Sonic the Hedgehog’s IDW Series Is Trying To Outdo Archie’s Best Arc

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Sonic the Hedgehog: Imposter Syndrome #2!

IDW Publishing made it official in the subtlest of ways that its Sonic the Hedgehog series is trying to outdo the classic Operation: EndGame arc from Archie Comics’ original take on the famous Blue Blur.

The similarities between the two stories were originally too tenuous to take into serious consideration, but IDW’s Dr. Starline just mentioned the word “endgame” when referring to his goal to overtake Dr. Eggman in Sonic the Hedgehog: Imposter Syndrome #2 by writer Ian Flynn, artist Thomas Rothlisberger, inker Gigi Dutreix, colorist Valentina Pinto and letterer Shawn Lee. Of course, Starline could have been much more explicit if he actually named his current mission “Operation: Remaster” with that particular keyword. But that would have been too obvious, and the series has already proven that its Imposter Syndrome tie-in issues aren’t so forthcoming.

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In Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog discontinued series, endgame refers to the Operation: EndGame four-issue arc where the traitor Drago the Wolf serves as Sonic’s imposter and frames him for killing Princess Sally. This leads to Sonic’s imprisonment and his eventual escape before he clears his name and battles Robotnik literally to death. In IDW’s Imposter Syndrome, Dr. Starline creates robotic evil replacements for Sonic and Tails called Surge and Kit respectively. As of now, it’s unclear why Starline won’t just deactivate the lifelike robots once they have destroyed their living originators. But the latest issue does hint that Surge and Kit will soon learn the “shocking truth” to their creation.

Of course, Surge obviously can’t frame IDW’s Sonic for murder since she looks nothing like him and is a tenrec, not a hedgehog. But Dr. Starline does plan on using these imposters against Dr. Eggman much like how Archie’s Sonic eventually straight-up murders Dr. Robotnik in Operation: EndGame. Of course, Starline doesn’t want to kill Eggman. He’s Eggman’s biggest fanboy, after all. The problem is that Starline recognizes that his hero is a deeply flawed individual especially when it comes to Sonic and won’t reach his true genius until the Blue Blur is gone. Starline’s plan, therefore, involves his imposters temporarily removing Eggman from the picture so that Surge and Kit can eliminate their good, living counterparts. Then, and only then, will he be able to rule alongside an uncompromisable Dr. Eggman.

Although Imposter Syndrome is the best thing to have happened to IDW’s Sonic the Hedgehog series in a long time, there’s no way it could ever surpass Archie’s Operation: EndGame series. One, readers were led to believe that Princess Sally actually died, which is akin to Amy Rose dying. Two, Sonic was not only imprisoned but escaped from captivity, and, so far, Sonic hasn’t even appeared in the story. Three, Dr. Robotnik actually died. Additionally, EndGame culminated in Sonic’s home and hideout getting thrust into its own separate zone in the future, creating further complications down the road. So, unless IDW’s Sonic gets incarcerated, a hero is believed to have been killed, Dr. Eggman actually dies and Restoration headquarters gets profoundly affected in some way, IDW’s Imposter Syndrome, even with Surge and Kit, can’t surpass Sonic the Hedgehog’s original imposter arc, EndGame.

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Author: Steven Blackburn