People Couldn’t Ignore These 50 Good Ideas Executed Horrendously, So They Shared Them In This Group

Generally, what separates a good design from a bad one is that a good design focuses on making a product useful and doesn’t include anything that takes away from it, while a bad design is confusing, distracting, difficult to use, and has a short lifespan.

However, what if the design that has potential was executed in such a way that the finished result has an inferior outcome? Well, it turns out that we get these half-good, half-bad sorts of ideas that, if done better, could be golden. So this leads us to a subreddit called Good Taste But Awful Execution (aka GTBAE), where people share their findings of these bad executions in the wild.

While exploring these hilarious design fails, let us know in the comments below which seems like the worst one yet. And if you are interested, check out a reversed alternative shared on Bored Panda previously, where the taste is awful, but the execution is great.

#1 I Took Me Way Too Long To See The Dog

Image credits: jweeby

#2 Good Intentioned But The Placing Could’ve Been Better

Image credits: Zoh41b

#3 Happy End?

Image credits: 40harentenough

Although failed designs are sure fun to look at and try to fathom how they happened, they also affect our lives in smaller or bigger ways. After the funny part fades away, then follows confusion, then frustration and annoyance. Some design fails can even be hurtful, unintentionally racist or sexist, and in some cases, a bad design can lead to physical harm, such as when a poorly designed machine or tool causes an injury.

#4 Try Not To Put These Sections Together

Image credits: ComicPandaa

#5 This Jfk Memorial

Image credits: kalitarios

#6 This Is All Good Until The Airbag Malfunctions From Moisture Damage And Your Passenger Takes A Cactus Through The Face At 300 Mph

Image credits: ChaseSpike11

This is a great example of how important it is to do a test before reaching a final result. Just imagine how many of these examples could have been avoided, if not all of them. So why do people miss such a crucial step? Well, one of the main reasons is resources. To do a test drive, in some cases, can be time-consuming and expensive, especially for small businesses or individuals who are making, for example, cake for their child’s birthday.

However, keep in mind that the cost of not testing can be even higher. A bad design can waste resources, cost money, and harm a company’s reputation. It may even result in legal liability in some cases if the design causes harm to users.

#7 Someone’s About To Get Fired

Image credits: juliuspepperwoodchi

#8 My Home State Trying To Stop Meth Use With A New Slogan

Image credits: CaptnHarrison

#9 Extremely Good Taste But Definitely Awful Execution!

Image credits: MR-N-XX

Overconfidence is another reason why people may avoid testing. They may believe that they have created a design that is error-free and does not need to be tested. This way of thinking can be dangerous because it can lead to the design missing potential flaws and weaknesses.

Luckily, most of the design fails here are rather harmless and will be more of a funny memory than a lifelong injury. It only depends on how you will look at it and whether you will try your best and learn from the failure or keep failing in the future until you do.

#10 Maybe Don’t Try To Recreate All Family Photos

Image credits: twolvesfan9

#11 I Would Rather Have Cookies Than A Large Cake Honestly

Image credits: uncertain6786

#12 This

Image credits: PratyThePotato

#13 Mr T Set

Image credits: opgary

#14 D.a.r.e. And Their Pencils

Image credits: JamesBCrazy

#15 To Draw A Family A Snorkeling

Image credits: Lightning_Pancake

#16 And My Dad Is My Protractor…

Image credits: Evarix_

#17 The One And Only “Vanny Devito”

Image credits: jackrobson253

#18 This Book

Image credits: moose_cahoots

#19 They Tried

Image credits: magicat345

#20 The Fact That He Tattooed This On The Wrong Arm And Now Mario Has Two Right Hands

Image credits: Usrname132

#21 Behold The ‘Potato Head Of Palencia’ – Another Botched Art Restoration In Spain

Image credits: Northwest-Passage

#22 It’s Self-Explanatory

Image credits: EpicAditya

#23 The Penis Mightier Than The Sword

Image credits: datsundude240

#24 A Majestic Tiger, With Some Anatomical Difficulties

Image credits: Laxmi_Carrie

#25 People Concerned About Africans Not Having Clean Water

Image credits: karateflame2

#26 My Wife’s Message In The Shower

Image credits: respectively288

#27 Wwii Mickey Mouse Gas Mask, Attempting To Make The Mask Less Scary To Children

Image credits: nitid_name

#28 Should Have Gone With Yoshi

Image credits: Gnar-wahl

#29 I Mean

Image credits:

#30 Does This Look Weird

Image credits: Spingeville

#31 Someone Posted This On Facebook Today

Image credits: SaltedAndSugared

#32 Ugliest Thing I’ve Ever Made. I Love It

Image credits: averyoddfishindeed

#33 Yoda Cake

Image credits: lientubay

#34 The Yellow “For” Gets Lost Among The Big Red Letters

Image credits: be_there_on_q

#35 Pooh Bear Took A Wrong Turn In Life

Image credits: KieranUltruse

#36 This Bin

Image credits: yeahnahl0l5

#37 My Mom Said It Was Supposed To Be The Joker

Image credits: Bredbear36

#38 This Cake I Found In A Photo Album From My Third Birthday

Image credits: TheMightyBiz

#39 Tron Stairs

Image credits: honeypup

#40 My Sisters Cake. (Its Supposed To Be A Hedgehog)

Image credits: lolxd46

#41 Accident Waiting To Happen… Was Told It Fits Better Here Than In R/Atbge

Image credits: tdomer80

#42 Happy Thanksgiving!

Image credits: UnixUnderpants

#43 It’s A Happy…!

Image credits: Ghostbulla

#44 Elsa Let It Go

Image credits: Lavellan03

#45 A Family Portrait For A Couple Who Suffered A Miscarriage With The Artists Logo Killed In The Corner

Image credits:

#46 Spongebob Cake

Image credits: RoyMartini

#47 Tattoo On Point

Image credits: snappyapple632

#48 Disguising This Cell Tower As A Tree

Image credits: Cameron_Sas

#49 This Social Psychology Textbook That Was Supposed To Show The Reflection Of You

Image credits: YoujustgotLokid

#50 My School’s New Tiger Statue

Image credits:

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