Everything You Need To Know About Website Design Costs

Everything You Need To Know About Website Design Costs

Recently I stumbled upon an article that claimed that getting a website design is an expensive and lengthy process. As a person who has worked in this business for over ten years now, I think it is a really harmful statement that prevents many people from getting the website they dream of. Many factors influence website design costs, but it does not need to be expensive to look stunning.

Website Design Costs

We put together three essential questions to help you find out how much you will need to pay for a website design. They cover elements that have the most significant influence on the price. Answering them will help you prepare the correct budget.

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1. How would you like the site to look?

It is great to have some links to sites you like. It helps in finding the style and layout that will suit you best. Don’t worry if you can’t really tell what you want. At this stage, even a few sentences or one link is enough to get everything started.

The style and layout of the homepage can change the price of your website from $50 to $5000! So it is the most significant factor. We broke design styles into four simplified categories to help you estimate possible expenses.

Simple Blogs (budget $15-$150)

If you plan to have a personal blog, our recommendation is the Blogger platform. With our premade designs, you can get it done for as low as $15! Even if you add a design color change and installation support, you are still way under $100. So it is the most affordable option for a very simple but stylish website or blog.

Small Business Website (budget $150-$250)

If you need a professional-looking website for your business, you do not need to spend a fortune on it! Start with one of our WordPress premade designs, and it will be more than enough. All the designs are just $99 each and come with installation and set-up included!

The only technical thing you will need to sort out on your own is getting a WordPress. However, we got you covered here too! Follow our easy 4 step guide and get a WordPress set-up in a few minutes.

Semi-Custom Website Design (budget $250-$1500)

If you are looking for something more unique, the best option for a lower-budget project is a WordPress premade design expanded with a design color change and a custom logo. Such projects are quoted for each customer separately but usually fall somewhere between $250 to $800. Contact us for free consultation and price check.

NEW: We have recently launched an Etsy store with premade logo designs. Combine them with one of our premade designs to create a semi-custom for the lowest possible price.

Custom Website Design (budget $1500+)

It is definitely the ultimate option if you are looking for one of a kind design that will look exactly like you imagined! We build each custom website from scratches, and because of that, the price can be significantly different for different projects. We believe that you should not pay for things you do not need or will not use, so we always discuss the essential aspects before quoting. Contact us for free consultation & price check.

If you would like to see some past custom design stories, make sure to browse our portfolio.

2. Do you need any custom pages?

By default, website design includes a styled homepage, blank pages, and blog-related elements (blog homepage, posts etc). Sometimes you may get an extra ‘Contact’ or ‘About’ page. If there are any other pages you already know you need, make sure to communicate it with a designer or check if premade designs you buy have them.

Some of our WordPress premade designs have included pages like Recipe Index or Galerry. All of the Custom designs come with the basic pages (‘Contact’, ‘About’ etc) but we are more than happy to add any other pages you need since the custom pages are tailored for each customer separately.

3. Are you looking for any specific features?

Options like Shop, Portfolio, or Recipe Index can increase website design costs.

In most cases, you can add them later if your starting budget is low. So do not stress about getting everything done at once. However, it is good to mention that you consider any specific feature when talking with someone about your design. This way, you will make sure that they can be added later, and you can get a price check to prepare your wallet for your website upgrade.

Still not sure how much your website may cost? Contact us for a price check and free consultation!

Additional Website Design Costs

Remember that you should always look for any additional or hidden costs when it comes to a website design.

We do our best to be as transparent as possible with all the prices, but I can not guarantee that about other shops. The most common practice is an additional installation and set-up fee for a design. Even though installation isn’t usually very hard or time-consuming, we have many customers who bought designs somewhere else and could not get them to work!

It is why all our premade and custom designs have the installation & set-up included in the design price.

Let us know in the comments if you still have any questions about website design costs!

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