Quentin Tarantino Reveals One OUATIH Character’s Fate Three Years After It Came Out

Quentin Tarantino reveals the fate of one Once Upon a Time in Hollywood character three years after the movie’s release. Set in 1969, Tarantino’s ninth film (by his counting) served as the director’s love-letter to the Los Angeles of his youth, but also took time to pay homage to an era of Hollywood that stood poised between the end of the old-time studio system and the beginning of the more dynamic period that came to be known as New Hollywood. Central to Tarantino’s depiction of 1969 Hollywood was Leonardo DiCaprio’s Rick Dalton, a B-grade actor forced to take on TV roles, who in the course of the film battles with his own self-doubt as a performer, but winds up an unlikely hero in the movie’s outrageously violent finale.

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Author: Dan Zinski