Despite making headlines in the past month for her message of world peace, it is now due to an old questionable picture that Hollywood star Angelina Jolie has been trending this week.

The internet works in mysterious ways, and this past week, it has brought the controversial picture of Angelina and her brother kissing back to light, sparking outrage online.

At the 57th annual Golden Globe Awards where the actress had won the award for best supporting actress in Girl Interrupted, Angelina was initially snapped smooching her brother, James Haven, on the lips.

Resurfaced pictures of Angelina Jolie kissing James Haven in 2000 have sparked many questions online

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Back in 2000, the actress-turned-humanitarian who was just 24 years old at the time, also went on to bag an Oscar for her performance in the same 1999 movie.

While giving her acceptance speech, Angelina gave a special shout-out to James who had accompanied her to the ceremony.

At the time, she nervously said: “I’m in shock, and I’m so in love with my brother right now.

“He just held me and said he loved me, and I know he’s so happy for me. And, um, thank you for that.”

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Pictures of James and Angelina were once again taken at the post-Oscars Vanity Fair after-party of them sharing yet another kiss on the lips.

In the early Y2K years, the siblings’ photographs quickly sparked cruel incest jokes, which were addressed by Angelina herself when she appeared on Jay Leno in March 2000.

After forcing the host to read some of the vulgar mockeries he had made of her and her brother, Angelina said: “I actually didn’t highlight the ones that were so terrible, I didn’t want my mom to hear them again.”

Jay tried to reply: “I’m not the only—” before Angelina promptly interjected: “No, you’re not the only one, and it’s good of you to jump in with everybody else. Sometimes it’s good to just stand up for something.”

The siblings were initially pictured kissing at the Golden Globes, before repeating the exchange at the Oscars

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The host went on to reference a car accident that Matthew Perry had been involved in at the time that hadn’t involved drinking or drugs. 

He recalled that it was “just a stupid car accident,” comparing it to the event at hand, and added, “If someone has a real problem, alcoholism or drugs or something, you don’t go there, but marriage and sex—”

Once again, the movie star interrupted: “And incest?” before later admitting: “Honestly, if I wanted to kill you, I wouldn’t be here right now. 

“I just felt I needed to say that because I think [the audience] get it.”

“I know he’s so happy for me,” Angelina said of her brother, as she accepted her Oscar

Image credits: Oscars

With the controversial pictures recently resurfacing again, Redditors have been questioning Angelina and James’ behavior.

A person posted on Reddit: “Can somebody explain what’s going on with Angelina Jolie smooching her brother like that?”

Social media users found the nature of their relationship to be a little bizarre

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To which a user replied: “No, I don’t think anyone really can explain.”

Another person wrote: “She did it for shock value. Totally performative.”

A Redditor reminisced: “It was a wild time and we just all watched in confusion tbh.”

A separate individual chimed in: “It felt very staged & performative at the time, like she was doing it to reinforce her edgy wild child public image, but that didn’t make it any less weird.”

Many people agreed that the 2000s were a weird era

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Author: Donata Leskauskaite

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