Songwriters: Tell Yourself 5 Things Each Morning


Songwriters: Tell Yourself These 5 Things Each Morning

1) This could be the day that changes everything.  

One Tuesday, I walked into a room and wrote a song that became the most played song of the year.  Prior to that day, I had been worried about losing my writing deal.  Therefore, one day can truly change it all.

2) One monster song is all it takes.

It only takes one hit song to launch a career.  Whatever has happened before that doesn’t matter.  Concentrate on writing a monster song TODAY and don’t let your past define you.

3) I am prepared and ready to write.

If I know that I’m well rested and prepared to write, it gives me confidence going into the session.  If I’ve done everything I can do to be in a good writing frame of mind, them I’m much more likely to write a hit.

4) I could write the best song I’ve ever written TODAY! 

I have learned from all of my past failures. Therefore, the song I write today should, logically, be the best I’ve ever written.  If I keep writing a little better every day, I will succeed one day.

5) I’m going to give this song everything I’ve got.

I try to give my co-writers and the song everything I have each day. By digging deep and keeping at it until I believe that everything about the song is right, I can rest easy at night if I know I gave all I had.

One of the keys to BECOMING a great songwriter is to start thinking like one. Tell yourself these things every morning. Get pumped up. And write your heart out!!

Write on! MD

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Author: Marty Dodson