Why 65’s Rotten Tomatoes Is So Bad (& Adam Driver’s Worst Ever)

Warning: This article contains spoilers for 65.The highly anticipated sci-fi thriller 65 has opened with an abysmal Rotten Tomatoes score, a career-worst for lead Adam Driver. The robust dramatic actor makes his return to intergalactic action since Disney’s Star Wars sequel trilogy wrapped as Commander Mills, in charge of piloting and overseeing a multi-year exploration mission in exchange for the kind of serious money that will cover the cost of treating his daughter’s devastating illness. When an asteroid belt causes his ship to crash-land on Earth 65 million years ago, Mills must not only protect himself from its prehistoric predators but a young girl named Koa, the only other survivor. However, this intriguing premise has not been enough to save 65 from becoming a critical disappointment.

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Author: Kayleena Pierce-Bohen