Tech Support People Are Sharing The Worst Cases They’ve Seen While On The Job (40 New Pics)

There are solid reasons why a subreddit like Tech Support Gore exists. You see, as little documented as it may be, people living in the golden age of technology are no strangers to occasional, or rather pretty frequent mishaps.

And when we talk about mishaps, we’re talking about real stuff, like fry-ups, grease and nests. It sounds like something from Gordon Ramsay’s show Hell’s Kitchen, but it’s not. Burning plastic, cable nests and hand grease are all the tip of the iceberg of things technicians see and have to find ways to fix on a daily basis.

So today, we are about to dive into the collection of the worst cases these blessed workers have seen while on duty. From straight-up embarrassing to plain weird, thumbs up are simply not enough to give to tech support. Psst! More of the crazy tech fails people brought in can be found in our previous posts here and here.

#1 So Yesterday My Hamster Escaped From His Cage And Somehow Ended Up Inside My Computer. My PC No Longer Works…

Image credits: erorogunsou001

#2 Internet Is Temporarily Unavailable

Image credits: ScienceForEveryOne2

#3 Merry Christmas

Image credits: Vilquid

Previously, we spoke with an IT support specialist who shared a couple of insights into the crazy things technicians see on a daily basis at work. Speaking of all the crazy pictures shared on the r/TechSupportGore subreddit, Smarthawk said that “they are accurate depictions of some of the things you run into in hardware support.” He added that “some things are obviously more shocking than others,” but this is pretty much an accurate representation of reality.

#4 The Bad Part About Giving Tech Support To Your Local Food Place Is Seeing This And Knowing You Shouldn’t Eat There Any More

Image credits: M4rK101

#5 Marriott Hotel Network Closet – Where Past Problems Meet The Present

Image credits: audiblepromotions

#6 Thinkpad Overheating For Some Reason

Image credits: lhauckphx

When asked why so many people seem to still have little idea of how technology works, Smarthawk commented: “I think that the general population is definitely getting more comfortable using technology but, no matter how confident you are, there’s always moments where someone has a brainfart and breaks something.” So even for the best tech connoisseurs, faux pas happen, and they may find their baked gadgets end up on the r/TechSupportGore community.

Today r/TechSupportGore is home to 521k members, but it seems like the community never stopped growing since its creation in 2012. They aren’t interested in trivial things like cracked screens or anything—just the filthiest kind of tech fails. And it doesn’t seem that they’re running out of things to post anytime soon.

#7 Anyone Wanna Guess What Happened To The Server?

Image credits: myltiti

#8 My Client Says He Doesn’t Know Why His PC Isn’t Turning On Anymore…

Image credits: exxxxkc

#9 My Friend Told Me She Broke Her Phone And Sent Me This

Image credits: Rattlecan6669

#10 When I Was Younger, I Tried To Dry My Laptop Keyboard By Putting It In The Oven On Low

Image credits: MokausiLietuviu

#11 Lol “Gold Plated” My Ass. (Gold Doesn’t Rust) ?

Image credits: cyberdoodle

#12 Even When Booting, iPhone 11 Displays Other Images

Image credits: c0brachicken

#13 Just Discovered This Sub – (About A Year Ago) A Customer Asked Me If I Could Recover Anything. He Bent It Across His Knee In A Drunken Rage One Night. Hdd Was Miraculously Undamaged And I Was Able To Do A Full Recovery!

Image credits: Phr057

#14 Customer States “Our Intercom At The Gate Doesn’t Work” Meanwhile In The Connections Box

Image credits: trdsc7797

#15 It Just Bothers Me

Image credits: pingywon

#16 This Mac Book Cable Being Used By A Staff Member At Work

Image credits: catserta

#17 Crunchy And Fibre Rich

Image credits: themo98

#18 This Beauty Of A Touchpad I Found At The Thrift…

Image credits: cherry-kid

#19 Spaghetti On A Drill

Image credits: ASD_AuZ

#20 Boom

Image credits: rextnzld

#21 My Mum Is Using Her Laptop In The Rain On The Beach

Image credits: AloneRefrigerator789

#22 What Mandatory Sanitizing At Work Did To My Brand New $2,000 Laptop Last Winter

Image credits: lesbiab

#23 My Eyes It Burns!

Image credits: kurtstir

#24 Bought A Vic 20. Came With A Rad Wasp Nest. I Reckon This Is Fine

Image credits: PotatoKingIV

#25 Ouch

Image credits: dixchocolate

#26 How Do You Even Wear Dimples Into A Keyboard Less Than A Year Old? Is This The Keyboard Of A 50000 Wpm Typer?

Image credits: isecore

#27 I Don’t Think The Problem Is With The Modem This Time…

Image credits: Stitchpool626

#28 This How-To Video

Image credits: samwichse

#29 The Server / WiFi Setup Where I Work. (The Tupperware Is To Catch The Water From The Leaky Aircon)

Image credits: jethrobradford

#30 New Girl At My Job Tried To Find Out The WiFi Password To Connect Her iPhone And Watch Tiktok During Breaks, Bent The Router Hook While Trying To Take It Off The Wall Brutally, That Metal Hook Got Stuck And Short Circuited The Router From Inside. People Are Dumber Than Donkeys

Image credits: themo98

#31 Client Told That Old Owner Would Leave All Network Infrastructure. Thank You

Image credits: Lysergic-D

#32 People Are Often Shocked When They Found Out I’m Such A Bad Electrician (Not My Pic)

Image credits: itsTyrion

#33 Can You Make A Network Map For Us?

Image credits: polarbearjuice

#34 “The Ports Stopped Working!” “Which Ones?” “All Of Them!”

Image credits: appleontheapex

#35 What Do You Think It Looks Like Inside?

Image credits: DiogoSN

#36 I’m Gonna Start A Collection

Image credits: type_r_boy

#37 The New Bookmac Amateur

Image credits: citizenofeurope

#38 Pro Tip: Dont Store PC Stuff Near Paint When Moving Into A New House

Image credits: dat1driftenleaf10101

#39 Oh No!

Image credits: ballz-to-the-wall

#40 When You’re Given 4 Business Hours Notice To Have 7 Workstations Available For A Training Class:

Image credits: bwave1

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Author: Gabija Palšytė