“A Few Sizes Too Big”: 50 Animals That Were Gifted With Enormous Ears

Nature is full of surprises, and its inhabitants are adjusted to avoid any potential dangers that are coming their way. The shape of a bird’s beak and the color of a mammal’s fur are examples of various adaptations that help animals survive.

Oversized ears also play a crucial role in dodging predators, regulating temperature, and finding others of their kind. Not to mention their charm as accessories!

Today, we’re all ears as our Bored Panda team has gathered the cutest pictures of animals that are sporting sound receivers a few sizes too big. Warning: Some of these ear-to-body ratios might leave you overwhelmed with sweetness.

#1 Long Boy

Image credits: belugawilin

Many animals with large ears have exceptional hearing. A serval, a type of African wildcat, can hear smaller prey like rodents and frogs wiggling their way underground. Koalas use their excellent hearing to detect predators and communicate with others through the dense, leafy foliage that often surrounds them. Kangaroos have very sensitive ears that can rotate, which helps them monitor their surroundings, even while they’re eating or resting.

Besides, having enormous hearing organs can provide other adaptational benefits. Animals like African elephants, English lops (species of rabbits), and American Brahmans (a breed of beef cattle) use their ears to regulate body temperature. The large area dense with blood vessels encourages the loss of excess body heat, providing a much-needed cooling effect.

#2 People Keep Saying He Will Grow Into Them

Image credits: tree_dweller

#3 Harlow And Her Subwoofers

Image credits: harlowandsage

Moreover, the Basset Hound’s lengthy ears are designed to act as scent-catching traps, carrying smells toward the dog’s highly sensitive snout. This unique feature secures them the title of “the second-best sense of smell” among all canine breeds. Also, bats use their hearing organs to aid in their flight navigation. They capture a large amount of sound waves that allow them to maneuver through the dark with precision, making darkness irrelevant. Similarly, Aardvarks’ enormous ears compensate for their bad eyesight to better suit their nocturnal lives.

#4 Let’s Meet Lovely Jane

Image credits: kansascityzoo

#5 Long-Eared Bat

Image credits: remotectrl

#6 I Can’t Believe Teddy Turns 7 Today. Happy Honking Birthday To My Long Boy

Image credits: hobbikats

#7 My Friends 3-Month-Old Big Ears Rabbit

Image credits: monkeyboysam

Overall, the title of the biggest ears belongs to the African elephant, as they can grow to be six feet long and four feet wide. This species of elephant can feel vibrations underground through their feet, detecting sounds of stampeding animals from miles away, helping to recognize the approaching danger.

However, relative to their size, elephant ears are about one-sixth of their entire body. If we consider this metric, then the biggest hearing organs belong to a small rodent called the long-eared jerboa. Its sound receivers are two-thirds as long as its body, making it literally all ears. Jerboas are inhabitants of deserts, and the larger ear surface helps cool down their little bodies in the scorching sun.

#8 My New Kitten Has The Biggest Ears

Image credits: coral225

#9 His Ears Are Part Of The Tiny Tent

Image credits: DjinnTheFennecFox

#10 Our Little Troublemaker

Image credits: galimatis

#11 Ears A Plenty

Image credits: hdofu

Although they provide many advantages, the presence of big sound receivers can sometimes be inconvenient for their owners. For example, a Basset Hound’s ears are prone to infections, so ear hygiene is crucial for the health and comfort of these dogs. For long-eared bats, large hearing organs increase air resistance, forcing them to use more energy while flying compared to other species with smaller ears. Also, elephants living in forests can get their sound receivers caught in foliage. That’s why breeds of forest elephants usually have smaller oval-shaped ears to adapt to living in cooler, foliage dense environments.

#12 This Is Ralphie. His Ears Are Already Pretty Big, But He Can Make Them Bigger If You Want. 12/10 Very Cool Ralphie

Image credits: weratedogs

#13 My Little Boy Turns 9 Months Old Today And I Love Him More Every Second That Goes By

Image credits: hobbikats

#14 Tiny Temmie Is Ready For Take Off

Image credits: Mapleybacon

#15 We Always Thought He Would Grow Into His Ears

Image credits: oldtupperWare

#16 Nosey Cow Undoubtedly Stole The Show At The County Fairgrounds. Not Everyone’s Into Cows, But She Was A Beauty With The Softest Ears

Image credits: IvoryHeket

With their impressive ears, animals can hear many sounds that humans are not capable of. Elephants’ ability to hear infrasound waves allows them to hear even the movement of clouds. They can pick up when the rain clouds are gathering and know when to head for water sources. Pigeons can perceive sounds that are as low as 0.5 Hz, allowing them to detect distant storms, earthquakes, and even volcanoes. Moreover, many mammals and insects can hear the sounds made by plants. Studies show that greenery emits different sounds depending on the species and the type of stress (e.g., drought or cutting). Cats and dogs are also able to hear these sounds, so next time your pets hear something you don’t, it’s possible that your plants are just mingling with them.

#17 She’s All Ears

Image credits: beastman99

#18 Ears Out

Image credits: rockingchairranchcattle

#19 I Met A Puppy With The Biggest Ears

Image credits: 2la_fae

#20 Fox’s Ears

Image credits: mishkafennecfox

#21 My Rex With His Big Ears

Image credits: bostonggal

Even though the African elephant and long-eared jerboa have the biggest ears, they can’t be considered to have the best hearing. Actually, it’s quite impossible to nominate one animal that perceives sounds the best, as some can hear high frequencies better while others apprehend lower ones more efficiently.

The widest and highest-frequency hearing animal is the greater wax moth, which perceives sounds up to 300,000 Hz. It’s skilled at identifying bat echolocation waves and avoiding being eaten by them. As soon as they hear a predator, they change their flying direction into an evasive pattern, while some even close their wings and drop to the ground until the danger is gone. The lowest sound-hearing animal is a pigeon and wolves, cats, and dogs are known to be the most sensitive listeners, being able to pick up sounds at low volumes at long distances.

The workings of animal hearing are truly extraordinary, and there’s undeniably so much more that could be discovered and understood.

#22 Yesterday Evening I Was Blessed With My First Ever Brown Long-Eared Rescue Bat

Image credits: horrescoblue

#23 When Do You Think Her Ears Will Stop Growing?

Image credits: smolprincess928

#24 According To Our Vet, Our Puppy’s Ears Are “Abnormally Large”

Image credits: Occams_Plunger

#25 Face In The Crowd

Image credits: bexdragonfly

#26 Nala And Her Ears

Image credits: Ch8s3

#27 Hi, I Am Sirus

Image credits: servaldays

#28 Our New Continental Giant, Say Hello To Norman And His Ears

Image credits: laurabyes

#29 Tell Me How Much You Love Me. I’m All Ears

Image credits: rockingchairranchcattle

#30 It’s Still Summer For Me As Long As I Can Relax On The Balcony

Image credits: cats_katukai

#31 Meatloaf’s Ears Officially Stood Up This Morning And They Are Just So Big

Image credits: melliemofo

#32 Ears Up And Smile, Done

Image credits: trafalgar_fennec.in.bangkok

#33 Do Derpy Ears Count?

Image credits: CurlyCbus

#34 A Bat-Eared Fox I Got To Meet And Greet

Image credits: CranesMistressOfFear

#35 Everyone Said, “You’re Gonna Grow Into Those Ears.” But I’m So Glad I Didn’t. Mom Says They Give Me Character

Image credits: Dry_Scallion_4345

#36 Little Loki And His Ears

Image credits: _kristenkerr

#37 On A Bright, Clear Morning At Alamo Lake, A Jackrabbit Cleans It’s Big Ears

Image credits: backpackerjack

#38 The Serval. They Have The Largest Ears Proportionally To Their Body Size Of All The Cat Species. These Cats Are Absolutely Magnificent And Have Such Remarkable Features

Image credits: _kristenkerr

#39 All Business. My Guy A Few Weeks After His Ears Stood Up


#40 Doris The Model

Image credits: papillon_motylepoludnia

#41 Some Bilbies Will Sit Quietly While You Do A Health Check, And Others Will Pose For The Camera.

Image credits: savethebilbyfund

#42 Move Along, Buddy, I Said No Pictures Today

Image credits: meowrientals

#43 Snow Face

Image credits: cute_red_foxe

#44 A Perfect End To The Holidays. 2 Healthy Happy Heifers

Image credits: anvilcreek

#45 My Mom Just Took This Picture Of A Donkey With Bunny Ears. She Said This Guy Was Really Shy, But One Of The Cutest Of Them All

Image credits: xBence23

#46 Aardvark At The Zoo

Image credits: hinrichs.jens

#47 Maybe She’s Born With It, Maybe It’s Maybelline

Image credits: doubledonkeyranch

#48 My Angels

Image credits: hobbikats

#49 Hi Friends

Image credits: binkiebunss

#50 All Ears

Image credits: kaedist

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