed out “ITS HIS F*****G DAY OFF! BACK THE F**K UP!”. That was the start of him trusting me to take care of him every time he flew out (once to twice a month), annual Christmas Eve staring contest post beer, many gag tips in whatever foreign currency he had ( plus a generous usd tip), and a plethora of nicknames he pulled out of his a*s. Many years later I worked at a spot down the street from the airport and one night he came in. My dipshit manager that didn’t know who his was asked for his number to be put on the wait. He declined, saw me, and said “I miss you down the road, and I think you’d be better at running this joint”. I never let her live it down.

Almost every celebrity I met was down to earth except for Clapton and the POM douche.

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R. Kelly came to the club that I was a bouncer at. This was after everyone knew that he was a creep but before being charged. I denied him entry because he didn’t have an ID. His entourage was pissed. Lol

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Hunter Schafer from Euphoria comes to my sushi restaurant when she’s in Raleigh! Last time I served her, she brought her family in and they were all super polite, tipped well, and ordered all our best nigiri! She and Dominic Fike even took pictures with one of our servers. Makes me feel good about knowing they’re good people irl too

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When I was in high school I met Yoko Ono standing in line at a deli in Brooklyn, and had no idea who she was. I’d’ve expected Yoko Ono would have had “people” who did stuff like that for her. We really hit it off in line while we waited for our numbers to be called. She was fun!

She asked where I was going and if I needed a lift. I declined, explaining how I loved walking up Smith St. and people watching. My number was called and as I was picking out my stuff, I heard a worker say, “Miss Ono, welcome— this is an honor!” I realized my new friend was Yoko and I had turned down a ride.

She was awesome—friendly, engaging, humble and kind to me, in spite of our big age difference, and her immense fame.

We said goodbyes and when I walked out of the shop there was a limo with a driver waiting at the curb. “My” ride…. ugh.

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Stevie wonder – super cool. Had body guards and asked the staff if they wanted pics

Lana wachowski was a regular. Very nice. Knew some staff on a first name basis

Jason mraz – not super talkative but nice

Travis barker and fam – very quiet. Even with his family. Just kinda stared around and ate

Gillian Anderson was a regular. Always met up with friends. Orders a s**t ton of sweet potato fries. Very nice and outgoing

Billie Corgan – weirdo. Way taller than I expected. Huge head

Vince Vaughan – nice. Quiet. Visibly drunk at 2pm

John Mayer – polite. Cool. Really good tipper

Mike Ness – soft spoken, nice and an obvious sugar daddy


I’ve served Kat Graham, Jidenna, ~~CeeLo Green,~~ DeWanda Wise, and many other local ATL celebs lol. They were all so nice! Jidenna was exceptionally nice, overly nice! He was in there with a GORGEOUS woman who was also exceptionally nice. ~~CeeLo was a regular and always came in with like 20 people. We treated him normally.~~

I didn’t serve him but Andre 3000 came in with his son, and was so so so kind. I’ve told that story a 10000 times! He stopped and acknowledged every single one of us as he left the restaurant and said thank you and waved.

I can’t remember anymore off the top of my head, but the celebrities in Atlanta always act like normal people whenever I see them and I appreciate them.


Trish Stratus: very patient and nice.

Howie Mandel: wasn’t too friendly at first but my parents knew his mom, we were neighbors, and he got really friendly when I mentioned it.

Kardinal Offishall: total a*****e, rude.

Justin Bieber: nothing out of the ordinary, just acted like a regular customer.


I worked at a boutique hotel where a lot of celebs stayed and dined. I’ve waited on dozens of celebs, it was a different one or two every week. A few; Margot Robbie – about three yrs ago., I’m old and had no idea who she was. My table did and we’re asking if that was “her”. I assured them whoever they thought was, she wasn’t. I was wrong.she was very pleasant liked Moscow Mules. Julia Roberts was nice, almost didn’t recognize her. She was dressed like a plain Jane. Tom Hanks was extremely nice, took a photo with us that we shouldn’t have asked for but my buddy didn’t get the memo and I went along. A bunch more but I’d bore you, it’s what I do! Dana Carvey, Martin Short, Chris Rock, Will Ferrel, Gavin Newsome and Kimberly Guillfoyle at the end of their marriage multiple times, Diane Keaton, U2, Jane Fonda okay that’s enough for now.

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I’m not a server, but the two celebs I’ve met were both in restaurants. I met Michael Stipe at a Pizza Hut in 1997 waiting on his to-go order. He was super nice, and chatted me up quite a bit. He asked me directions back to Athens, GA, where I was a student at the time. I also met Kenny Rogers at Chili’s in Athens in 1998. He was also very nice, and his speaking voice sounded so excellent: just like his singing voice. I was very star-struck. He signed an autograph on a Chili’s coaster for me, and we talked about Michael Jackson, of all things.


Worked at a Convention Center:

Lou Ferrigno at a Bob Evans – sweetest guy you’d ever meet. Mainly just ate Breakfast.. talked to a few people. Took a few pics with waitresses and a couple kids. Mainly people just let him eat which I thought was pretty cool. Hung out for a few after he was done though. GREAT guy

Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, and Randy Savage Holiday Inn/.SW Convention center Steakhouse – Hogan was a bit of a stuffy jerk, but not “bad” in any way. Nash and Savage were absolutely HILARIOUS.. Nash missed his mark doing comedy

Jewel Front Desk, same Hotel – If I never meet this **** again, I won’t have to wrap my hands around her throat and strangle her. It’s probably a good idea. because WOW.. words cannot express the entitlement.

Puddle of Mudd/same hotel, bar – Had NO clue “who they were”.. nor much cared. Almost got fired for calling the lead singer who I STILL don’t know his name a whiny little b***h. Acted like he was too good to be there or “talk to the help”. IS a whiny little b***h. The other two were band I guess, and acted like normal guys. Pretty casual and funny, tbh.. we were having a great time til he waltzed in. Still wanna choke him.

Jeff Dunham/same – ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS. Down to Earth, genuine guy. Man had me in stitches. Got up and walked up to his own room to go get Walter and bring him down because some girls from a wedding were asking him to. Used to have a picture of Walter and I at the bar before a house fire

Ernie Banks/when I first started there – was older at the time.. but the sweetest man in the world. We were hosting the East Coast All Star awards ceremony. Signed a jersey I was allowed to wear for it that I won at their silent auction. (his) To this day is one of my greatest treasures. Eyes welling up just writing this.. honor of a lifetime.

Jack Roush and their team –
I honestly had no idea who they were.. and didn’t until after months of knowing them.
Regular, blue collar, blue jean and T Shirt wearing guys. I knew him as “Jack” and had no idea who they were.. just that they tipped amazing, were beyond friendly.. helped clean up after themselves and even pre-bussed their OWN tables (HUGE ones at that.. “small” groups were 25+) and each group would tip on their own, then Jack would leave a tip for everyone as well. Damn near floored me to find out who they were one day talking to a front desk girl. Nicest people one could ever ask for.

Ozzy Osbourne backstage
* Owner of the Hotel also owned the Rosemont Horizon at the time, and I got to bartend there occasionally and get passes. This is the one that sticks out more than all the rest combined though.
– Tried to pick a fight with the security (literal fist fight) because they were trying to usher fans OFF backstage. Ozzy got VISIBLY pissed about it and laid into them for DARING to do such a thing.. and proceeded to spend EXTRA time with the group after the fact.. (few hours if I remember properly.. which I was in a fecking dream, so I may not..lol!!!) individually talking to each person. genuinely wanted to hear about YOUR life and talk about it.. seemed fascinated by it. Impossible experience to live down. Zakk Wylde, Dave Mustaine, Marty Friedman and David Draiman were also in said crowd. Draiman was another one.. absolutely amazing guy.. down to earth.. and fun to talk to.
I HIGHLY recommend “meeting your idols”

The Coup de grace though was George Carlin at the same bar/hotel.
Came in twice. Didn’t drink, but was hanging out with one of his crew that did. They seemed like old friends. “Mike” is all I can remember of it, though
Not ONLY remembered my name more than a year later.. but made a comment to the other guy as they were walking in the second time “funniest bartender in the world”. Pretty sure the Busboys had to pick my jaw up off the floor. Is EXACTLY the way he is on stage.. he was just the guy that HAD to ask the stupid questions no one else had the balls to ask out loud. Guy had such a magnetic personality it wasn’t even funny… could walk up to anyone in the world and strike up a conversation. Did me the ABSOLUTE honor of walking behind the bar and pouring a drink while I sat with his friend and a waitress took the pic. Is probably the thing I miss the most from said house fire. Had it lacquered and framed on a piece of oak by a neighbor.


I served in the airport so I saw a few. Andre 3000 is the only one I waited on. He’s a vegetarian so he ordered mozzarella sticks and the veggie burger. I advised against it but he insisted. At the end he tipped me $40 and told me he should have listened about the burger. It is indeed awful.

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I’ve had a few when I was a bartender / server back in the day.

* Kat Von D was super sweet and a good tipper.
* Natasha Lyonne, also very nice. I didn’t wait on her that night, but I chatted with her for a sec when I was bartending and she stopped on her way to the bathroom to ask a quick question.
* Fred Armisen is nice, but (as many people say) it seems like it’s a weird fake persona. Like something just isn’t right behind the eyes.
* Peter Buck from REM used to come into a restaurant I worked a few times a week. Nice guy. Would hang out for a while and tipped decently.

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Mark Ruffalos parents live in my teeny tiny hometown in Southern Maine. May 1000 local pop. His mom is an artist.
He visits them on Thanksgiving, etc. The second somebody spots him in town, everybody knows. We all tend to leave him alone, as he’s with his family.
Anyway, I’m standing at the cellphone carrier I work for, I get a text that Dr Banner is at the Red Cup(coffee), heading my way.
I sold him a charger. He was very quiet, shorter than youd think and dressed in chic hobo. Kept the customer copy of the receipt that he didn’t want, brought it to my bfs son. Told him the Hulk came into my store today.

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Many times when I was fine dining. Coolest person, Emanuel Stewart who every month would show up with a couple young boxers who had never dined in a nice restaurant. Great guy and tipper.

Biggest Ahole, hands down, Tim Allen. He ate with Kwami Kilpatrick. Rude. Condescending. Terrible tipper.

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I randomly met Harrison Ford once in Colorado like ten or so years ago. Literally in line at a Barnes and noble. No one was even looking twice so I fonly asked “Am I crazy or are you Harrison Ford?” He immediately said “Can’t it be both?” And slapped me on the shoulder as he checked out. He went to leave and turned me like in a “pic? Autograph?”type way without saying out and I just said no this was too cool so he just winked and left. I met Elizabeth Olsen 5 years ago at the airport in Atlanta. I had just finished basic so I was out of touch with the world for like 5 months. Had no idea it was her. Flirted and had a great time chatting. My flight boarded and then I saw her in one of the avengers trailers. Like a month or two later.


Beyonce, JayZ and Michelle Williams. Paid to have the restaurant shut down, but allowed regulars to remain at the bar…just didn’t want to be bothered. Tipped well PLUS pit tickets for the Lemonade tour.

Bobcat Goldthwait. I said “hey, you know you look like Bobcat Goldthwait.” He was like “Who?” So I kinda ran down his career bio like a nerd. Then he broke into the voice and said “sounds like a ppppppretty good guy”. We ended up chatting for a while about normal s**t. Really nice guy.


Dave Chappell used to come into my restaurant fairly often. Super nice and great tipper. He’d also pretty much let the server curate his meal for him based on what we recommended.

Joe Biden and his family came in for brunch when he was vice president. He was super nice. I wasn’t his server but I cleared his plate. He made a point to turn around, make eye contact with me, and say thank you with a smile.

Condoleezza Rice (secretary of state at the time) was very nice and tipped 20% on her $100 check, but she insisted that the rest of the dining room be completely cleared out so no tables were around her which meant that her server made no other money and servers in the surrounding sections were SOL. They tried to play it off like it was a security issue but compare that to Joe Biden as vice president eating in a crowded dining room.

Eric Holder (attorney general at the time) and his wife were awesome. Really nice and great tippers. Their security, which consisted of two secret service agents sitting at the next booth, whispered, “no matter what he says, don’t let him pay for our food.” He meanwhile, was whispering, “I don’t care what they say, I’m paying for their food.”

During Obama’s inauguration week, bars and restaurants in DC were allowed to stay open all night so my restaurant followed suit and became like a club atmosphere. Rihanna showed up and her security convinced the GM to let her in even though she was underage. She pretty much just sat quietly at the back of the club, didn’t try to order a drink, and left after like half an hour. I guess we weren’t a great club!

I’ve waited on Linda Carter multiple times and she was not nice and tipped 10% max.


Not a server, but I met Chuck Norris at a ski lodge in Utah one time. He’s shorter than I imagined. He skis very fast. I’m a former racer, and I couldn’t keep up with him. Nice guy, and he did not whoop my a*s, just for the record.

Image credits: wunwinglo


I have waited on John Travolta many times over the years sometimes with his family but mostly just him and another person. Super nice guy! Always friendly and happy. Kelly was super nice as well

Image credits: johnpms


Tommy Chong was in a few months back.
He was the sweetest old man!!! Very nice, polite, and respectful. He offered to take pics with staff as well.

Image credits: Ineedasnackandanap


Not a restaurant, but I checked Joey Fatone into the hotel I worked at. He was really really nice. I told him he was the first celebrity I’ve ever met and he said, “Aw man that sucks.” Which made me sad lol.

Image credits: Bird_Up23


Rob Mcelhenney and Kaitlyn Olson came in one time. Kaitlin didn’t say a word and seems like she didn’t want to be bothered but Rob was a super nice and respectful guy. Im not the type to get star struck but I’m such a massive fan of IASIP that I definitely barely knew what to say to them and I’m sure I came off strange lol.

Image credits: poshjerkins


I work at a pro sports stadium so they come frequently. George strait and James harden are incredibly generous.

Image credits: Zezimalives


We’ve had several celebrities at my work- mostly actors but a few musical artists as well. They have pretty much all been polite but clearly wanted to fly under the radar and not have extra attention drawn to themselves. We’ve also had a few internet “celebrities” and they have all mostly sucked. Influencers, who half of us don’t even recognize nor give af who they are, act more entitled entitled than any actual famous person I’ve ever served.


I’m old but Abe Vigoda was a regular at a place I worked. He was known for sending back his eggs every single time and once he cried about it.

He was super super old and used a walker so maybe he was cooler when he was healthier.

Image credits: bothmybehalves


Eva Longoria is nice and tips well, her son is a typical spoiled little boy lol


Tracey Ullman, Michael J. Fox, John Carroll Lynch, Frank Langella, Jane Curtin

They were all polite and respectful and their celebrity was ignored, except John Carroll Lynch. As a character actor who probably doesnt get recognized as often, I think he actually appreciated when I complimented his work. Also, he was eating alone, so we chatted a bit.

My old roommate served Obama once during his presidency. He had to be vetted by the secret service and he was the only one allowed to handle his food or drinks.

Image credits: Dermott_54


I live near a mall, and when it got a new flagship store Shirley Jones came to promote th le grand opening and came to stay at the hotel connected to the restaurant I work for. The first night she was frustrated, but once we got her set up with a couple Stolli martinis she was so nice and charming. She signed autographs for the line cooks and other staff, always tipped well, and was pretty normal really.

Also, same job. Jerry Springer came into eat. He was all by himself reading a book so i didnt realize at first who he was. This was also well after his show quit running so he was quite older. I talk to the kitchen and say “this dude looks just like Jerry Springer” so they all start sneaking peaks at him. When i delivered his dinner I just asked flat out if he was Jerry Springer, and he said yes, i said that was cool and left him to eat. He was just a normal guy, tipped well.

Image credits: MacX1423


Jerry Springer came into my restaurant by himself after his show. He sat in the back of the restaurant with his face buried in a book (that he was genuinely reading) with his legs crossed. Not a soul noticed him. He was very nice and quiet. Just wanted to be left alone but was not rude about it.

Image credits: Crimetenders


Served Elliot page once. Was super nice and chill. Almost seemed a bit scared people would act like idiots bc of seeing a celebrity but we just treated him like a normal person and he left us a wonderful review! 🙂

Image credits: Puzzleheaded_Nail556


I worked at a medium-famous restaurant for several years so had the opportunity to wait on a few big stars. Clay Eiken, John Mulaney, Bon Jovi spring to mind first. I’ve never waited on a celebrity that didn’t act like a completely normal person—some are more outgoing, some are more reserved, just like anyone else. I‘ve also never acknowledged anyone’s stardom at the table. There are definitely people I would freak out over and probably ask for a picture, but unless I have preexisting feelings about them I’m not bothering them just because I know they’re famous.

Image credits: heyguysitsmerob


Chris Cornell used to come to my espresso stand up the street from his practice space in the late 90s. Couldn’t have been more of a gentleman. Used to bring his mom and her dogs sometimes. He was a sweet dude.

Image credits: shutthefuckupdonnie_


Klay Thompson of the Golden State warriors always comes to my restaurant right before closing time, he always stays well over an hour after we close. He is never polite, never rude, just quiet and short and will keep the entire staff there as late as possible and then tip 10-15% ? and this is at his hometown favorite local spot

Image credits: Important-Anybody-74


I’ve met and served a few, none of the people I met were rude some were off putting but still respectful.

Ron Perlman: he ordered a expensive tequila neat, I brought him the wrong one and was super embarrassed he was nice about it though! He talked to me about different tequilas and all that. He tipped me $100 on $350-360? I was working at 2 restaurants (same style) downtown at the time. He saw me at the other place the next morning working brunch, he recognized me and remembered my name. He said I had worked a lot and one day it would pay off. I then saw him again smoking outside a cigar shop downtown and he offered for me to sit and smoke with him it was his last day in town, I was on the way to work so I couldn’t. That was the last time I saw him ?

Micheal Shannon: he wasn’t rude at all but very short and quiet spoken. He was intimidating, always played backgammon and guarded his food while he ate.

Judy Greer: her and her husband were super nice and asked me about myself and said they loved the town we were in. I saw her thrifting a few days later at a local shop which I thought was cute.

Image credits: Fun_Tea_2439


Literally took care of 13 members of the Detroit lions not three weeks ago- great bunch of dudes. Very friendly and surprisingly lax about their wine service, no taste tests for them lol! But yeah just did the job as usual.

Image credits: Cjcheese413


I’ve met a bunch but this guy takes the cake.

Colin Farrell, Saturday night at Hooters in Miami. We were SLAMMED, he picked out one of the waitresses and proceeded to make out with her in the kitchen.

We were like WTFFFFF

Image credits: cocomimi3


Had a bunch , they were usually super cool but their entourage would be annoying.

The exception was Bobby Brown.. he was being a douche but his entourage was mad cool ?


I served Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson with his parents once.. they were all very kind.


Patrick Dempsey – very approachable and kind. Amazing blue eyes in person.


Lenny Kravitz. Lenny Gorgeous Kravitz. We were having a conversation and when familiar words were spoken in natural conversation, we simultaneously recognized them as a Beatle lyrical phrase, and we both started singing it. Such a memorable moment.


Ludacris came into my restaurant in Atlanta one time, cool dude.


Worked at a fancy hotel for a while. My girlfriend dropped off food to Dave Chapelle and the room stunk like weed. I waited on Mathew Broderick and Sara Jessica Parker who were super nice, and their children were extremely polite and well behaved. I didn’t interact with him but the front desk had high praises for Chadwick Bosman.


Back in the day, Cameron Diaz lived near me. I would run into her at Starbucks regularly. She was as chill as normal as anyone else.

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