10 Best Games Like Dragon Ball: The Breakers

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Asymmetrical multiplayer games have become a new go-to for many wanting a multiplayer experience they can jump into and immediately have a good time with, and the success of adapting intellectual properties within it – like the upcoming Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – shows that it’s a formidable and exciting genre…. Read more »

Songwriters: Job One Is To “Be That Guy”

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The Horse & Writer Retreat A few years back I got an invite from one of my favorite country songwriters, Skip Ewing, to go out to Wyoming and share my knowledge of songwriting at a camp for a week. The event was called Horse & Writer. We rode horses during the morning and worked on the craft of songwriting… Read more »

Editing Tips for Writers

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Editing tips for writers. If you’re the token writer at your office, among your friends, or in your family, then you’re probably asked on a regular basis to edit, review, or proofread written documents. Academic essays, business letters, and resumes will land on your desk with the word “HELP!” scrawled across the top. Or maybe… Read more »


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Some Great Country | Celestine Key

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i didn’t think it would ever come to this where I literally could not breathe because some heartless people in a faraway place were so selfish that they cared more about giant corporations giving them money and keeping them in power than for a little person like me to be able to breathe some great… Read more »