Picture of Mumba case on table

Ever since the Nintendo Switch hit the scene, it has remained a dominant piece of hardware in the games space. It’s sold gangbusters, and it’s already seen three different iterations of itself (with more versions likely on the horizon).

Beloved for killer first-party titles and effortless portability, it has been able to satisfy even the pickiest of gamers. The Switch truly has something to offer everyone, so it’s no wonder why everyone wants one.

That portability we mentioned is the true star of the show. The Nintendo Switch is meant to be taken on the go, whether you’re catching the subway, sitting in a park, or flying across the globe. That also means you’re going to need a case to protect your precious handheld console — unless you want to be reckless and chuck it in your bag, praying that it doesn’t get scratched as it jostles around. (Not something we recommend).

So before you set off on your next commute or big trip, pick up a carrying case and ensure your Switch’s safety for the duration of your journey. Below, our favorite Nintendo Switch cases that you can get right now.

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